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  1. I think we've all done something like that- but it is best if you can get out of the habit of 'mindless' eating... Mine was gum... eek.
  2. I have used bra padding for decades... and still like to wear them in the hot & sticky months... I use and really like these sold by amplestuff: http://www.amplestuf...nerspkgof3.aspx These work so well for those of us that remain 'endowed' post WLS... I see they have liners for those of us left with a pannus that gets hot & sticky... minus plastic surgery, many of us end up with excess skin hanging- I'm ordering some of those for myself- my pannus suffers chafing terribly. http://www.amplestuf...nerspkgof3.aspx
  3. Hon, try to stay off the scale for a while.. with the extra fluids and the dreaded week three stall coming up- it'll drive you CRAZY... try to wait till you go to the next doc appointment- less crazy making!
  4. So wonderful when we find something that works! Yay!
  5. Sorry to be around so little.. Good luck to all those heading to surgery soon... Miss you guys & gals! Life has just been hectic as all get out!

    1. SerenaSlimmer


      I came back to see how everyone was doing and the first thing I noticed was that I wasn't seeing your responses :( I hope everything is ok and you've always been an inspiration on this site.

  6. When I used to do that with my photos on a PC, I used a free downloadable program called "Irfaview"... it was easy to use... just made a panoramic photo there.. I haven't really done anything like that since I moved to my mac so I don't know if it works on macs... but look for something that does a panoramic view.. HTH
  7. As Kirabelle says, that *isn't* the normal, not at all.. but I do hope that it helped keep you going on any preop requirements on the straight & narrow... any cheating you do means added risk. There aren't too many that I've meet that have had that problem, but an inflamed liver has always been the cause.. getting it healthy is something we can do... you're two days away now- make sure you stick with your plan.. if you weren't given one, try making sure you eat low carb, low fat.. every little bit helps. Don't get pulled into 'last supper syndrome'.. for one, it doesn't help you, and f
  8. I did cheat on mine... and I paid for it *big time*... so I highly recommend you find a way around the gagging (easier said than done, I know hun.... ) maybe try some other brand of shake/protein drinks.. there are tons of different types... preop it isn't as big a concern as post op to get the 100% whey protein isolate, you just want to stay low in calories/sugars/carbs. As I said- I paid big time in that my liver wasn't as shrunk down as I needed it to be, and my liver cracked in half during surgery... what was supposed to be a 2 to 3 hour surgery was 6 hours long... and I was in the hos
  9. I wish all doctors had one of those- I could've DEFINITELY used one! Maybe call your doctor and ask if they work with any eating counselors that they work closely with? If I could, I would.. the only counselor where I work that my insurance works with is my sister in law and I'm not going there! lol...
  10. okay- I had a post that was pretty long and I lost it all! I'll redo it again but for those of you with iphones- this is a really cool thing that hubby just downloaded for me... it's a software program called "fingerprint"... it turns your home printer into an 'airprinter' so you can print from your iphone! And the program is only 9.95.. took him 5 minutes to set up! woo woot.. whoops.... I forgot the link: www.collobos.com and the program is 'fingerprint'.
  11. Hey- how did I miss you're a MA'er?? (or did I know but forget? lol) I had surgery in Boston, too (B & W).... I moved from MA in 2008 since hubby wasn't going to move from VT, lol... and it seemed like a good idea to live in the same state as him, LOL... I think there are a few members here looking for meetups with MA peeops.. maybe that would help you out too? Local support is soo helpful, having someone who knows what you're going through is so helpful..
  12. I think many of us go through this at some point... definitely getting in to talk to someone about why you do that would be a good idea... why you make the choices you're making.. Good luck, sweetie... you can do this- you're strong!!
  13. Congrats, hon... you deserve to treat yourself.... If you collect any of the charms for pandora, chamilia, troll bracelets, maybe they have running shoe charms too? If you do collect any, I'll look around see... (oh, it is so hard to look through all those pretty charmssssss... lol .. such a hardship! LOL)
  14. If you have a smart phone or something similar- set little reminders, set to go off throughout the day to go get a small cup of water... I use the reminders for everything.. Dehydration is not just a small annoying thing- it can quite literally kill you if it gets too severe, hon.. do take the water minimums seriously.. I don't want you to get too sick ... Minus a smart phone- use kitchen timers, outlook reminders, etc.. whatever it takes, hon.. if you use myfitnesspal, there is a spot where you can log your water intake so you can see where you are on track... good luck sweetie..
  15. Mine has changed over the years... for a while, it was avoiding foods I KNOW I shouldn't be eating.. nibbling on goodies that were far too readily available (esp. when i was working for the car dealership.. ugh)... but in the last year or so what I struggled with mostly was remembering to take all my pills.. due to WLS, arthritis, IBS, Allergies, Menopause, insomnia, tinnitus, etc etc... I'm up to 52 pills a day :wacko: and remembering each and every one of them has been, to put it mildly.. a struggle. Since I got my iphone and mussaka (sp?) suggested "Pillboxie" for my pills, I have not
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