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  1. Those of you waiting for your surgery, make sure you are ready to make a change. Not following through afterwards can lead to self-hatred and depression.

    1. Happy-Camper


      the psych eval "should" catch that. I think most just want to push pts through, though.

    2. Fat_Statistics_Changing


      Psych evals only catch what one wants them to catch. They are easily walked around, I believe the advice on making sure you're ready is sound advice.

    3. Happy-Camper


      people aren't necessarily honest in the psych eval. It's easy to tell them what they want to hear.

  2. Hi everyone. I guess it's my random check in. Hope everyone is doing great. Me--not too much. I just realized the reason I don't come around much anymore. While I'm happy for all of you, reading about all the successes just reminds me of all my failures. I'll guess I'll see y'all again at some other random time.

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    2. eatingsmoke


      You can do it!! One day at a time. I have surgery in a little over two weeks and I am a little nervous. Praying for you!

    3. tmcgee


      Nobody ever said this was easy, just get back on the wagon. You did this surgery for a very good reason.

    4. Lollypop83


      Kimi you have lost 82lbs in six months! How is that failing?! You are doing so well. So hold your head high and be proud of yourself! We all have bad days, but like everyone said just one day at a time! x

  3. I haven't been active lately. I hope everyone is doing great! After two months of basically failure, I have decided to get back on track. I hope I haven't done any permanent damage. I still need to lose 68#.

    1. Lollypop83


      Nice to see you Kimi ! Good to see you focused on your goal you go for it!

    2. AmyMae


      You can do it!! :)

  4. Well I haven't been here in a while. Things are still kinda dismal. I still haven't reached the one-hundreds even though I've been under 210 for over a month. I hope y'all are doing better than me.

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    2. lisa67


      I have a had a crappy month or so myself. Very depressing.

    3. AmyMae


      Try not to get discouraged, you've come so far. Mine is coming off really slow with lots of stalls. Be proud of what you've accomplished so far!

    4. purplemist


      Sorry your going through this. Ive been stuck within a 5lb range for over 3 months. Not sure what to do.

  5. So I have PCOS and was taking bc for years to control the craziness. I thought I was going to have surgery in August so I stopped taking them a month before. Well surgery happened in late November. I didn't have a period since stopping bc until last month. It was ok last month. Fast forward to this month. It is a MONSTER! I'm soaking through pads like crazy. Do y'all think I should go to the dr.? I've also been sleeping a lot for about 2 wks. I am not eating and exercising like I should so it could have something to do with it. I just don't know.
  6. I haven't been on for a little while. Not doing too great with my eating. In fact, I found myself today eating stuff to make myself sick. I know I need help, but I just don't want to go to my psych.

    1. Daisymae


      why don't you want to go to your psych?

    2. Julie-R


      Hang in there hon. From personal experience. I know how hard it can be. Please try to talk with someone. Both of us need to take care of our self. Hugs <3 Stay strong!

  7. I'm from MS too. Hattiesburg area.
  8. Tomorrow I will being my sugar detox. This is going to be interesting. Anybody know if a good colon cleanse?

    1. tmcgee


      Smooth Move tea.

    2. SRB527


      3 ballerina tea

  9. I'm still trying to figure out life. One day...

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    2. Lollypop83


      You doing great! Just one day at a time Kimi :)

    3. SRB527


      Life is a journey adventure (or day) at a time.

    4. Happy-Camper


      Life is a high-ihwayyyyy, I'm gonna ride it all night long! sorry. you made me do it.

  10. Waiting with mom to go into surgery. They said the procedure won't take long. Bye bye gallbladder.

    1. Kimi33


      That sounds like I'm having surgery. My mom is having the surgery.

  11. Having a panic attack. I'm all shaky and stuff. Also, mom admitted to hospital. Stress making me really want to eat. I don't know if I'm going to make it through this second day of liquids.

    1. Happy-Camper


      hold it together, hon. you got this!

    2. leelah68


      One day at a time and sometimes one minute at a time helps. Just take a breath and remember why you are doing this so you can be a healthier you. And I'll say a little prayer for you and your mom

    3. princessblog


      Saying a little prayer for you Kimi... you and your mom.

      You can do this!

  12. I bought some diabetic friendly yogurt (didn't know it existed until saw it yesterday) and it is disgusting. I ate it anyway. 2nd day of liquid. Really don't want to do this anymore but gonna try to stick it out.

    1. Dani_Detroit


      It'll be over before you know it

    2. tmcgee


      The strawberry isn't bad, blueberry is kinda rough.

    3. sweettea


      2nd day of pre-op or post? I survived 1st day pre-op liquid diet lol

      you can do this girl

  13. I am going to try 2 days of liquid only. I just gained 3 more lbs. I need to get back to restricting the amount of food and my choice of food. I can't fail at this too. :(

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    2. Julie-R


      Hugs Kimi! Maybe it's just water weight hon? I go up same 2-5 pounds constantly. I know it's frustrating. You won't fail sweetheart. Sending ya encouragement!

    3. Spunkycat


      Hang tough. You can do this. Throw out the junk food. Weigh and measure. Drink more water. Hugs your way

    4. tmcgee


      You've got this! Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but it's so worth it!

  14. I was really sick last night; I'm not feeling too great this morning. I don't know if it is a stomach bug or stress. Oh well. I guess I'll make it through.

  15. Kimi33

    Oscar Mayer's P3

    I've been wanting to try those since I saw the commercial a couple days ago.