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  1. Very interesting video of an interview with Dr. Ted Naiman.
  2. @Nana Trish Thank you for the kind words. I just have an emotional eating disorder which undermines all attempts at weight loss, but my current therapist who normally uses behavioral therapy is switching gears we are going to start to explore in depth why I eat. My intuition tells me that this will work because reconciliation with myself comes naturally to me so once I understand myself (with her help) on a deeper then I don't think the desire to overeat will be as strong, but who knows. Plus, I've been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and the meds I take for that aren't helping my weight loss attempts so I've scaled them back and eventually will get off of them. I'm a military vet and the only thing I'm considering taking after I get off these current meds is Ketamine - which the Veteran Affairs Administration are doing clinical trials with now and having success. President Trump signed a bill allowing the VA to purchase Ketamine in bulk now, thank god. It shouldn't be too long before I can try it and hopefully benefit from it. I should probably post more often in here and talk about it. Most of the time me dealing with a binge eating disorder is an insurmountable obstacle. Again, I appreciate your support. Thank you.
  3. That's why I posted about it here instead of surgical forums. Also, I never pushed for the diet to be used.
  4. I read an article the other day online that identified a correlation between overcoming various eating disorders, incl. binge eating, and strength training for hypertrophy. After googling this topic further, I discovered testimonials from both men and women who struggle with ED and say that their urges to not eat, purge or overeat significantly reduced or go away entirely. If I understand it right, this success stems from visible muscles. This provides real motivation that a person can look defined. Aside from motivation to keep going, and the decrease in ED behaviors, there are also testaments of lifting depression, thinking more clearly, sleeping better, etc.. Strength training was at the core. People became inspired by bulging muscles and definition. Most people with ED presume that we have to create a sizable calorie deficit through strict eating habits and lots of cardio. The author of one of these articles claimed that focus on the calorie deficit perpetuates ED behaviors. She/He said that people with eating disorders need to turn their focus onto gaining strength - building muscle will follow - and that will reduce (or eliminate) our ocd about calories. I will be starting a strength training program soon at Anytime Fitness. I'm going to start back on the protein. I forgot how full I feel when I've actually eaten meat. Protein drinks too. I remember all that has to come first now. Hope everyone is doing well. Craig
  5. I'm a vsg veteran of 4 1/2 years and i consider myself to be a failure. this stems from my denial that my binge eating disorder would be corrected via surgery. i did wonderful for a year and half and lost 180 pounds and my lowest weight was 208. however i was fool to think that i wasn't going to regain because i knew i was going to even before the surgery. all i do is think about food, when i'm going to eat and what am i going to eat. my only hope to overcome binge eating is to get help but the va doesn't provide any. i reluctantly started new anti-depressants which makes me not care what i eat. meds silence any inner voices of caution. i do not want to live as a fat man but i don't have a choice.
  6. Hello everyone. Thank you all for the kind words. Unfortunately, I've gained about 65 pounds back because I met a woman who's diet was horrible and I got off track. I'm trying to get back to 208 - what I was in those pictures. If anyone has any tips, please tell me because I don't want continue to feel that my VSG was a waste...
  7. Hey, I'm almost 4 years post-op VSG. Went from 390 down to 208 but gained about 60 pounds back. Trying to work on losing it again.
  8. I've always been able to eat meat although I was never crazy about it. But now after surgery, I can't stand it. Well, I can eat soup with some chopped ham or sausage but slabs of any meat are out of the question because they're repulsive. Both my bariatric and VA nutritionist says this is a protein first lifestyle but I can't compromise on this because I can't force myself to eat things that nauseate me. Protein will just have to come by way of protein drinks. Anybody else have this problem?
  9. Simple question: How many grams of protein do I need to taking in daily at 1 year and 6 months out? Thanks, Craig
  10. The VA gave me corrective eye surgery to fix my lazy eye, then I was able to switch to contacts. That was a big improvement. Thank for the compliments guys. I appreciate them.
  11. Hello, I'm down 170 pounds. My weight Friday was 210.2 I'm trying to muster the will to do calisthenics or some type of body weight training. Still eating healthy. Lots of steamed vegetables and fruits everyday and about 1 or 2 bowls of red beans and long grain, brown rice. Drinking lots of water in between and staying off all sugar, sugar derivatives and sweeteners. I have quit protein drinks. The picture of me in the grey t-shirt was in Feb. 2013 The picture of me in the blue shirt was taken yesterday.
  12. It's because I always thought of myself as in transition and I never accepted being fat. So, when I became a lot thinner, I really didn't feel any different. I'm not sure because maybe I punish myself about other things too much to be able to congratulate myself. But I'm trying to pat myself on the back more, especially when I see people who've had the surgery and gone back to unhealthy ways and have gained their weight back. I hate admitting it here, but I lost this weight to basically make me dating material again and I just seem to be almost invisible now as I was when I was morbidly obese. It's been a big disappointment in that regard as well. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a lot thinner. I certainly look a lot better and I feel a lot better and I can move around easier. I would definitely do it again. I'm almost 170 pounds down. I weighed 213 on Friday. My military weight was between 180 and 190 lbs.
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