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  1. 198 that is ..... (insert great big smile) This was a most welcoming surprise today...because it has taken me a bit longer than I thought it would... nevertheless I have enjoyed and am still enjoying this new transformation...feel much like a butterfly and I promise I will be posting some pictures... (my daughter is going to help me--she has a smartphone and promises to help me load some before and afters this weekend) I hope everyone is doing well and embracing this new "you" ... I am so thankful for the information that is shared here by all and keep you all in my prayers.... this journey would be alot more difficult had I not had this forum to turn too... I may not share or participate alot but I do read and smile and most of all learn so much from you all....sooooo Thank YOU .... and I mean that from the bottom of my heart..... My journey continues and I wouldnt want to share it with anyone other that you all.....
  2. Your gonna be fine will be here before ya know it ..... and I will be here cheering you on to speedy recovery....
  3. Gabriella, please feel free to "tag along" surgery or not your more than welcome here !!!!! And if you do happen to get the surgery we'll all be here rooting you along....
  4. So sorry to hear this !!!!! but joyful that your on the road to recovery.... be blessed and sending hugs your way !!!!
  5. Happy New Years everyone...may you all be blessed with good health and prosperity ...
  6. Happy Anniversary Baby Girl... enjoy and be safe
  7. You both look absolutely great .... If either of you are ever in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia Beach) please look me up, I would love to meet up with many of you
  8. Holiday Luncheon at my job is this coming Monday....and the potluck list has all sorts of yummies.... Pray for me !!!!
  9. America America....Land of the free and home of the "super size" err... I mean Brave
  10. Congrats and wishing you a speedy recovery !!!!!!!!
  11. GOod post...I needed this today...thanks J
  12. Jolls, I know the feeling...I have some 16 slacks that are so comfy...and some 18's that I can barely problem 2 is that I have chicken legs and the barrel middle legs could probably fill a size 10 comfortable... I'll be happy when the weight will start coming off the "middle" more....cause it's taken all my thighs and buttocks... yuck !!!!
  13. Amazing how weight loss lifts ones self esteem... all of a sudden your looking up instead of down your face wears a smile instead of a frown You feel so happy that now you are what society thinks you should be...or at least on your way to it !!!! Internally it also feels good to just feel better... Moral of this story is Never look down on anyone...UNLESS Your extending a hand to help them get up.... Blessings a many to you all at this glorious time of year...may your hearts be merry ....