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  1. Stephtay

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    He needs a spanking. And I don't mean the good kind.
  2. Stephtay

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    It doesn't work that way. I've never heard of insurance denying anyone because you lost too much pre-op. The standard seems to be a BMI of 35+ with co-morbidities or a BMI of 40+. The reason you have to lose weight before surgery is to prove you can stick to some kind of diet and to shrink your liver. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore anyone who either isn't on your medical team, doesn't work for your insurance company or isn't on this site. (Not that every here is an expert but we know more than the average person.) You are going to be a rock star - I just know it. Stay focused and ignore the noise of the uninformed.
  3. Stephtay

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Lately I've been shopping on I've gotten two pairs of frye boots and 1/3 of the price they are retail. I wonder how much of the NWT stuff on poshmark also fell off a truck.
  4. My OBGYN referred me to my PS. Medical communities tend to be small - even in a place like SF where I am or Boston. I have found doctors tend to know each other and if not personally, than by reputation. Many PS perform their surgeries in surgery centers rather than hospitals but have admitting privileges at area hospitals in case something comes up that a surgery center can't handle. So, they tend to get around and know lots of doctors. I've actively been on this board for 5+ years and I cannot think of anyone who had plastics in your area. You could search this topic and if you find someone, PM them. Or, talk to people on Warning - there are lots of gross pictures and horror stories on that site - mainly from people who've gone out of the US for their plastics. But, lots of great reviews and good info too on US doctors. Good Luck with your search!
  5. Ask your other dr's who is a good PS in your area. They will probably have a recommendation.
  6. Stephtay

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Perfect outfit! I love those pants and so smart to buy them in different colors. You look fantastic!
  7. Stephtay

    4 month check in

    Congratulations! You are doing fantastic!
  8. Stephtay

    One year today—keeping it real

    Congratulations! You look great! Keep taking and looking at pictures. That is what helped me to make the connection of what I look like now. Even at nearly 5 years out, I still see myself in the mirror as bigger than I am.
  9. Stephtay

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Great picture!
  10. Stephtay

    Talking to negative Family/Friends

    Thanks for posting this link. I love statistics. Very interesting how some of the more common fears - like dying in a plane crash - are far less likely than falling off stairs.
  11. Stephtay

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Before I went to the hospital last week I decided to have a piece of my favorite cake ever. I knew this blood clot was at least kind of serious so I thought if anything goes really wrong, I'd like that cake one last time. I bought it on a Friday and nibbled on it on and off until Sunday afternoon. I wondered if I'd be craving it in the days to come. I didn't crave it while I was in the hospital. The only thing I wanted was to get out of there. And, once I was home, I didn't think about it. Yesterday I took some goodies from the bakery where I get this cake to my ICU nurses as a thank you for taking such good care of me. I saw my favorite cake in the display case, waved to it and moved on. I didn't even have to argue with my food demon about if I should buy a piece for myself or not.
  12. Stephtay

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    You look GREAT! Where did you get this?! I want one! (Nice legs by the way!)
  13. Stephtay

    Eating out

    YES to all of this!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on being down 20 pounds!
  14. Stephtay

    Bought a new outfit :)

    Whoop! Love your new picture!
  15. Stephtay

    The upside of excess skin

    Thanks Cinwa. I'm grouchy. My arm hurts and is still super swollen. And, I had to cancel my plans this weekend. Grumble, grumble! Eager to schedule the surgery I need for this condition and get back to my life! It could be far worse so I keep reminding myself of that fact.