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  1. THREE Years...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! xoxoxoxo
  2. Lets talk about sizes?

    I am 5'7" and almost 2 years out (this May 1st) I started out at 254 lbs wearing a size 22. At 6 months i was probably in a 10/12 My weight now is between 145-147 and i wear a size 6, and depending on the brand some 4s. Junior size 5/6. Shirt size small. just keep in mind that everyone fills out clothing differently and even if two people are the same weight, they are not likely the same size. i still after all this time, sometimes take my pants out and hold them up and say..."they are never gonna fit" lol
  3. well happy belated!! and thanks for the inspiration comment, that was veryyyy sweet. in a very short period of time, someone is also going to be saying that to you...and u just might get tear in ur eye.... ;-)) good luck and if you ever need to chat or ask a question...i am here! xox

  4. Aw thanks for the lovely pic comment. Seeing someone who's lost all their weight like you is an inspiration!!

  5. Oh yeah! That's right. I'm blonde now.

    gorgeous!! you are pre-op and you look perfect already xox michele
  6. sugar free candy after surgery?

    hey jennifer i eat them every once in a while. but i am 2 yrs out (almost). sweet n low has a bunch of different types of hard candies that are pretty good and low in sugar alcohols as well. when eating SF candy really check the labels. look at the Sugar Alcohols as well. they can effect u the same way regular sugar does. i set a 'rule' for myself at the beginning. nothing over 6g of sugar in a single sitting. now 2 yrs out i do go higher ONCE IN A WHILE. High sugar contents still have a very bad effect on me, so i tend to steer clear of sweets for the most part. xoxo michele
  7. glad to hear all is well with you. the carb monster has gottn to me too, but no weight gain myself either(sometimes i wonder how lol) still sitting at 147ish. life is pretty busy and keeps me going. i took a TT vacation because it got kinda 'hateful and hurtful' around here. i didnt want to get caught up in the drama so i just stayed away. an old friend told me there were some rules of sorts implemented recently, so i popped back in. lol i hope to stick around. i figure, people like you and i, who are 2 yrs out and had a great success with WLS are better off here to help if we can.....xoxoxoxo

  8. All's well on my end...except for them stupid carbs! LOL Haven't lost any more weight...but then again haven't gained either. So that's good, right? Life's been busy, but really good. How have YOU been? Hopefully it's been fun stuff that has taken you away from TT.

  9. hello !!! i havent been around here for such a long time. took a TT vacation lol but i came on and looked you right up. want to see how you are doing and make sure all is well with you....xoxoxo Michele

  10. hey pretty lady....i have been gone from here for a while. got alittle dramatic here and off "topic" but i am gonna hang around for a while lol i am doing good. how are you ????

  11. Hey Moni..Just droppin in to check on ya cutie!! Miss hearin from ya and i hope all is well Take care!!

  12. hi how are you doing. i am doing alot better. drinking some but not like i was. trying to get back into the swing of things. I am 3lbs from my goal weight so thats good.

  13. My paperwork was sent to the insurance company for pre-approval on Jan. 20th. Now, I just wait to hear if I am approved. I read that you recently had your gallbladder removed. I hope you are feeling better now. Is it common for people with GB to have gallbladder problems? If so, I wonder why they don't just remove it at the time of surgery? Also, does having it removed increase your hunger? I am only asking because in your post you wrote that you have been feeling hungry and that it is getting harder to avoid some of the no-no foods. Well, hope to hear from you soon! Thanks and keep on track!

  14. thank you so much for the pic comments....still makes me smile almost 2 yrs out when someone says something so sweet!! where exactly are you on ur GB journey ??? thanks again........michele xox

  15. Aww im sorry babes!! I hope you get better soon. Hell if youre just now gettin hungrt mine mustve been out since birth..I still get hungry girl..a year out and im still wondering when that feeling is going to Sorry about the appetite though Im feelin your pain. Ive been fine huni adjusting to being in the south and trying to keep my loss up. Im getting scared since im a yr out now Ive heard you start to gain back 10-20 eventually. So I wanna have a big cushion just in case. MIss u dear and u take care!