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  1. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    So very happy for you!
  2. Several WLS patients have talked about jealousy in their relationship post-op on this site. It can be a real issue. It is good you both know he has that capacity. If you haven't already, I suggested you consider some counseling.
  3. Travel Tips?

    I hear you on this. I can make a special occasion out of anything - light traffic on the way home - let's celebrate! The sun is shining - whoooo-hoooooo! Here is how I draw the line. Making spontaneous food decisions got me to over 275 pounds twice. I don't trust myself to make good judgments in the moment. So I plan to indulge. Before I went to Paris I stuck to plan 100% for 2 - 3 weeks knowing I was going to have lots of sweets and champagne. After Paris I went right back to plan. It was tough the first couple of days coming off all the carbs and sugar but I knew it would be going into it. On a lesser scale, I'm going to an Oscar party in about 10 days. I'm going to eat and drink what I want at this party. So, no booze or carbs for me until then. I don't count calories but I would guess I'm keeping them around 900/day until then and I'm exercising every day. The best bites of any food are the first and the last. Take a first bite of that gelato and really enjoy it. Savor it. Have another if you want. After a bite or two then tell yourself your next bite is your last and savor that one as well. And if you feel sad for making yourself stop before you want to, remind yourself you will have another opportunity to have a treat again. Just not at this moment. Hope all of this helps. I identify as a food addict and my food demon is WAY smarter than I am. He is always finding ways to try and trick me into eating more. What I've listed above allows me to truly enjoy food without sliding down that slippery slope that I know so well.
  4. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    I've been doing it for a few years and initially we worked a lot on alignment and balance with my hips. I have a bone spur in one of my hips which I've known for 15+ years and while it hasn't bother me in a decade, I was favoring that side in a way I didn't realize which eventually pushed me out of alignment. There is also a fair amount of stretching involved for all the muscle groups which is great! And, all the core work will give you abs of steel. I used to tell people to punch me in my rock hard abs but was then told by a couple of trusted friends to stop acting like I'm a Jersey Shore cast reject!
  5. Travel Tips?

    I know you aren't asking me, but here is my POV. Indulging a bit when you are in Italy isn't going to derail your weight loss. I had WLS to live the life I wanted to live which includes indulging on occasion. I like food, enjoy it and want to eat things that bring me pleasure. If I were going to Italy, I wouldn't waste my calories or carbs on the pasta. But I would eat some sweets, bread and wine. When I went to Paris post-op I totally over indulged. I can't remember how many pounds I gained that week but I lost them once I got home. I ate what I wanted to while I was there. I'm glad I did. I had some fantastic things (eclairs and macaroons) and I knew as soon as I got home I'd be back on plan. Plus, when I see something now like a macaroon I think "I had the best ones in Paris, no need to feel tempted by that low-rent cookie. I've had better."
  6. Travel Tips?

    When I travel I assume I won't find what I need to eat/want to eat so I take protein power, RTD shakes, protein bars, nuts and moon cheese. I put my premier RTD shakes 4 to a gallon size freezer bag just in case one of them leaks. (I hasn't happened yet, I'm just extra cautious.) Plenty of cheese in Italy so you should haven't problems. Before I went to Paris a couple of years ago I checked out menus online for the places I wanted to eat. I also take an empty travel coffee cup through security and then get a decaf latte and mix in protein powder before I get on the plane. This way, no matter the length of the flight and what they do/don't serve, I will get at least 30 grams of protein in that cup of decaf.
  7. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Have you tried pilates? That might help you.
  8. What a year can do

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! You look fantastic too!
  9. Hungry

    I can't remember when my hunger came back. I'd guess 18 month to 2 year post-op. It isn't like it was pre-op but I cannot go all day without eating like I could in my honeymoon. I met someone a couple of years ago who was sleeved about 15 years ago. His hunger never returned but I don't think that is the norm. Now if I'm really hungry, I can eat a couple of ounces of cheese or a handful of nuts and feel fine within a few minutes. The desire/compulsion to eat a lot of food quickly is long gone.
  10. @athenarose and @tmcgee hope you don't mind me chiming in on this. Agree that WLS does not change relationships and it highlights existing flaws and cracks. WLS changed me in ways I didn't expect. I looked at WLS as hitting the re-set button on my life and activities. Because I changed, it forced changes in my marriage. Pre-op my husband and I would eat dinner out 3 - 4 times a week and went to movies a few times a month. Now, I have very little interest in doing either on a regular basis. I would rather hike with him or go ice skating or to the beach. He doesn't enjoy those things the way I do so we often compromise. "If you go see xx movie with me, I will go on xx hike with you." And, fortunately for both of us, we are fairly independent so if I want to do something and he doesn't, I go with friends or by myself. This is very different but years ago both my husband and I smoked. (We were idiots!) I quit first and it was extra hard because he still smoked in our house. After a while, I asked him to only smoke in the house in his office. He was pissed. After a year or two he decided to try and quit too. He saw my success with it and the fact that I was no longer rushing to leave a restaurant after a meal so I could smoke too made smoking not quite as fun for him anymore. As others have said - you need to do what works for you and don't worry about him and his timeline. If you wait for him, you might be waiting for a very long time. If you have surgery and he doesn't and then he chooses to feel resentment towards you - that is his problem, not yours.
  11. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    I am the same way. I used to smoke and I still identify as a food addict but I choose not to use food the way I used to. When I find something new I like or enjoy I have to work to keep it in balance. The upside of that is I have a variety of hobbies and interests that I never had when my focus was food. It is good you recognize you have the potential to go overboard. The guy in my offline support group looks great and all the compliments fed into his exercise addiction. He realized he had a problem when he was in the hospital for surgery on his arm due to an exercise injury and he got out of his hospital bed in the middle of the night and went to the stairwell to run the stairs for exercise. I think about how crazy that sounds and then I remember I would regularly eat 4,000 calories in a meal. Addiction is a nasty, insidious little troublemaker.
  12. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    I had LBP around the time I got to goal. My dr told me to eat more salt. I do and I've been fine ever since. @tmcgee is right, your changes are for life and there isn't any rush to get anywhere. Goals are great - I have them too and I want to caution you to not allow yourself to become obsessive about tracking and charting everything. Exercise addiction is real. I know two men who became addicted to it post-WLS. One in my offline support group and one here who no longer posts. It is very easy to replace the time we spent on food (eating, cooking, buying, ordering, shopping, dreaming about it, etc) with booze, shopping, exercise, etc.There are several posts from veterans who come back a couple of years after getting to goal and share they ended up with transfer addictions. All that said, congrats on your weight loss and life changes!
  13. Do you have regrets?

