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  1. Stephtay

    I wish I didnt have to wait 18 months...

    I love everything about this post. @msmarymac you are ALWAYS spot on!
  2. Stephtay

    Hair advice needed.

    Shorter! Always easier to hide hair loss when it is shorter.
  3. Stephtay

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I love everything about this! I am so happy for you and your wife! Here's to many new activities and adventures for decades to come!
  4. Stephtay

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    A couple of decades ago I started making lists of things I wanted to accomplish or try before my mile stone birthdays that end in a 0. I start the activities on my list on my birthday before the milestone so I have a year to do whatever I've put on my list. (It may sound arduous but most of my goals are either fun, educational or philanthropic.) I keep the lists in a little notebook. I have one coming up in a year so I've been thinking about my turning 50 list. I can't remember exactly what was on my list nine years ago so I pulled it out last night. #1 on my list was getting to a certain weight. #2 was to be out of plus sizes. As I've been mulling over my next list, I haven't even considered putting anything on my list about weight or my size. My old thinking is so far from my life now I was almost surprised to see it at the top of my turning 40 list. This time I'm going to have things like - attending two music festivals and wearing costumes each day. Back when I was fat, I would have gone to a music fest but I never would have worn a costume. Unless the costume theme was Conservative Goth - I could rock head to toe black like nobody else. I wanted to share this because I see posts from time to time where people say "I'm at goal, now what?" I say - try things you always wanted to do but were too scared, too self-conscious or too heavy. On the days when you struggle with food, think about how much different your life is now that you've lost the weight. I do this often when food is calling to me and I don't need it.
  5. Stephtay

    Advice from a 15 year by pass

    @Lori88, thanks for the awesome post and photo! Congratulations on making WLS work for you!
  6. Stephtay

    I got brave :)

    The jeans look great! And, they make you look younger and hip!
  7. Stephtay


    There is a fb group of former TT'ers and I believe Papa G is in that group.
  8. Stephtay

    Before the journey began

    Congratulations! Absolutely brilliant!
  9. Congratulations! So many great changes (and pictures!) in your post!
  10. Stephtay

    Advice from a 15 year by pass

    I spent the last few days with someone who had by pass 15 years ago. She has maintained her loss. I saw her drink wine, eat ice cream and have a couple of mini candy bars over the last few days. I asked her about maintenance, what she eats, exercise levels, etc. In short, she doesn't exercise much other than walking her dog. She is 71 and has arthritis. She rarely weighs herself and can tell by the fit of her clothes if she is up or down. Pre-surgery, binging was her issue and post-op she found that if she was too restricted, she would over eat. She drinks lots of water and her meals are protein heavy. But if she wants ice cream, she has it. 1/4 - 1/2 cup in a small cup so it looks much bigger. She keeps mini candy bars around the house and even in her bedroom and said she might have 1 a day. A couple of nights a week she will have a small glass or two of wine. It was interesting to talk to someone who doesn't follow 'the rules' but has created her own and has maintained her loss. She's about 5'5 and my guess is she started around 350 and is about 125 - 130 now.
  11. Stephtay

    Slight weight gain. Help!

    4 - 5 pounds above your target weight is not going to make your ring dig in. Sounds like water retention to me. Up your water and exercise, decrease your carbs and stay off the scale for a few days. Once your body releases the extra water, you'll be back where you want to be.
  12. Stephtay

    Talk to me about Body Pump

    The gym in my neighborhood has all shapes and sizes and normally I don't think anyone is looking at anyone else. But last night I openly stared at someone. A woman who was walking on the treadmill. She was walking maybe 2.5 mph. She had on skinny jeans and was eating chips. She wasn't even trying to be stealth - just holding the bag in one hand and eating the chips one at a time with the other.
  13. Stephtay

    The struggle begins

    Take this time to start developing and enjoying activities that aren't related to food and don't make you think about food. If you have old hobbies you want to get back into, or new ones you want to try, start doing them now if you haven't already. I had decades of spending time every day thinking about food, planning what to eat, arguing with myself what it eat, how much, oops I ate too much and now I feel bad so I will eat more to make myself feel better. Since WLS I read more books, my house is more organized, I exercise a lot more, I spend more time volunteering, travelling, going to concerts, the list goes on and on. Pre-op I knew I I needed to find things to focus on and that I enjoy that had nothing to do with food. Or, I would have trouble with head hunger. I still have trouble with it but I have all kinds of things I can do rather than wander into the kitchen and make bad decisions.
  14. I was in my mid-40's when I had plastics - a TT and breast lift with implants. I didn't have any complications and didn't come close to losing my life. I passed out a couple of times within 48 hours of my surgery but my dr said that wasn't super uncommon. I had a internal staple that didn't dissolve as the rest of them did and it worked its way out of my incision. A little gross yes, but not painful and I healed just fine. My drains drove me crazy and by the time I wasn't draining anymore I still had three days before I could see the dr again to remove them. I wasn't that patient so, with his approval and guidance, I removed them myself. Oh, and I was back to work within a couple of weeks. My recovery wasn't easy but it was a lot easier than what I thought it would be. And, it was easier than my recovery when my appendix ruptured when I was 32. I'm with @athenarose, you want to be at your goal weight or even a bit below. I was a few pounds below my goal weight because I wanted my skin to be tight. I didn't want to lose more weight and have loose or loose-ish skin. I recommend you get in the best shape you can before plastics. My PS said being in good shape helps you recover faster. Also, if you've found the site Stay away. There are loads of PS horror stories. Many of them are from people who didn't want to pay much and either found cheap drs in the US or went to places like the DR. My PS were $15K for everything. I live near San Francisco so things are more expensive here but it wasn't worth the risk to me to go somewhere like the DR to have the same procedures to save $7K. If you stick with a board certified PS, you should be fine. And, you can pay a small fee to check and see if they've had complaints or lawsuits. I posted quite a bit about my plastics here so you should be able to find those if you want to read more. Good Luck and you are NEVER too old to look and feel attractive!
  15. Stephtay

    The struggle begins

    My guess is your drive to eat is related to quitting smoking. Hang in there. Take it one moment at a time. I used to smoke and I'm rarely around smokers these days. A couple of weekends ago some friends came to visit and both of them smoke. I forgot how awful it smells. How it just about permeates everything. We were outside and it was chilly so I got them some blankets. The next day the blankets reeked of stale smoke. When you want to eat and you know it isn't time to eat or your body doesn't need food, drink water or have a sugar free mint.