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  1. Exercise for excess skin

    I lost 100 pounds in my late 20's and didn't have saggy skin. When I did it again in my early 40's after WLS I had/have saggy skin. I had some removed and some I kept. As Cinwa said, you cannot unstretch skin. Pre-op I read the avg WLS patient saves about $5K a year in food and drink costs after WLS. If saggy skin will bother you, save for plastics.
  2. So Angry and Upset

    I'm so sorry. I would be really angry too.
  3. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    You are welcome! It is my favorite exercise. I also really like that I have to concentrate on breathing, keeping my ribs from popping up and holding my abs in place. All that takes so much concentration I can clear my mind over everything else. Almost like meditation!
  4. Unintended experiment

    I know - it is a trip isn't it?! I was travelling last week and didn't take enough shakes for the week. Last couple of mornings I had scrambled eggs with cheese rather than my premier shake and within a few hours I was hungry!
  5. Surgery is 6 weeks from today!

    You will be surprised how much more energy you will have and all the things you can do without breaking a sweat! Excited for you!
  6. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    This is a big one for me. I don't cook. I have a few things (four or five) that I cook well for when I want to cook for guests or my husband. But that is it and none of them are sweet or any of my old binge foods. I easily go months without cooking anything more involved than boiling eggs or broiling cheese on enchilada sauce. Pre-op I was compelled to nosh while I was cooking (which is one of the reasons I don't cook!) and I would often have enough bites and nibbles to eat a full meal before I even served the meal. This weekend I was going to party and taking food. Normally, my husband cooks whatever I/we take but this weekend I decided to cook my own dishes. I took something savory and something sweet. The sweet was a last minute addition - caramel brownies. I thought "this could be a terrible idea, my food demon might figure out a way to talk me into eating them!" but I thought - if so, I will deal with it. I made the brownies. I didn't taste the batter and I had one bite of one brownie after they cooled to make sure they tasted okay. My husband ate the rest. I took them to the party, set them out and didn't think twice about them. I can ignore food, but not while I'm cooking so this was really big for me. I don't see myself becoming a cook but I was happy to learn I can bake something that I would like to eat and still not be tempted.
  7. Uh-oh! My boss brought in a candy jar. SOS!

    I have the same problem at work. I ask my co-workers to keep it out of my line of sight and they do which makes a huge different if I know it is here and don't see it, I don't really care. But if I see it then I start thinking about it, wanting it, etc. Or, if you really want a piece, choose to just have one piece and make that your treat for the next few days. P.S. LOVE your avatar - you look simply gorgeous!
  8. How did you know when to stop?

    For me, maintaining is harder than losing.
  9. Welcome! You are getting some great advice! Premier shakes are my favorite and I agree with not stocking up on anything. I thought I loved the chicken soup protein powder pre-op. Post-op I hated it and ended up giving about $50 of it away to someone here.
  10. Unintended experiment

    Last week I had an unintended experiment and I want to share the results with y'all. Every day since a few weeks after my WLS I've had the exact same thing for breakfast. Decaf with milk and premier protein shake. Depending on what time I get up and how long it will be until I have lunch I'll have between 20 - 40 oz of decaf, 1 - 1&1/2 shakes and 1/2 - 1 C of milk. The handful of times I didn't have a premier shake to mix with my decaf and milk I add protein powder. I do this because it is simple, it starts me off with protein and plenty of fluids. Plus, I like to go lighter on my calories/carbs in the morning in case I'm going to eat out later or I want a glass of wine with dinner. On Thursday about 5:30 am I realized I was out of shakes as I went to make my coffee in the morning. I looked at my various powders and none of them go well with coffee so I just had decaf with milk. I packed my lunch for the day - two hard boiled eggs, blackberries and a small piece of cheese. Before I left the house I thought "I haven't had much protein" so I ate a piece of string cheese at about 7 am. By 9:30 I was thinking about my lunch. At 10:00 I broke down and ate my eggs. At 11:30 I ate the rest of my lunch. (Normally, I wouldn't eat before 12:30 or 1 pm.) I kept thinking - this is so odd that I'm so hungry! but didn't give it much thought beyond that. Friday morning 5:30 am and no protein shake to mix with my coffee so I do the same again - just milk in the decaf. Before I even left my house about 7 am I was already feeling hungry. Finally, I realized I was hungry because I wasn't getting in much protein. The milk in my coffee has a few grams but not the 30+ I always get from my premier shake. I decided to just go with it and see how quickly I would get really hungry. It didn't talk long. By 8:30 I was ready for my lunch. I drank water which worked for about 20 minutes and then I was hungry again. This was interesting to me because I didn't quite realize how satiating protein is for me. My hunger came back a couple of years ago but it hasn't felt like it did on Thursday and Friday. My guess is because protein is my focus when I eat, I'd yet to go long enough without any for my hunger to really kick in. I probably had dinner about 7 pm on Wednesday night so 12 - 13 hours later, my body was looking for protein!
  11. 1st 5K!!

    Congratulations! I love your outfit!
  12. Yes to this. We decide to have the surgery and to an extent, those we live with are along for the ride. For me, anger was a reason for me to overeat and make bad food choices. So, if I were in your position, I would try to minimize the amount of anger I was feeling. With that goal in mind, I would tell my husband - head's up, I'm struggling at the moment with cooking for you and watching you eat so I'm going to take a cooking break for a week. This will give you a bit of a break from all the cooking and it will give him the opportunity to see what it is like when you aren't cooking for him. You don't have to decide today if you are going to cook for him post-op or not. Before surgery I told my husband we wouldn't be eating out as often and I asked him to keep the junk foods I like either hidden in his home office, his car or to not bring them in the house. He agreed so I felt like he got it. Then, I nearly killed him one night when I was recently post-op. I woke to the smell of cinnamon toast. Not much smells better than toasted bread with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. I was instantly enraged, hobbled into the kitchen and said something like, "Why don't you just open a Cinnabon in here?!" followed by a long list of my favorite swear words. We still laugh about that one. Pre and post-op I regularly reminded myself I'd never been through this before. Neither had my husband. We were both going to have challenges with this new life I was hoping to create. At some point we decided to set aside a specific time everyday to talk about anything related to my WLS. This was born out of necessity because when I was newly post-op it was all I wanted to talk about. And, it created a safe space for us to say whatever we wanted to say about it with the benefit of me, the hotheaded one, not popping off when I was angry in the moment. I think we had a 10 or 15 minute time limit to the conversation and if one of us wanted to go past that, we both had to agree. If not, whatever wasn't covered was held until the next day at our designated time. Sadly, 'bedroom exercise' doesn't burn as many calories as we'd all like to think. But, from what I've gathered from being on this site for 5+ years many people get their groove back post-op. Or, find a level a groove they'd never known before. (Maybe tell your husband this tidbit right after you tell him no cooking for a week.) P.S. I'm calling dibs on your husband's metabolism in my next life!
  13. Congratulations! Very exciting! 1) Ask him what type of binder to get or if he will provide you with one. I recommend getting two of the same so you can wear one while the other one is in the wash. I would ask how long you'll wear the binder and the bra. How long you should be off work (assuming you work.) How long before you can start using the scar strips and doing scar massage? 2) Yes, work out. Being in good shape will help you recover faster. I don't know if lotion helps but it is worth asking. Before my TT and breast lift I got below goal by a few pounds because I wanted my stomach to be flat and tight. I'd seen too many post TT pics online of women who where still over weight or heavier than they wanted to be when they had plastics and after they lost more weight they had loose skin again. 3) Yes to binders and scar strips. I'd read about some women using a walker when they first got home. Not necessary for me but everyone is different. I wasn't used to sleep on my back which I had to for the first few weeks post-op so I would play around with how to get yourself to sleep on your back. I had a large wedge shaped pillow under my head and torso to keep my breasts elevated a bit. I put a couple of large couch cushions under my knees to keep my feet up. In this position if I tried to roll to my side, I would wake up.
  14. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    So very happy for you!
  15. Several WLS patients have talked about jealousy in their relationship post-op on this site. It can be a real issue. It is good you both know he has that capacity. If you haven't already, I suggested you consider some counseling.