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  1. 100 pounds down as of this morning :) needed that pick me up after my awful training run yesterday!!

    1. ✯AprilWine✯


      Welcome to the Century Club!

  2. I can't believe how much I love running! 6 miles done yesterday in Central Park--- right on track for 1/2 marathon at the end of January!

    1. Lori88


      Awesome - Great job1

    2. rxmom2007


      That is so awesome! WTG!

    3. ✯AprilWine✯
  3. I really like the way I look today. I am strong and beautiful. I haven't allowed myself to feel this way in a long time, and I feel great.

    1. Tegan


      It's wonderful to read something so positive, I'm so happy for you =)

    2. SRB527


      Such a positive mental attitude...wahat a victory!

    3. rxmom2007
  4. 6 months out and they still give me trouble. I've really stayed away for the most part because they really upset my stomach.
  5. I spoke to my PCP about this and he hadn't heard of it either, but after researching he prescribed it for me and it's been the best solution for me to date. The downside is that it is pricey, but there are manufacturer coupons that help a lot. Thanks for all of the recommendations!
  6. I'm really proud of myself for this moment, so here is the video: Pushing 330 pounds. My trainer weights 170, and there is 160 lbs of racked weight beneath him. And for good measure- here's my before and after pictures. 38 lbs to goal!
  7. No, this is the first time I've heard about it. Is a prescription?
  8. At 38 lbs to goal, I've decided to step up my fitness game. Working with my trainer to run a half marathon on January 26. Week 1 started yesterday, and I can't wait to cross that finish line!!!

    1. SRB527


      Great job!! You are rocking this WLS. Oh I wish I could run :-( I do plan to walk some 5K and 8Ks in the coming months.

  9. Thanks Cinwa!! My decision seems to have been made for me. After receiving the b12 injection this afternoon, I'm currently covered in hives and unbelievably itchy!!!! Called my PCP and he said its an allergic reaction to the preservative in the shot. Fingers crossed the hives are gone by the morning!!
  10. Hi all- Since July I've been seeing my PCP once a month for a b12 injection. Does anyone know if there is a real benefit to choosing the injection over the sublingual? I want to discuss with my PCP bc these co-pays are adding up. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks! Daryle
  11. At almost 6 months out eggs still really bother me. Just can't do it.
  12. Hi ChynnaC-- I am not pre-op but wanted to say hello since both of our surgeons are in the same practice, and I was at St. Luke's as well I had my surgery in May with Dr. Scott Belsley- and have had such a wonderful experience. Feel free to msg me with any questions! -Daryle
  13. This article was in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday... I found it pretty informative and helpful: