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  1. Bridge, You and I have a lot in common with our kids. We have talked in the past. i do tend to enjoy my wine abit more than before. I do manage it. My problem is I snack too much. When I order lucnh for my office I make it high inprotein and low in fat. Still not good enough. Ny husband makes sure I know this dailey.
  2. katlover66

    4 yrs. out

    OK, I spoke with myfriends mom who had the GBPS surgerybecause of me. She todl me no to worry, I have lost 5 pounds of what I have gained. I am working hard and w/ my daughter's issues I am doing well. It is frustrating to go from a 2-4 to a 6-8. I am working out several times a week. I wish the support groups would work into my schedule it has been a long time/
  3. katlover66

    4 yrs. out

    ok I am almost 4 years otu> i was doing so well and than things fell apart. I need to lose about 35 pounds to be happy. I guess you could say I fell off of the weight loss wagon.. Those who know what I hav been through can understand. 1 yr. ago know I entered my 6 yr. old into a mental institute. I am not making excuses. This is a tool and I did not follow the guidlines the last year. I hope for support as I lose the remaining pounds/
  4. katlover66

    It's Been A While

    Okay Everyone, I Am Alomost 4 Yrs. Out. I Have Had Some Personal Issues Over The Last 9 Months And Have Been Pretty Absent From This Forum. I Just Learned Last Month That Somebody I Know Had The Surgery And Than Passed Away Within A Year. If Anyone Knew Rose West And The Circumastances Of Her Death Please Email Me. If Anyone Lives In Paradise Hills And Has A Long Term Post-op Support Group Let Me Know. I Need To Lose 20 Punds. Thanks, Katy
  5. I could use sone size 6's. I was a 4 but I screwed up and now I am a size 6
  6. katlover66

    Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

    I had one burst when I was 20. I walked in the door from work and hit the floor. By the time I was sdmitted into the ER I didn't even know my name. After about 5 hours and some IV fluid my blood pressure was normal and I could function. They told me it had burst and that it would disolve on its own. I haven't had it happen again. We all get cycsts on our ovaries. They are suppose to dissapate with our cycle. Sometimes they grow and we develop problems. Follow up with your GYN. I did after my episode.
  7. katlover66

    What Are You Asking Santa For This Year???

    Thanks, I do have to pass the physical first.
  8. katlover66

    How would you handle this???

    Melanie, Be honest with her. Tell her that you want to eat healthy and an occassional lunch would be fine, but not everyday. I too am struggling to lose the 20 I put back on.
  9. katlover66

    What Are You Asking Santa For This Year???

    Well it looks like I got mine early. I take my new hire physical on Tuesday for Sharp Reese Stealy. Yipeee!!!!!!!!!
  10. katlover66

    What Are You Asking Santa For This Year???

    I am wishing for a job. I am tired of interviewing and I am tired of working for an agency that doesn't send me on jobs. Of course my hubby could buy me a sexy nightie and I would be happy too.
  11. katlover66

    The Cold . . . a new sensitivity

    Laurie, I have throw blankets all over the house. I am always cold, even more so since losing the weight. I forgot how cold it gets in Arkansas. I will have to tease my best friend about how nice the weather is here compared to there.
  12. katlover66

    Invitation to Thanksgiving dinner

    Did you mean 11-23-06 at 4PM? Just checking, we're going to my brothers. You know Saturday is my 3rd anniversary.
  13. katlover66

    Flu Shots

    Get the flu shot. It isn't an issue after GBPS. You just have to wait 10 days after surgery.
  14. katlover66

    I need a D.J. 4 Holiday Party

    Isn't Papa Mike a DJ? Try emailing him.
  15. katlover66

    A good friend of mine

    I have a really good friend who lives in Littleton, CO. I have been telling him for a while he should find a nice lady and settle down. He like many of us has battled his weight for years. He at this point has not considered GBPS. I was just wondering if there are any single women in our little family here who lives in the Denver area. I don't ususally try to match make, but he is a nice guy and I want to see him happy. He is tired of being in the friend zone all the time.