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  1. Hello everyone, I am 8 Years Post Op RNY. 4 years Fleur De Lis Abdominalplasty and Panniculectomy, and 3.5 months post Circumfrencial Body Lift, with Thigh Liposuction, and excess skin removed off my inner thighs. Highest weight: 252 lbs BMI: 47 Weight at time of surgery 236 lbs BMI: 44 Current weight 149 lbs. BMI 28 I had wound healing complications where I was infected with E.Coli in my side. I had to be rehospitalized after the skin removal surgery due to the infection in May. 23 days Post Op Gallbladder removals and GJ anastamosis revision. I was in the hospital for 33 days from 6/11/21-7/14/21 for the most recent issue. When I have more bandwith to process everything and recap what happened I will post it here. I just wanted to post here, say Hello and also remind people to never give up. For years I was stalled in the 170s after RNYGB. I maintained that, and even though I was technically a success by ASMBS standards of > 50% Excess weight loss and maintained after 5 years, I still felt kinda like a failure due to not being able to loose more of my excess weight not knowing all these years my severe dumping issues and such was caused by a dilated GJA. I'm 17 lbs down since I was admitted to the hospital on 6/11 and working now to reverse my diagnosis of "severe protein-calorie malnutrition" due to my inability to eat for so long but more on that later. What I wanted to cheer people on here with is: It is absolutely worth it to follow up, even after more than 5 years out. Your WLS will be with you the rest of your life and it is helpful to check in for yearly for optimal health. If you haven't quite reached your personal goals, keep persisting and asking for help, you can get there. -Xander
  2. As of this update : I’m 7 years 2 months and 5 days Post Op RNY Gastric Bypass. Highest Weight 252 Lowest Weight 159. Current weight due to COVID quarantine 177. But that is down 5 lbs. from me recommitting and getting back to Bariatric Basics. I am still working on my goal, my relationship and me. One thing is for sure, these 7 years I have undergone Huge Changes (Lost weight, had numerous other surgeries to treat various medical conditions eye surgery, ear surgery, gender dysphoria, skin removal) and I am ready to finally reach and exceed my goal of 100 lbs lost. I’m going for 110! Don’t ever give up. I may not be able too loose weight as fast, as in the months after surgery, but my pouch still works aa intended as long as I work with it and not against it. These Days I found for my Success I need to take a multi-pronged Approach: I am using the Noom App to address the psychological aspect of weight loss and learning how to eat better and live in Balance. I am tracking my weight and making sure I get my calorie burn in by using the Lose IT app. I’d love to hear from some other guys who didn’t quite reach their goal, but is using the COVID -Quarantine to stay improve yourself and recommit to getting there finally. Anyone else?
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Res Ipsa. Much appreciated!
  4. First off, Lurker Congrats, Man that is excellent. Jolls: I can honestly say it is super unfair the effects of Testosterone on WL. As a trans man, I can't believe the awesome effect my Testosterone injections are having on my body. I lost 2 inches off my hips and waist in the first two weeks of my Hormone Replacement Therapy. So, Yes, Hate us sometimes all you want. I fully understand that now I've experienced the effects of both Estrogen dominance and Testosterone Dominance.
  5. So my perspective is a bit different here, because I am a Trans Man (Female to Male Transsexual). After I had bariatric surgery (I was still female bodied) I became Horny. It is like going through a second puberty. Now, as a man who has begun transition I inject Testosterone Weekly. I can honestly say my Libido is THROUGH the Roof. I'm basically a Teen Age Boy so in a sense my male puberty is like going through puberty 3 times in my life. (1st Female one (UG! SUPER HATED ThAT), 2nd After RNY, 3rd Male Puberty (one I should have had all along) Now. Point is if you have any significant levels of Testosterone in your body, and you've experienced weight loss being HORNY just is a nice side effect. If you don't have a partner, its just a chance to "get to know yourself better..." LOL (Please use he/him/his pronouns when discussing anything I write).
  6. Under Works makes GREAT compression vests. www.underworks.com Some are quite compressive though, and you may find too restrictive if you get the model that compresses you entire upper body (Model 997). It also may roll up a bit which can be annoying. Some models only compress the Moob Area and not the stomach (Model 988). I prefer and wear daily the 983 (The Tri-Top) to flatten my Moob Area. (Hopefully will be getting my Gynocomastia surgery for that soon). See this page for a listing of their Men's Compression Shirts: http://www.underworks.com/men/compression-shirts-29 P.S. They also make compression garments for ladies if you have a special lady in your life who is in need. http://www.underworks.com/women
