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  1. Sorry to be around so little.. Good luck to all those heading to surgery soon... Miss you guys & gals! Life has just been hectic as all get out!

    1. SerenaSlimmer


      I came back to see how everyone was doing and the first thing I noticed was that I wasn't seeing your responses :( I hope everything is ok and you've always been an inspiration on this site.

  2. LONG day.. wish I had someone who would make my dinner tonight!!

    1. RogaDanar


      If you lived closer you could have some of my chilli!

    2. mmmccart


      ooh, i sooo want chili right now!,lol

  3. Feeling a bit better today- ear pain has subsided. sinus pain still there.. head aches slightly less too.

    1. Lori88


      Well a bit is better than none but I hope you feel 100 % soon!

    2. mistymee


      Thanks hon.. this afternoon has been the best I've felt in ages so that's good! Appreciate the well wishes :)

  4. Feeling a bit better today- ear pain has subsided. sinus pain still there.. head aches slightly less too.

  5. First day I've sorta felt like my self in almost 2 weeks. The gorgeous weather helps I'm sure. Sitting here with the office/trailer door wide open. Music blaring. out at 1 woo..

    1. Nana60


      Hope the good feeling continues. Spring is coming! It may take a bit longer for guys up there then for us down here in California, but it always comes.

  6. As I mentioned back on March NINTH... been dealing iwth some personal crap. things are slightly better and I'll try to be around a bit. as always, feel free to email if need be.. mistymee at live dot com

    1. RogaDanar


      I hope things get better Kel!

    2. BugdocMom
    3. mistymee


      Thanks you two... I'm hanging in... just been a trying week and a half or so. Added I've been feeling exceedingly antisocial due to the stress here at home which hasn't helped, lol.. But hubby had a good talk with his kid and we're both on the same page which reaaaaally helps.

  7. been dealing with some personal stuf... will try to get back to people this weekend.. thanks for the kind notes thogh- appreciated more than you know

    1. mistymee


      and I wish we could edit these things.. typos above make me shudder. lol.

  8. Furious on hubby's behalf.. he deserves to be treated SO MUCH BETTER. Grrr... so mad I could spit nickels. I'd say "Kids" except... she's almost 30

  9. I love Saturdays! Wish it would stick around a bit longer! :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mistymee


      We went running around yesterday- but it was good.. today will be house cleaning and getting ready for company tomorrow.. but weekends are toooo short! Hope you feel better R!

    3. Minister AJ

      Minister AJ

      Wishing 4 3 day weekends!

    4. mistymee


      Hubby has a 4 day weekend this week... he has tomorrow & tuesday off for "town meeting day'... seriously! lol..

  10. 13 inches of snow in less than 24 hours!! Pretty as all get out, but annoying! lol..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mistymee


      Till today we were like that too- we were down to bare ground.. but this is too much in one drop!

    3. MaraJayne


      I'm in VA. Not even sure we've gotten 4 inches!! But I work for FEMA, so I'm pretty sure that's good for business!!

    4. BugdocMom


      I'm in SoCal and it was a little foggy this morning...;)

  11. annoyed for no good reason- which only annoys me even more! sheesh, kelly. get a grip on yourself!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Looking2Lose


      that happens to me pretty often and I don't know why

    3. Nana60


      Geez, I know that feeling. You get mad at things for no good reason. Everyone is walking too slow, driving too slow, or too darn happy.

    4. mistymee


      I do have to tell you that hubby made me laugh when he came home with his "Helllooo, how you be?" as he does every.single.night. and I said 'ANNOYED, and I have no good reason, no one has even said boo to me today" and he stops, looks and me.. says really quietly.. hey! I turn my head to look at him and he whispers "boo". LOL.. I knew I lurved him for a reason. As for my grumps today- I just don't know what my problem is.. I just don't have any excuse ot...

  12. Train Wreck averted.. sad for the kid, but thankful in the end... so thankful

  13. Oh, and thanks for asking me to fix the tag; I'd have totally missed this little gem heh..
  14. OMG, I have tears running down my face right now from laughing. Why can't the farts stay where you leave them *indeed*? lol.. Okay, laughs aside- the miralax is not one of those fast acting laxatives that'll make you go in a rush- typically- so you should be safe taking it and not worrying about having to rush off. Also, what you could do when you're traveling is take small doses of the stuff throughout your day, esp. early in your trip to keep things soft and moving. And yeah, the longer I go without pooing the smellier I get. I know at least one person here who was so bad she had to take the activated charcoal to keep from killing herself and everyone around here due to the funk. lol Hope you're feeling better soon, hon! And really- thanks for the laugh this morning!
  15. My new boots!! http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/style/71033.html (though I got a STEAL from the price here!!) Yay!

    1. cinwa


      Love the pull on handles! Wonder why I wasn't surprised that they were purple! LOL!

    2. mistymee


      <GRIN> Cuz you know me??? :) They're so comfy and I needed something with support, having to traipse through the mud for the ladies facilities, lol.

    3. BugdocMom


      Simply adorable!!

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