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  1. My surgery is the day before my 40th birthday. I will be in hospital on my bday. how was your first bday post-op?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am 10 days from surgery and an emotional mess. I've thought of cancelling. I'm scared of failure. Scared I won't cope. Your message comforted me.
  3. I love diet soda and for me that will be the hardest to give up. Thankfully, I also love water, and I drink a lot of water. But sometimes I just want some diet soda. Truly for me the hardest part of the new lifestyle would be giving up the diet soda... At least that's how I feel right now. I drink a lot of diet soda.
  4. Hello. My profile says I am a senior member, but that's because I was scheduled to have WLS in 2013, but at the last minute it didn't happen, because the endocrinologist felt I had not lost enough weight and was not fit enough for the surgery. I would love to have a mentor and buddies who were (or are) super obese. Super obese people have challenges and experiences that moderately obese people do not have. I would love to have a mentor who has been there, and lost the weight, as well as buddies who are at the start of the journey like I am. I lost weight last year and the year before with a personal trainer. But I gained it all and I am back to my highest weight of 385. If I could do this without surgery, I would. No one can say I have not tried. I'm sure it is similar for many of you. I am turning 40 this year (July) and I want my 40s to be healthier (and I want to be leaner and fitter) than I was in my 30s. I currently have diabetes (type 2, on insulin), high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I want to get rid of all of this. Hence my reasons for WLS. I feel scared that I am running out of time - like my body could cope with the obesity in my 20s and 30s, but now it may be becoming too much. I just want to be healthy. I look forward to hearing from you :-)
  5. Thanks again for your quick reply. I also have stress in continence. How much weight did you lose before that stopped? Do you fly often? I hate flying because of my size. I live in South Africa but will be flying to USA in June. I hope to have lost enough by then. Flying obese is the worst. I flew to the USA and Dubai last year, but mom travelled with me so at least I wasn't squashing into a stranger's space.
  6. Thanks for sharing :-) I like hearing from people who weighed as much as I do or more. Sometimes I get discouraged about the 200 lbs I need to lose. Do you have a lot of excess skin? I'm scared of the excess skin - but I realise that's better than being super obese. What, for you, has been the best parts of weighing less? Were you diabetic or hypertensive before surgery?
  7. My cousin (not obese) gained weight on bipolar meds. So she stopped taking her meds for a month to lose weight. Of course, this is not a good idea - to just go off your meds to lose weight. I also have a cousin who is a pharmaceutical rep, and she said all the meds for bipolar make people gain weight, it's a side effect. I suffer from depression, but thankfully there are anti-depressants that do not cause weight gain. Donna, I recommend that you speak to a psychiatrist about what would be best for the bipolar. And, I also want to say that you are not to blame - unfortunately some medications make you gain weight. Insulin also causes weight gain, which is one of the reasons more than a few young women stopped taking their insulin, because they didn't want to gain weight. I have a friend who ended up in hospital because she didn't want to take the insulin. Anyway, one of the reasons I want to have surgery is to reverse the diabetes and no longer take the darn insulin. I'm also on a beta-blocker which can also lead to weight gain, and makes exercise harder. It sucks. I don't have any advice, except to say speak to your psychiatrist about your meds. And don't speak to your GP. General practitioners do NOT have the expertise and experience with mental illness that a psychiatrist has.
  8. I weigh 385 lbs and hope to have GB end March/early April (I see my surgeon later this month). I know my surgeon will want me to lose 20 to 30 lbs at least before surgery. I'd just like some encouragement from anyone who is/was super obese. How much did you lose before surgery, and how much post-op and how fast? I turn 40 in July and I would like to weigh significantly less than I do now. What is a reasonable loss after GB? Would it be possible for me to weigh under 300 lbs by July? Thanks!
  9. In 2013 I was scheduled to have surgery, but then the endocrinologist felt I was not fit enough to survive surgery, so the surgery was cancelled. I was very disappointed. The following year (last year) I lost 40 lbs with a personal trainer. But then I went to the USA for work (I live in South Africa) and gained weight. This year I lost again, then gained. I've tried doing this on my own. I realise the odds are stacked against me, because of my age, but I have faith. Are you a nurse Wendy?
  10. Hi. Let me start by saying I'm 39, turning 40 in July. I am having gastric bypass in March. My doc recommends waiting 18 months post-op, I do not want to wait 18 months to TTC because I'm worried about my age. I have been married 6.5 years, and have not been on birth control the entire time. Hubby really really wants children. I do, too, but the weight loss has been such a struggle. I am not ovulating because of my weight, and even if I was, my OB wanted me to lose at least 70 lbs before TTC. She was less concerned about my age, since she has patients my age who have healthy pregnancies, but she wanted me to lose weight and get healthier. I am a type 2 diabetic, on insulin. This is the main reason I'm having WLS. I am scared of diabetic complications. I want the diabetes to be reversed. The second reason I'm having WLS is to be able to fall pregnant. Have any of you had your first child after 40? Sometimes I get scared that I am running out of time...
  11. Congrats Florida Girl! You look amazing. Is this your first child? I'm 39 and hope to fall pregnant after gastric bypass. How long after your surgery did you fall pregnant?
  12. It is interesting what you have observed JRH. Is it that obesity is more common in women than men? I don't know what it's like in the USA, but here in South Africa there are definitely more obese women then men. It's like an obese (not overweight, I mean obese) man stands out more than an obese woman? My brother is obese and he is an engineer and in management, and he is very well-respected. He wasn't always obese though, he gained a lot of weight in the two years since he has been married. I do not personally know many obese men, though. I think though that South African culture, and especially within the Black communities, people are more accepting of fat people. Not saying there is no discrimation against the obese though.
  13. Xeniak

    Hi Liv :) I just saw your message on -- loosing the weight made all the difference for me. After many years of being unable to conseive the fertility clinic recomended gastric bypass to help me loose the weight as it would be too unhealthy to get pregnant while i was so large - also the doctor believed that the weight was what was making me infertitle. I left their office angry with "why wont they help me?"...

    1. Xeniak


      goodluck to you!!!!!!!! I hope it all goes as plan and you will be posting baby pictures in a few years too!

    2. Liv


      Thank you :-) I hope to fall pregnant next year. I know I'm supposed to wait 18 months after surgery to fall pregnant, but I don't want to wait so long. How long after your WLS did you fall pregnant?

    3. Xeniak


      my surgeon only told me to wait 1 year! so after the year we waited a little more to get my contract negotiations done at work etc and i got pregnant when i was about 18-20 months after surgery. Not because anyone told me to wait that long but because i wanted to secure my job... maybe a bad reason to wait but I needed to have that financial security in place. I am so happy with her and now we are wishing for more babies!