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    Plain water. I don't like flavored water.
  2. ^^^^ THIS! Very well said @msmarymac
  3. I kept one outfit that I loved when I was fat as a reminder. I haven't pulled it out for a couple of years but as I was losing and even after I got to goal if I was struggling to see what I really look like, I would pull out that old outfit. I donated all my old fat clothes for just the reason @NerdyToothpick cites - plus sized clothing is hard to come by for women in need. I also save up all the beauty and body product samples and gifts with purchase that I don't like, won't use or aren't right for me and donate them to a women's shelter too.
  4. @Boho Rosy I agree with all of what you've said! I don't partake often but it affects me the same post op as it did pre-op. @NerdyToothpick I think vaping is the way to go as I'm not a fan of edibles. If you want to go with edibles, start with a little, like 1/4 of what the package says is a dose. Wait 45 minutes and then decide if you want more. I learned this the hard way.
  5. I think I posted a while back I was having some non-WLS health issues since June. I ended up having a couple of hospital stays and a surgery to remove my top rib on the left side. Other than walking, I cannot do any exercise for at least 2 more weeks. My last proper workout was June 24 and I MISS IT. I miss it a lot. I miss the physical challenge, the stress release, the endorphin hits and generally the good feelings I get from taking care of myself. I am restricted from lifting anything over 5 pounds so I can't even get any passive exercise! Because I've been so sedentary I've cut back on food and (thankfully!) the scale has stayed the same for the last two months. But I am ready to start working out again. I can feel I've lost some muscle tone. Pre WLS surgery I exercised a lot but I never liked it it very much. And, I certainly never missed it when I couldn't work out. These last couple of months have helped me appreciate how much my life has changed since I was sleeved.
  6. Congratulations! You look fantastic!
  7. Pre-op I started to break my addiction to carbs. It was incredibly hard. A couple of times I started sobbing when I was in the chip section of the grocery store. The idea that I could never have Doritos again was nearly too much to bear. I wrote break-up letters to my favorite foods. Over 15 years ago I quit smoking a pack a day cold-turkey. No patch, no meds, no gum, no mints while I was living with a smoker who continued to smoke in our house. While that was hard, it was NOTHING compared to breaking my carb addiction. I still eat carbs and sugar, not like I used to of course but if I've had carbs and sugar for a few days, I have to cut them off again. It takes me two or three days and frankly, I just white-knuckle it. I remember cravings only last a few minutes. I tell myself people can live for years as POWs or in other horrific conditions so I can get through the next few days without sugar or carbs. I say, pick a date and have that be the day you stop with the carbs and sugar. Don't worry about calories until you get the carbs and sugar under control. Good Luck, you can do this. We are all here to support you, even if it doesn't feel like it.
  8. Glad you posted this! Indeed what works for one doesn't work for all. I think there are quite a few successful WLS people that practice moderation. You have figured out what works for you (and, oh yes, it is working - you look fantastic! ) The path for all of us to get to the point we needed WLS was different so it makes sense to me that the post-op path can be different as well. I think I practice a form of moderation. What is a treat or special to me one day can very quickly become my norm so I have to work hard to keep that in check. Last week a vendor gave me a glorious box of chocolates as I've been home recovering from a non- WLS related surgery for a couple of weeks. Hand crafted of all organic ingredients brought to the US on a wind-powered reclaimed pirate ship including honey that was from Cleopatra's private stash (ostentation abounds on the marketing of these candies.) I ate two as there were a variety of flavors and promptly took the rest to my hair salon. Those chocolate were fantastic! As much as I would like to think I could parse those out over the next couple of weeks, I know myself well enough to know that being home alone, on painkillers with those chocolates, they would be gone in two days. I wish I could be someone who could have those around, but I'm not and I have to be okay with it. I think figuring out and then accepting what works for you is the only way to have long-term success. @Boho Rosy, I am super happy for you because you (very quickly) figured out what works for you! And that is the key to life long success! You are a rock star and an inspiration to many - including me! xoxo - your biggest fan P.S. I am one who preaches low carb here. I do that because it worked/works for me. And, I think there are people who come here who don't understand how/why they got fat in the first place. I think going forward I'm going to say low carb is the way to start and then you can modify to find what works best for you.
  9. Congratulations and welcome! I had a setback in my pre-op timeline too. Mine was my fault - 3 months into my 6 months process I freaked out, decided I could lose the weight on my own and promptly gained 10 pounds in a month. So, I had to re-start the supervised weight loss portion of my process. I was super bummed and really mad at myself. I used that extra time to read more about WLS - I think I read something like 9 books on it. I spent more time here and lots of time working on the mental part of my changing relationship with food. If I were you, I would call the surgeon and tell them you know it hasn't been 3 months but you and your CPAP are doing great and would they please let you have an appt before the 3 months? If you can't get one, hang in there!
  10. Do it! Kayaking is easy. If you've ever canoed, it is easier! In calm water you almost have to try to capsize a kayak. And, if you do, it can be part of the fun! I am so excited for you! You will have a blast! My 80 year old dad and 67 year old step-mom both kayak a lot - so much they have their own boats. Neither is as fit as you are so I know you'll do great!
  11. You recognize you are struggling and that is 70% of it I think. You are nearly at goal in less than a year. You are doing/having done an excellent job! You know you need to move away from some of the things you've been eating so, in my mind, all you need to do is figure out how to do that. For me, I plan for sweets, carb heavy snacks and booze. I had company for 4 days a couple of weeks ago. My guest has owned restaurants in the past so he basically wanted to eat and drink his way around San Francisco. I cut way back 2 - 3 days before he arrived. Spinach salads with hard boiled eggs for lunch and dinner. Greek yogurt with a few berries for breakfast and snacks. Boring but low calorie and low carb in prep for my restaurant tour. Before he arrived I decided my splurge would be cocktails. No desserts or ordering anything at restaurants that wasn't on plan. I did have a scoop of ice cream on his last day but overall, I did really well. Then, as soon as he was gone, I was right back on plan. I craved carbs for a day or two after he left and then I was fine again. I learned early out that what I eat today I will crave tomorrow. And, what is a rare treat can become a regular treat and then something I eat so often it is no longer a treat. Example, a co-worker used to have a bowl of mini candy bars I would pass about 27 times a day. Once or twice a month I would have a mini Twix. Then it became two mini twix a week, then it was every other day. They didn't even seem like a treat at that point! Once I realized what I was doing I was annoyed with myself but I also realized pre-op I would have been eating several day every day! (Full disclosure - I would have eaten one or two from her bowl and wanted more so I would have bought my own bag and eaten the entire thing in a day, maybe two. Then bought another bag and another, etc) As Mary said distractions are great. I have a long list of thing I can do other than eat. When I was losing I posted signs little signs around my house as reminders of why I had WLS and what I wanted to be able to do in the future. I put one on the fridge that said, "Cravings never last longer than 10 minutes." This would give me pause if I was on the cusp of eating something I didn't need or wasn't on my plan. You have LOTS of positives! Focus on those and consider this period of struggling an opportunity to learn. I think you are doing fantastic - even with your recent off plan foods!
  12. GREAT looking group! Love all those smiles and healthy bodies! This picture made my day!
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