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  1. Year and a half surgiversary today! I'm still thrilled!

    1. Lori88


      Goes by fast doesn't it!

    2. Simplyfiggy


      You look awesome!!! Congratulations

  2. If you love the flavor, put instant decaf in your chocolate protein shake. Yummy!
  3. I'm banded but just did what was suggested above. I went back to basics and lost what I had gained quickly. I know what you mean about the dreaded 200's. It scared me!! I hope you have recovered from your accident. Good luck to you.
  4. Starbuck's cinnamon dulce sugar-free syrup, yum! They sell it by the bottle. I do both decaf and regular. Also, sometimes Unjury vanilla and sometimes half and half. Always stevia. I'm addiced to my Keurig!! Also just ordered sugar-free peppermint syrup because I love "candy cane" coffee and its only around during the holidays. I'm on my last box of coffee, so the syrup will have to do!!
  5. I agree with WorkinProgress. The surgery is not magic. What we are eating is! A woman I went to high school with just had WLS and her Mother lives across the street from mine. My Mother said the other day, "she is already off all meds! How is that possible?". My response was, she's not eating all that crap anymore!! Seems my Mother has forgotten my journey already. My family has gotten so used to me NOW, its like the old me never existed, but that's a whole other post! I had my surgery Nov 2012. Before that I had been a diabetic for over 20 years. I was on an insulin pump and I di
  6. I am so happy to have LOST this weight! It was sometimes hard and sometimes easy to LOSE. It is thrilling to wear LOOSE clothing. That concludes the proper use and spelling for today, ty.

  7. Kathleen

    Kathleen's journey

    My journey, beginning October 2012. Surgery November 2012.
  8. I made the best protein shake this morning! I received my Unjury protein powders on Monday and I've been trying new recipes with them. I ordered the Sorbet thinking it would be great for summer and I was so correct! Yesterday I filled an ice tray with Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade because I hate the way ice dilutes the flavor in my shakes. Here is what I put in the Ninja this morning.... - 8 oz of raspberry lemonade - 4 to 6 cubes of frozen lemonade - 1/2 a cup of plain greek yogurt - 1 scoop of Unjury Sorbet - 1 T of ss/ff cheesecake pudding powder (to thicken) 160 calorie
  9. Welcome! Dr. Hollis did my surgery as well...loved him! Great staff, surgical team etc. Keep us posted and I will add you.
  10. I'm with Molly it is definitely a problem!! but so much fun! Yes, Triadchick...boots, boots and more boots! I'm embarrassed to say I've purchased a dozen boots and many more high heel shoes! I'm addicted and they thrill me to no end! I'm kinda tall and love to wear really high heels and my husband is 6'5" and we are a site to see when entering any place together! Love it!! I had said many times when I gave a way car loads of clothing that I wanted a small amount of quality clothes to replace them. Um, I went a bit over that statement, lol. Oh, but the first thing I bought was one pair o
  11. I have a lap band also and I just started back on TT this week. I'd be happy for any of you to add me and share my experiences with you all.
  12. I've always bought mine at CVS but will have to look at Target for peppermint! My CVS only carries the regular flavor and I'm really tired of it, ha! I've used it for about a year now and can not live without it!! Just posted about it last night on another thread!
  13. Tried the Magic Bullet while staying with my nephew and didn't care for it. I was used to a big blender container! Now I own a Ninja set that has 2 small containers and blade and a huge pitcher with its own blade. I LOVE it! Double blade does a great job on ice in protein shakes. I think I found mine off of Brad's Deals and don't remember where the deal was from, as far as which store.
  14. I loved tuna salad pre-op and ate it often to lower my blood sugar, but now its no longer appealing. I can eat tuna alone in a green salad sometimes and I eat boiled eggs on their own, but both together taste terrible to me now. The other thing I noticed initially was that every thing tasted too salty. I no longer notice it as much.
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