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  1. I have no issues with carbonation, personally. And maybe not sugar. I've only dumped once and now since I've had more sugar in other things than that time, I'm wondering if I really was dumping or if it was from what I thought.
  2. And nearly three hours later, I TRULY learned that the stuff is evil, as I sat on my couch putting the puke bowl to work NEVER AGAIN.
  3. Today I learned that if I eat 6 pieces of rotini, I can literally feel it blowing up and expanding in my pouch. And that as much as I used to love pasta, I'm finding that I'm left wishing I could have more sauce, but I can't because I'm full of ever-expanding noodles. Moral: sauce and cheese doesn't need a silly, starchy vehicle. I don't even like the mouth feel of pasta anymore. And I really don't know how that makes me feel. :/
  4. I love Kashi Go Lean cinnamon crunch with skim plus!
  5. I learned that the fact that I work second shift doesn't exactly mesh well with the fact that my pouch gets angry if I eat late at night.
  6. I learned that when I'm craving a big greasy grilled cheese sandwich, half a small low carb tortilla toasted with melted cheese, a little sprinkle of garlic, and a spritz of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray under the broiler and folded in half tastes like absolute heaven.
  7. I learned that when I have food stuck, my nose runs like crazy.
  8. At 4 months out, it seems I'm learning new things about post-op me almost daily. I always want to run here to ask, but I don't want to be THAT PERSON. So. This week I learned: My pouch has its own concept of time and doesn't particularly enjoy it when I eat early or late. If I eat cheese with crackers, mentally speaking, I can easily hork down a "fresh stack" sleeve of Ritz in a day. Yet if I eat peanut butter with crackers, I couldn't force myself to eat more than three crackers if I tried. Mentally, not physically. Over-easy eggs chopped up on half a slice of toast are the ONLY way I can eat eggs. Hard boiled and scrambled don't sit well AT ALL. [i have suspected this for some time, but I'm finally now coming to grips with the loss of one of my favorite foods.] My tastebuds can handle more spice than before surgery. It's still a small amount, but it seems I barely register spice. [TMI alert!] One of the things I miss the most about pre-op me... No, not pizza. Not ice cream either. Not even late night runs to Taco Bell or White Castle. One of the things I miss the most is having the joy of fully emptying myself daily... *ahem*... if you know what I mean. These days, when I do go, I can't completely GO. I almost didn't share that. Isn't your life oh-so-much-fuller now?? What about you?
  9. I feel you. I refused to believe in any progress until I was under 200lbs. Now that I'm 196, I still don't believe in my progress, despite seeing multiple pictures of me pre-op and wanting to barf, despite having to go dress shopping twice in 2 months for weddings because the dress from the first was too big for the second, despite bagging up three huge garbage bags of fat clothes (and still having more)... I still feel like the fat girl. Granted, 196 is by no means healthy, but I was 280. I'm a freaking MODEL of health in comparison (my cholesterol has even dropped almost 20 pts). I look at other people's portions and bites and can't fathom how I EVER ate that much (AND MORE), and yet I still don't buy any of it. My own surgeon, who does literally dozens of weight loss surgeries per week, and therefore sees dozens of people he's operated on every week, saw me for the first time since I was in the hospital and he looked startled and got a big ole smile on his face and went "WOW! you look GREAT!!" This man sees progress countless times a week and he reacted to ME! And yet, I feel NONE OF IT. With that said, I only PRAY I will someday look as great as you do!
  10. Cinwa, that's interesting. I went home with strict orders to weigh every day for two weeks, and if there was more than 2lbs gained to call my surgeon. I haven't seen that in anyone else's post-op orders though.
  11. I can tolerate much more spice than I could before surgery. I read that spicy food irritates the pouch, but I mix up a little ketchup and mayo to have with my ground beef (like I would a burger, just I don't waste time making a patty lol) and I've started adding Sriracha to the mix. I used to be able to tolerate a few drops but now it's a good squirt and I barely taste it.
  12. Maybe it's a weird kind of coincidence but I feel like crap if I eat meat right after I wake up or late at night, close to bedtime (my work schedule is such that I come home, eat dinner, and very soon after I fall asleep.) It's like my pouch is tired like me and doesn't feel like working the food. Am I losing my mind, or does anyone else have this?
  13. No, I didn't think you were being combative. I just never agree when marijuana is compared to cigarettes. Though, I never knew marijuana had tar in it. I don't really see how.. since I thought it was just a plant. But hey, I don't smoke the stuff... So how would I know lol