  7. Great Photo. I'll start that workout regime after skin removal.
  8. Hello all, Many of you may remember me as 3K99Mommy... A lot has changed since I last been here, namely my gender and username. Let me explain. When I first joined TT forum I was female. More accurately I can say that I was a man psychologically but unfortunately assigned the wrong gender at birth. My body has never matched my brain and now I am fixing that. I have the Medical Condition known as Gender Dysphoria and *My* trearment involves changing my body's physical sex to match my brain's gender. It was agonizing living in the wrong body, but as we all know here, the hand biology dealt us, isn't destiny. Through the grace of medical intervention, we can over come! I am a female to male transsexual. Five weeks ago I have started taking testosterone replacement hormone therapy in order to medically transition to the man I have always been. I will also undergo surgeries in the future to complete my transition. So now, I am 3K999Papi. PLEASE ONLY REFER TO ME USING MASCULINE PROUNOUNS (He/HIm/His) and MASCULINE FORMS OF ADDRESS (Sir, Mr., Dude, Man, 3K99Papi, or my name Xander). There are a lot of Parallels to being a bariatric patient, and being a transgender patient. Namely the amount of psychological counseling you must go through and the Medical and Surgerical Thearpy you musr go through in order to finally get to where you NEED to be. Also, just like once you've had bariatric surgery, once you have begun to medically transition, you're nowhere near done you've only just truly begun this journey. The reason I bring it up here is I am still a post-Op RNY Gastric Bypass (2 years 5 months & Counting). I bring a very unique experience to the weight-loss journey, because I can say that I have experienced my WLS journey as a woman & now as a man. . It is very interesting the effects of estrogen predominating your body versus the effects of testosterone predominating your body and how it affects you physically and psychologically. I have no doubt that my gender dysphoria which I've struggle with all my life, played a part in my becoming obese I can now say that I am the happiest I have truly ever been since puberty. I am now going through a male puberty at age 39 which is interesting in and of itself. One really cool thing I can say is that I have lost 2 inches on my hips and my waist in just one month just because of taking testosterone and also from roughly my normal activity level, with a bit of added free weights. So I look forward to participating more in the TT forums, my goal now has shifted from weight loss to muscle gain. I still wish to become as healthy as possible, but I realize that basically my weight is stable and that for me the healthiest thing that I can do is to concentrate on eating healthy, exercising and gaining Muscle Mass. (I hope in shifting my focus, I'll be able to loose those that last 20 lbs eventually, but if not I'm Ok with just being a HEALTHIER more muscled me. The scale can accurately reflect ONLY so much of our lives....) I also pray that I have an up-coming panniculectomy, and hopefully (Please God!) a full abdominalplasty before the end of this year! My plastic surgeon told me that I am a candidate for a circumferential body lift because I have so much loose skin from all the weight loss. I could not afford that, so I'm just going with what I can hopefully do (A lot depends on if insurance will cover the Panni part of the Full abdominalplasty, and I'll see if I have the funds to make up the difference. I will hopefully know soon-ish ). Thanks for Reading, Xander
  9. Sports Bras are my friends.... Others, not so much. Lol!
  10. Rhanks for the reply all! I look t this as it is a sign: Start taking Probiotics & Stop eating bits of candy. I know...I know... I shouldn't eat candy anyways. I'm just gonna restrict myself to a bit of very dark chocolate .My A1C WAS LIKE 5.3 when last checked, so i know my sugars are OK. HOWEVER, I'm just gonna stop eating whatever extra sugar I can. No more yeast infections is a big motivatir!
  11. Congrats! Thanks for the reply to you. Thanks also to those that also replied!
  12. Since my DOS i've had 7 vaginal yeast imfections!!!! Is it diet related? I eat yogurt? I sleep with loose PJ PANTS and no undies on underneath. I've treated with Diflucan each time. I just went to the OBGYN recently and the cultre came back as yeast! Does anybody know if post RNY women are prone to this? Mine has always been my initiated by Antibiotics or Surgery. But, I swear once it gets started it gets knocked out a little and reoccurs. This time I'm gonna ask my OBGYN for a multi day course of DIflucan to knock this out once and for all. Anybody elae fo throufh this? Anybody know how to prevent it? How did you cure it for good? Thanks,
  13. Hi all! Been awhile since I've been on. Since I was last on I started at a new job, and started being a post-op patient in the real world. That waa a tough adjustment, but I got through. I also had to have more surgery, this time My bad eye removed. Its all good though, it was damaged from So many previous surgeries that I was in constant pain and down to only light and color perception. So, it had to go. NSVs: 1.) Able to fit into a suze large PJ pant from Costco. 2.). Walked 25 miles durring fourth of july weekend cause I was at a convention and my hotel room was in the overdlow hotel. 3.) Able to fit into a size 16 Sweetheart Jeans from old Navy. 4.). Able to pull down my size 16 Old Navy jeans without unbuttoning them. They fit due to the pannus. If that wasn't there I'd need a size smaller in the waist. 5.). Got the OK from the plastics doc that I have lost enough for skin removal! (Even still, cause I want the beat outcome possible & cause I just had to have eye surgery, i'm putting it off until spring). I've had my dietary ups and downs. Just this week I detoxifies myself by cutting way back om The carbs and increasing my liquid and increased my protein--Lost 5 lbs of water weight (just had to get back to bariatric basics). My lowest weight has been 169 in july. Then my eye got really sick and I had Eye removal Surgery on Sept 2nd 2014. I am trying to get back to that weight. My Bariactric Team's goal for me is 158. I would like to be at 150. That way I can say I've lost approx 100 lbs. I still drink at least 1 premier protein shake a day (though my weight is better when I drink two, I admit). I still eat a queat bar a day too. Despite that my weight is roughly the same, I'm smaller because I've gained more muscle. I'm remembering that success is always not JUST Defined by the scale. Sure, I'd like to be smallwr, but Inalso want to be sane! I jusy need to strive for health forst, and then the numbers will follow. Just wanted to share. Hopefully i'll get some pics up soon. Do I sound on the right track? P.S. I hope none of you need this, but if you or a loved one are going through vision loss check out www.losteye.com I'm 3K99Mommy there too.
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