    It gets WAY better. If you didn't break your carb addiction pre-op, that is probably part of what you are struggling with now. And, take time over the next few months to develop new hobbies, habits and activities that don't involve food. I didn't realize how much time I really spent thinking about food and planning around food until I was post-op. Hang in there. I think it was around week 3 post-op for me that I wanted to punch anyone and everyone that even looked at me. Thankfully, that only lasted about a week.
  14. Foods that don't cause restriction

    I understand everything you said. As much as I hated overeating, I loved it too! I missed that feeling for a while and I still do on a rare occasion. When I miss it, it is usually because I'm stressed and my old habit/need/desire of eating to sooth myself is kicking in. I then distract myself with something else until that feeling goes away.
  15. Back from the Winter Walk!

    You look young! As I read this thread I thought you were about 32. Then I looked at your age and was shocked! Congratulations on your walk AND for liking a photo of yourself. Such a great feeling to stop hiding from the camera.
  16. Foods that don't cause restriction

    When I was pre-op or newly post-op (can't recall!) someone here posted "just because you can eat more, doesn't mean you should". I try to keep that top of mind all the time. I still really enjoy eating and I rarely feel restriction. (Only once have I gone too far and it was awful. I was drinking water and had one too many swallows and it came right back up.) Based on your stats and your attitude - I think you are doing fantastic! Keep it up!
  17. How much fat do you eat?

    Fat won't inhibit your weight loss like carbs will. Foods high in fat tend to also be high in calories so watch out for that. Otherwise, you are fine. I don't eat meat so most of my protein comes from dairy which is high in fat. When I was in my honeymoon I ate a lot of nuts. I still love them but can't eat them like I used to because they are calorie dense and will put weight on me.
  18. Surgery VS. Diet

    Yes, released from Food Jail! It is a whole different world - isn't it?!
  19. Surgery VS. Diet

    In my late 20's I lost 100 pounds in a year. Within 4 years I'd gained 40 - 50 pounds back. In my early 40's I had WLS. I lost 140 pounds in less than 18 months. 4 years later I am pretty much at the weight I want to be. I got down to 159 at my lowest which was too low for me. I am happiest with my body in the 170's. When I lost over 100 pounds before WLS, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I said NO to eating out, going to parties and doing other social things that involved food because I was so scared I would lose control and start eating the way I used to. Now, I say yes to nearly everything and I don't pay much attention to the food. I care FAR less about food than ever before WLS. In part, I had to admit and then learn how to manage my food addiction. Even though my honeymoon is long over and my hunger came back, I can go hours without eating or even thinking about food. Perfect example, I hosted a party for 40 people on Sunday. I ordered the cake and several kinds of cookies. I bought all the food to be served on Friday night and spent part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday prepping it. Almost none of the food was WLS-friendly. Chips, dips, candy, booze, etc. There was a veggie plate, a cheese plate and a fruit plate but most of what we served was a carb lover's dream. What I was most interested in was having a glass of wine in the fun disco ball cups I ordered. I had one bite of an oatmeal cookie because I was told it was the best of the cookies. I was handed a piece of cake. I had 3 - 4 bites of the icing and gave the rest to my husband. Pre-op I would have obsessed about the food for weeks before the party. I would have made all things I liked rather than what would have appealed to the guests. I would have started snacking hours before the party, ate through out the party and then continued to snack while I was putting everything away. My guess is I had 500 calories in party food and most of those would have been in the wine I drank. Pre-op I would have easily had 5,000 calories.
  20. NSVs—Let's share!

    For those who may not know, there is a NSV thread in Socialize:
  21. One month after skin removal

    You are healing nicely! If you aren't already - use the scar silicone strips and do scar massage, both will make a huge difference in preventing you from having bumpy and 'ropey' scars.
  22. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    A few weeks ago I mentioned I was having some white sequined pants altered for a disco party. I learned that if you take 1x pants and try to alter them down to a medium you have to completely take the pants apart and re-make them. I didn't have the time for that so I found these sequin wide leg pants. Here is my disco outfit - best part are the shoes! Silver platforms with glitter on the heels.
  23. Devastated

    I am so sorry.
  24. Carbonation?

    My plan also says no carbonation but I have it on occasion. It doesn't bother me at all so I could drink it everyday if I wanted to. For those who want to try it, I say, go slow. Take a couple of sips and see what happens. Then try a little more, etc.
  25. Saying Hello

    Hello and Welcome!