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  1. you will get every answer under the sun on this forum, but the best advice i can give you is to ask your specific doctor or nut for their expectations of your liquid diet. I was on 2 weeks of clear liquids. Everyone is different.
  2. for those of you that get jeans at old navy... how do you find they run in sizes? and what if I have like... no waist or butt I really like a lot of clothes at old navy... but they don't carry my size in the stores. I hate to ship or really even BUY online anymore since that was my only option pre-op. Desperately need some jeans that fit right. I have 2 pair currently. One from JCPenny that fit great and another from Fashion Bug where their "right fit" change was really right we fit... in 2-3 sizes larger than any other trouser you buy. It was heartbreaking going from 20/22's to having to purchase a 26. But they look and feel wonderful. I just may have to cut the tag out
  3. I'll do a shout out for the bigger of us big girls My original goal for myself was 225, my doctor's goal for me being 165. I have to say that i've been struggling a lot lately, and seem to be staying in the 245- 250 range. I have a truck load of excess skin that doesn't help that situation... but never the less. I'm still happy with my progress. 200 pounds is nothing to sneeze at If I don't make it to my own personal goal and another 25 pounds, it's still the best decision I ever made in my life.
  4. Hey I am having my surgery at the same place and with the same doctor you did. I would be very interested in talking sometime if you wouldn't mind. August 23rd is when I go for labs and nut. consult. I am not sure how to PM, but if you PM me I can send you my address. My wife has some concerns about the hospital but it looked like you said it was good despite being older and not so pretty.

  5. side by side have -always- been the only way i can see the changes in myself. you know, your weight itself may be stalled... but I can honestly say to keep taking the pictures. I haven't lost weight in a while, but I'm still going down in sizes. Everything is shifting even if the scale hasn't moved. Don't be discouraged, you're doing great!
  6. hmmm like a thick neck area where the neck and shoulders meet? Like the picture below? Cause I have that, and it hasn't gone anywhere. It's actually more like muscle tissue than fat though once the fat padding is gone around it
  7. It's changed me quite a bit actually. I'm no longer married and stuck in a relationship I figured I would be in for the rest of my life. I have a loving and wonderful new man in my life that makes me feel like a million bucks. Work, I think it made my confidence boost to where my personality just shines. I moved recently and didn't feel quite so awkward going on those interviews. Socially... it's hard to describe. Even just walking in the grocery store I feel like I always have a little extra pep and a sway in my step. I've gotten whistles while out, which just feels amazing! Especially since I'm still obese lol
  8. just keep in mind that sizes and weights are all relative. The honest truth is, you'll be the only one to judge where you're happy and how you see your own progress. I prefer side by sides every few months and i get to go "oooh my chin is 1 1/2 chins from 2 chins! or wow, look i'm showing collar bones or even some curves (other than those bulges of skin everywhere, those don't count)". But seriously, you're doing great. You're doing everything in your power to make this change and make it work for you. Just be open to the compliments and feel proud of what you've accomplished. The compliments are hard to take, and like most fat girls, you'll just blow them off. But really just take it in and say THANK YOU! I FEEL GREAT! (btw, I'd love to be 205 pounds or a size 14. My own goal is an 18 and I'm currently in a 22/24 from a 38/40. Also a tall one at nearly 6'1)
  9. things are going really well Still struggling to lose this last 30ish pounds I want to lose yet, but still just loving life. Looking pretty fabulous yourself there, Misty! Enjoying married life still?
  10. I know that I don't really come around on TT as much any more. But, I know how much inspiration it was for me to look at member photos, and more so for those in the larger end of morbidly obese. Just thought I'd throw a couple newer pictures up. The full length side by side was about a week or so ago. The face picture about a month ago.
  11. Crie

    Down the Road...

    Pics of various stages through my RNY journey
  12. even if you don't intend to share them with anyone, i do suggest taking pictures monthly at the same intervals for your own personal journey. I used to be so good about that, until a lot of things in life just turned that upside down. i still like to go back and look through the month by month play while I had been taking them.
  13. I couldn't do string cheese at 2 weeks out. I think I took a SF jello when i went out as well as some protein water
  14. heck, what sizes do you have? heh
  15. i also have mine via prescription and give them to myself about every 3 weeks. Mine is/was daaaaangerously low