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  1. I remember going on your blog when I first came on this site and was about to get surgery and now reading this it really made my heart hurt for you. I saw so much pride in your weight loss on your blog and now it seems like a big blow to lose your relationship as a result. I'm so sorry for what you are going through.
  2. He's not really that big, I think he weighs 190 right now and is actually quite healthy, he is trying to join the army so he works out five days a week and eats healthy. It's part of the reason I am so concerned, he is a handsome fit dude and I feel like it would be so easy for him to leave me :/ He could find someone else easily you know? I am down a lot of weight since I wrote this post and I am happy to see all the replies. My husband seems to find me very sexy but I am still very insecure.
  3. I have always been terrified of my husband not being attracted to my once I am skinnier. He IS attracted to BBW, if he looks at porn (which he rarely does) he looks at BBWs. He married me when I was 280 pounds and loved me as I grew and grew. I am down 75 pounds and he is on me like white on rice, he continues to be attracted to me. I asked him, "What happens when I'm skinny and not your type anymore?" "You're my type, you skinny or fat, that's my type, you," He is sweet and if you and your husband have a strong marriage and a strong love for who the person truly is you guys are going to make it and he will still be attracted to you. Good luck.
  4. I am about one hour away from Rochester and four months out.
  5. Hi everyone, I sort of disappeared from this site for awhile but when I have issues I know I can come here for some support. I need some help. I find it hard to keep any food down. The only two foods I can consistently keep down is my protein smoothie in the morning and salad (I almost four months out). Almost everything else I end up throwing up and I just cannot figure out if that's actually physical sickness or mental, I am terrified (and have been before surgery) that this surgery won't work for me and I will gain my weight back and now that I am having all these problems I am worried that it's not physical and it's just emotional or mental and I am getting an eating disorder. I have gone vegan, I find anything not vegan makes me ill. Throwing up. Diarrhea. I feel good but when it comes to eating I am a mess. I know many of you will suggest I talk to my surgeon/NUT/therapist. I know that's an option. I wanted to come here and see what you all are eating this far out. I get about 400-600 calories a day including the food I puke up. I'm puking a couple times a week, sometimes everyday. What is life like four months out for you?
  6. I would of been really upset and maybe it's not right but that's why I always lie about smoking weed. I don't drink, I don't smoke cigarettes but occasionally I smoke marijuana and it does wonders to help me relax. Some people have a glass of wine and some people smoke. I agree with you that it shouldn't be an issue. I do want to add that post surgery I had to quit smoking. It really messes with my stomach signals and I found that I could eat way past the point of making myself sick and would not know and then suddenly hours later would feel like DEATH. So I had quit.
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  8. Is that Frank Iero? Also, you look great!!!
  9. My protein smoothie is not an exact science but I can give you the basics. I buy carrot juice and another juice (I forget the name) but it's very green and contians kale and spinach along with some other fruits and vegetables. I get my blender and I put in 1/2 Banana (sometimes 1/4) and a small handful of mixed frozen fruits (I make a mix that is pineapple, peaches and strawberries) I add one scoop of my soy flavorless protein, I know GNC said they usually have one that isn't soy but didn't have it in stock when I went, so I'm sure you can find whey, if they don't have flavorless I am sure vanilla would taste fine. I then cover the fruit with my juices until it goes a little over the top. I add a little extra juice then normal so it's not too heavy in my pouch. Also sometimes I add fresh or defrosted whole spinach when I have some on hand. Mix and enjoy, super yummy!
  10. Earlier this month I joined a facebook group for WLS patients who wanted some support. I was sort of enjoying the group when the daily challenge was to post what you ate that day. I posted my daily food and I immediately got jumped on for something I ate. My organic kale, spinach and carrot smoothie that has 25 GRAMS OF PROTEIN per small serving (only about 235 calories) I got told I should stick with shakes (I hate shakes, I feel like I can taste the fake sweeteners and chemicals and stuff in it) and that if I eat like that I will fall back into old habits. If my old habits were organic fruit and vegetable protein smoothies let me tell you, I would not have needed wls in the first place. I felt like it was less of a place for support and more of a place for people to look down their noses at people's food choices. When I said I felt like I was being attacked for what I believe is a fairly healthy food choice they just said "We were just trying to help, sometimes people don't realize they are doing something wrong!" Also, one of the girls who commented said she had chinese food that day (Which is fine I don't think it is a big deal to have old favorites once in awhile), where does she get the right bitching about my smoothie when she had that! Vent over. I am glad I have a place like thinner times where I feel very supported and people are much less judgmental!
  11. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I am like feeling good, feeling good, I've lost so much weight, I'm awesome and then BAM, a mirror and I'm like, I don't look as fly as I thought I would!
  12. I also agree with the above poster. I would NOT have had this surgery if I only had to lose 50 pounds. I would definitely ADVISE AGAINST it for the small amount you have to lose.
  13. I wish you the best of luck in losing weight and getting back in the gym. You said you were in counseling but have you tried couples counseling? You just have to figure out if you want this relationship to work and what steps you can take to help you get there. Or you need to say, I want to get out of this relationship, and the steps you need to take to do that. I think the worst thing you can do is not make a decision and be in relationship limbo. Also, don't beat yourself up about the weight gain. It happens. You didn't fail and you know the root of the problem! It seems like a cycle, your weight gain causes stress, which causes stress in your relationship, which causes you to want to eat, which causes weight gain, your weight gain causes stress...and so on and so on. Get rid of one of the spokes and see what happens!! Good Luck.
  14. 2000 Calories seems so high! I don't want to question what your clinic has you doing but my sister is four years out from Gastric Bypass and only gets in that many calories on a bad day!
  15. 1. Be honest about the paxil, my father passed his psych avail and was on it. I think they are more concerned that any issues you have are under control rather than you don't have any at all. 2. at both my PCP and Surgeons office they would of weighed me in my coat. I even had my boots on for one time when they weighed me, they don't really pat you down and check you or anything. I haven't tried what you are saying but i feel that i could of if I needed to.