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  1. Calling all fellow February 2013 WLS people! This is a quiet group. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I'm discouraged at the moment. I've only lost 30 pounds post-op. I have been at the gym 4xweek and pretty active the other 3 days so I'm hoping I'm gaining muscle. I'm down to size 16 misses...was 18 plus size. I was hoping to be under 200 by now.
  2. Today was a great day. Started off with a banana & spin class. It was a great workout today. I was sweating like crazy. Went home and made an egg white omelet with veggies...yum. Then I cleaned my basement for 1 1/2 hrs. Dragged a ton of stuff out for trash. I was sweating! Had my Shakeology for lunch...so good. If you haven't heard of Shakeology yet, you gotta try it. It's a smoothie packed with a ton of superfoods/antioxidants, it's all natural, has 16 grams of protein & delicious. It makes my hair and nails healthy and strong. I have a ton less cravings, lowers my blood pressure and cholesterol. If you want to learn more about it check out my page... Www.shakeology.com/jgriff11 or MSG me I can get you a discount too. Okay back to the day...picked up my 3 yr old from preschool, my 5 yr old from Kindergarten and took them out to plaster fun time to paint ceramics. I was starving. I brought a Luna bar with me. I was going to stay away from them...and I still plan to, but I needed something. The only snacks around we're unhealthy. As for dinner...not so good. The kids wanted Mac & cheese...I made beef and broccoli for myself. I usually don't eat beef, but it was a quick dinner I could just throw on the stove. I was so nauseous just smelling it :o/ I didn't eat a bite. I had 1/2 cup of Mac and cheese. It's now 10pm, kids are in bed. Hubby home from work...I'm hungry because I had such a crappy dinner. So, I'm off to find something healthy. Tomorrow is my 33 rd birthday, going out to dinner with my husband. Wish me luck.
  3. I am 3 months out from gastric sleeve surgery. I am struggling. I am hoping writing a blog will help kept me accountable. I am having the same struggles that I had before my sleeve. Shocking, right? Haha. I have fallen back into some of my old habits. Carbs! Sweets! Overall, I am eating great, exercising, but just keep snacking on bad things. It was so much easier when I was home recovering...now I'm back working overnights. I'm a nurse on a busy ICU floor. Co-workers bring in junk and it is tempting. I have little kids and they eat pretty healthy but ask me to buy sweets. So starting tomorrow, I'll be reporting what I eat and my struggles. Jamie
  4. 3 months out and only 28 pounds lost! It seems like everyone is losing so much more. I am back to the gym for 2 months now. Taking spin & step classes, walking/jogging 4-5 x week. I am probably building some muscle.. But still...so slow compared to others I am eating about 1100-1200 cal/day, due to the fact that I'm working out alot. I wear my Fitbit pedometer every day and according to that..if I want to lose 3-5 pounds a week I should eat 1750 cals/ day. I'm way under that. Any thoughts?
  5. At work 7pm-7am. Went to get my dinner...veggie burger & mixed veggies, realize its gone. I had all my food logged with calorie & protein counts. Just had to go down to cafe to buy dinner. Spent $4.50 on a veggie burger without the roll :(

    1. BugdocMom


      Grrr... did somebody eat YOUR food?!

  6. Seems like ever since my NUT graduated me to next phase, it all went down hill. Just got the okay to eat whole wheat bread, low fat crackers, rice cakes. I have been wanting it all. Cravings like crazy for crunchy, salty, chocolate. It was like she gave me the okay to eat anything, even though she didn't. I've been struggling to stay on plan. I've been getting all my protein in, all my fluids, and definitley all my calories and then some. She told me I didn't have to count calories. I was staying under 1000. She said if I'm hungry, I can eat up to 1200. This all seems so wrong to me. I feel out of control with food again. It was so much better when things were strict. I have also been stalled for 3 weeks (2 weeks before I got the okay to advance diet). Now I'm worried I'm going to start gaining. Please help! I'm feeling like this WLS was a mistake...or maybe I should have chose GBP.
  7. Back to reality, first day back to work for me :( I had such a nice time being off. I think I'd do it all over again just to spend 6 weeks home with my hubby & kids.

  8. I work 7pm-7am shift. 6 weeks post-op and going back to work tonight. I am dreading it. I also have young kids. I've been up since 6 am...it's going to be a long day, and I'm sure I'll be going over my calories today. Autumn leaf, I feel your pain. I say you can definitely eat after 8 pm on days you work & stay up late. That's only for people who leaf normal, sleep filled lives. Good luck
  9. Sky2high, I am in the same boat as you! Everything you described is exactly how I'm feeling too. I'm 6 weeks out and I still get stuffed easily. However, I am hungry 2-3 hrs later. I haven't had issues with any foods yet. I am nervous that I'm going to fail. I am also thinking gastric bypass may have been the smarter choice for me. Tegan, I will have to ask my surgeon about how much she removed. I do remember her telling me there were 3 different sizes of tubes they use as a guide to remove the stomach. She said she uses the one in the middle. She didn't want to remove too much, or leave the stomach too big.
  10. Hello, I am 6 weeks post op. Does anyone know if protein bars are okay? I know surgeons and nutritionists plans difer, but in general, when can we have them again? Hoping that these crazy cravings are a sign my stall may be ending...I've only lost 20 pounds since surgery Been stalled for almost a week.
  11. I would say increase your protein to 100 grams a day. Check with your NUT to see what they say. Good Luck. That's so discouraging...you seem to be doing everything right. Maybe a little tweak in your diet and things will be going in the right direction.
  12. My surgeon said Aleve is okay for a few days. I know, I thought Aleve was not allowed.
  13. Okay, I'm one month out tomorrow. Last week, I was feeling great. Went back to the gym, was able to walk on the treadmill for 50 minutes, and could have easily done more. Yesterday I was having issues with constipation, I was pushing....and pulled a muscle or aggravated something right near my left side incision. I am in so much pain! Called my dr & they said to rest and take aleve. Easy for them to say...much harder to do. I have a 3 and 5 yr old. My hubby went back to work 2 weeks ago. He works 1-9pm. I am stuck with picking the kids up from school, dinner, baths, homework, and bedtime. My 3 yr old decides to have a tantrum in the middle of the street at the school...so I end up hurting myself more as I am picking him up/dragging him to the sidewalk. I feel like hiding under my covers & sleeping. I'm exhausted, freezing, and feeling sorry for myself. Ok I'm done, I had to vent!
  14. I'm still having pain too. 26 days post op. I'm fine most of the day, but after running around after my kids, dropping off/picking up from school, I my abdomen is aching. I'm scheduled to go back to work Friday, but taking extra week off due to pain.