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  1. As of Monday I can finally say I'm no longer obese by the BMI charts. I'm just - overweight - and boy does that feel great!!! AND - I also lost 5 pounds over thanksgiving. go figure - don't drop an ounce for 6 weeks then 5 over a holiday .. If that's the case... bring on Christmas! Actually - I think it's because I finally got my calories increased .
  2. gaviv - your babies are adorbable!! You are so right about how loving they are!!
  3. Thank you all. I am So enjoying her. I can't wait to get home to see her every day. Spoiled is not the word! She has a pink palace (crate) and matching pink bowls. I have to laugh at myself. Of course she had to have a... Yes.. Pink sweater. She shivered when she went outdoors and then ended up with a cold... Btw.. I had three sons.. There was no pink in my house lol. She has learned to sit, where the treats are, doing fair on house training, and knows all this mom's buttons to push to get what she wants! Not bad for three weeks...
  4. Call her a reward .. or .. an early retirement gift. (no not retiring but decided not to wait) This is my LiL Ami Kate! hope this works (we changed the spelling of her name) She is about 8 weeks old.. weighs about 3 pounds.. and eats about 1/4 cup of high protein food at a time. LOL we have LOTS in common edit: Oh - She's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  5. Dreaming On


    I've heard Bio Oil works wonders. Will use it IF i am lucky enough to have plastics
  6. I am soo looking forward to a DD .. whether by a lift or weight loss. Don't care what they say . 40Js were not fun. but 34 Gs are some better. Now . I was told that each D is like another cup size.. soo a DD would be like an E (if they made them) If that's the case.. I'm only 2 cups away? Good bye Specialty Shops!! My dream though .. would be a C cup! I was that once.. I think I was 16 ? edit : PS If I had my boobs removed.. I'm sure I'd be 10 pounds closer to goal!! lol ok maybe not..
  7. gall bladder surgery was a piece of cake for me. (GBS was not!) Surgery was in the morning.. I was sent home within 12 hours. I was up and shopping for new clothes 3 days later. I was back at work in a week.
  8. and I hiccup! edit : on the other hand hiccups might help keep me awake
  9. add me to this list. I get this with ANYTHING.
  10. lol mine became a 50 pounds too low white lie on my drivers license.. now it's 50 pounds too high .. Not complaining !! And yes this happened to me too
  11. Back when I was in my early 20's my Dad told me "You've nothing left to live for if you don't have your dreams.." That became a big part of my life - So ... I'm - Dreaming On. ! (for losing weight, getting healthy and many other things!) In Memory of My Dad who I lost 4.5 years ago...
  12. ooo frozen.. never thought to try that. Thanks!
  13. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!!