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  1. Kimi33

    Period problems

    So I have PCOS and was taking bc for years to control the craziness. I thought I was going to have surgery in August so I stopped taking them a month before. Well surgery happened in late November. I didn't have a period since stopping bc until last month. It was ok last month. Fast forward to this month. It is a MONSTER! I'm soaking through pads like crazy. Do y'all think I should go to the dr.? I've also been sleeping a lot for about 2 wks. I am not eating and exercising like I should so it could have something to do with it. I just don't know.
  2. Kimi33


    I'm from MS too. Hattiesburg area.
  3. Kimi33

    Oscar Mayer's P3

    I've been wanting to try those since I saw the commercial a couple days ago.
  4. Kimi33

    I can't go on anymore

    Thanks for sharing SweetP. I am better. This is my first day back at work. Little stressful but not too bad. I'm gonna make it.
  5. Kimi33

    I can't go on anymore

    Hey everybody! I'm ok. Could be better but ok. I will see my psych and therapist in the morning. I'm hoping to get a couple more says off through my dr. Thanks for all the support y'all!
  6. Kimi33

    I can't go on anymore

    Thanks everyone for your support. I've just been under so much stress lately and with meds not working right things were overwhelming. This is spring break for me, but it has been anything but relaxing. I probably won't go back to work immediately. I don't think I can keep it together enough to bee with the kids right away. I guess I need to think about me right now.
  7. Kimi33

    I can't go on anymore

    I have an appointment with my psychiatrist Monday. I will be ok. It has just been a hard few days. There'll probably be adjustments to my meds. Sorry. I should be fine. Thanks for your concern. I really appreciate it.
  8. Kimi33

    I can't go on anymore

    Everything around me is falling apart. I am too. I'm so tired. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I'm tired of pretending I'm ok. I need to rest.
  9. Kimi33

    Anxious in Seattle!

    Congrats! Let us know how you're doing when you can.
  10. Kimi33

    All protein powder is not the same

    People come on here to talk about different things. They may have thought it was safe to talk about their reactions to the protein shakes. Heck, I thought it was safe to talk about what you are going through. Now I know. I'm not trying to start any problems but I found this very condescending. If you are new, please stick around. You are welcome to discuss things that are big issues for you.
  11. Kimi33

    valium withdrawal & sugar/food

    I'm scared I may have the same problems. I have been having shivers (tremors) for about 2 months now. I thought it was just one of my meds and was going to stop if my psych said it was ok. Well, she thinks it is a combo of meds; my body is now absorbing it differently. We are going to make some changes. I have had the same med combo for almost 2 years. I'm bipolar and scared I may have some issues. I plan to stay in close contact with my psych and try my best to stay away from foods I shouldn't eat. I have realized that I am not good at a "little" of something. I have to stay away. I hope you are successful!
  12. Kimi33

    Rough Day

    I understand your concerns. I didn't set a goal weight; I want to see how far I can go. I do have little milestones. Being from south MS, I grew up a lot like you did. Food is a big way of showing love. Someone is coming over, you cook for them. You have a family reunion, you cook for it. Someone passed away, you take food to the family. Food is comfort. It is usually fried or high carb/sugar. I am now in a size 16. I think I completely bypassed this size when I was growing up. Go ahead and be happy about your 26. It is much less that where you were. I think I need to take my own advice.
  13. Kimi33

    (Humorous) Downsides to losing weight

    I noticed the knee thing a few months ago. My roommate laughed at me b/c I said they hurt. She said that's the price you pay for being thinner. LOL Yep...I've lost butt too. That doesn't really hurt but it is not the most comfy feeling.
  14. Kimi33

    Fighting the insatiable beast

    I am having a horrible time with head hunger lately. I have given in too many times. Usually, I would eat some peanut butter or fruit, but i know fruit is loaded with sugar. Yesterday, I had my first taste of sandwich bread (teacher luncheon). I couldn't eat it all but I still liked it. Today, I had a mini twix stick. How am I going to react tomorrow when the teacher's lounge will be full of all kind of junk food? BTW: This is teacher appreciation week at my school. Can someone give me some advice here on how to handle this? I'm really getting discouraged. My next appt with my surgeon is Monday. I feel so ashamed that I have only lost 7 lbs this month. Will it help to go back to just drinking shakes? I grasping at straws here. Please help. Thanks Kimi