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  1. What's with all the spam links in all of the topics/categories lately? 

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      We have spam posting almost every day. :(  They usually post between 1 am and 8 am eastern time.  CINWA and I delete them as soon as we each sign on in the morning.  We are sorry about them, but we work hard to get rid of them ASAP.  They usually are quite obviously spam, so just ignore them.

  2. I use opurity vitamins - you can find them on the unjury website. They are a bariatric multivitamin that's chewable. There's also bariatric fusion available on bariatriceating.com. I do take calcium in the morning and my iron tablet at night because I am deficient in both (even with the multi). My NUT said iron and calcium negate each other and not to take them at the same time. She also said vit c helps the iron to absorb, so if I could - to take it with a sip or two of orange juice. You're right - there's a lot of discrepancy from center to center on the eating plans, the shakes, vitam
  3. I was overnight for 2 with my revision. I didn't have as much pain as with my sleeve and was up & down out of bed walking and sitting in an armchair. I did get pain meds for the first night on the button, but by night 2 I had liquid pain meds - so I would see if your surgeon can write something or submit something to the effect of 'pain management'.
  4. @PapaG - it depends on the day's workout. I train once a week with a personal trainer. We work on functional mobility and strength training. Those days are in the high 6-700's. Otherwise, I shoot for a weekly goal of 4 workouts in addition to the training session. I sometimes take a 'water jogging against the current' class at the local YMCA, or swim laps, while other days my trainer has me focusing on intense muscle conditioning. Story short; some days are 250-300, while others are 700+. I asked my NUT about the calories. Myfitnesspal is always prompting me to eat more calories. The dietitia
  5. I was revised from a sleeve to a bypass in April. In total - I've lost about 30 lbs in 4 months, about 20 of it came off in April/early May. It's definitely a much slower process this round. I've also been at about 800 cals/days, ( approx - 60g protein, under 40g carbs and under 20g fat/day) I've also ramped up my exercise - but it's still very slow. I don't have an 'answer' for you - but an "I'm in this with you!" Stay positive!
  6. Off hand - quickly... Protein # is low for a daily total --- you may still need to use protein shakes to get you to your goal of 60 grams/day. Drinking water will help move things along - both weight and other toxins that come out of the body through chemical processes ---- it's a goal to get to 64 oz of fluids each day, but you'll work up to it over time. Be mindful to sip, sip, sip all day - you can easily get dehydrated and get VERY sick VERY quickly as a bariatric pt. Stop drinking 30 mins before and 30 mins after meals. Processed foods of any kind should be avoided: multi
  7. Everyone's take on fullness is different - and with comparing different foods, it's a crap shoot at best. You're right --- don't compare yourself. It's hard, but it's your journey! Definitely eating slowly and looking for those soft cues - a hiccup, a burp, nose running signals saying you're full without feeling it in your belly. Eating mashed beans - or any soft textured food will be easier to eat more of. It's easier for your body to digest and move through. I know you're early out - have you tried more fibrous foods - whole beans with skins, or raw veggies even? I find if I eat more r
  8. Hot or iced (whichever is tolerated better) decaffeinated tea may help to sooth the rawness. It also will count toward your liquids for the day!
  9. tmcgee - that's very true! Many companies have different offerings based on what the employer sets up. I have excellus PPO - and am fairly positive that when my revision was coded in it was to repair the sleeve due to reflux, rather than hiatial hernia (It too got fixed, but wasn't the primary reason for surgery). I've learned that a lot of the approval process is all in how it's coded to be submitted to the insurance company. The requirements on my end for the approval weren't as stringent as the initial surgery.
  10. NashvilleGirl - I had absolutely no problems with insurance and have blue cross.
  11. I do chewables - but have also done tablets... sad truth is that we need 2-4 tablets throughout the day (which for me is too easy to forget them), so I opted for a bariatric chewable that is all in one - once a day. My center/dietitian told me that the 2 week wait on vitamins is so that your stomach has some time to heal - your new stomach shouldn't be working hard to digest anything 'solid' in those first weeks, because the staple lines and things are still healing. That made sense to me, so I followed protocol.
  12. After my revision I felt like it was a good 3 weeks before that bloat feeling/look finally left. I came home 17 lbs heavier this time around, too --- all in IV fluids. It does take a while for it to move its way out. Walk a little more each day if you can - that seemed to help speed things along.
  13. I take 15 mg of melatonin daily - and have for the past 3 years. It works well for me!
  14. Are you drinking your shakes? I remember those making me feel incredibly full at the very beginning. SF Jello, SF popsicles, broth - my center says clear liquids + shakes is it for the first 14 days. You're tough, you can do this!!!
  15. Hey! Doing well! I am still reflux free and feeling great. I have also had the benefit of losing about 30lbs since my revision - hopefully I can keep that going! I am learning to eat again - so far the only thing that's really bothered me was fish... but I feel like it might have been too dry. I'll try again at some point! I go back to the surgeon in mid July, that's my first round of blood work post revision... so we'll see where I'm really at.
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