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  1. moniram8

    THREE Years...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! xoxoxoxo
  2. moniram8

    Lets talk about sizes?

    I am 5'7" and almost 2 years out (this May 1st) I started out at 254 lbs wearing a size 22. At 6 months i was probably in a 10/12 My weight now is between 145-147 and i wear a size 6, and depending on the brand some 4s. Junior size 5/6. Shirt size small. just keep in mind that everyone fills out clothing differently and even if two people are the same weight, they are not likely the same size. i still after all this time, sometimes take my pants out and hold them up and say..."they are never gonna fit" lol
  3. moniram8

    Oh yeah! That's right. I'm blonde now.

    gorgeous!! you are pre-op and you look perfect already xox michele
  4. moniram8

    sugar free candy after surgery?

    hey jennifer i eat them every once in a while. but i am 2 yrs out (almost). sweet n low has a bunch of different types of hard candies that are pretty good and low in sugar alcohols as well. when eating SF candy really check the labels. look at the Sugar Alcohols as well. they can effect u the same way regular sugar does. i set a 'rule' for myself at the beginning. nothing over 6g of sugar in a single sitting. now 2 yrs out i do go higher ONCE IN A WHILE. High sugar contents still have a very bad effect on me, so i tend to steer clear of sweets for the most part. xoxo michele
  5. moniram8

    When do you work out?

    i go around 3 in the afternoon when my daughter gets home from school. for me it works #1 because we go together. #2 because it usually deters the mid-afternoon tiredness that i usually get. #3 because it mostly inspires me to make the best dinner choices. who wants to sweat their @*# off for an hour and them come home and eat crap? lol in the past year and a half since my surgery i have tried all types of gym schedules and this one works the best for me... Michele
  6. I am having mine taken out in two weeks. and trust will def know when its your gall bladder. It usually, for me, acts up about an hour after eating anything that triggers it...usually anything high in fat content or greasy. The pain starts under the ribcage and then radiates into my back. it is the worst pain imaginable and it sticks around for quite a while. my worst attack was for 3 solid days. it is hard sometimes to diagnose with bypass patients, from what i understand. we dont neccesarily get stones, but we do get sludge in there. my ultrasound didnt show anything and my surgeon then sent me for a nuclear study called a desida(sp?) scan, which showed a very low function level. if you think it is your GB, ask your surgeon to look into it. it is not something, once it gets worse, that you want to go thru regularly... feel well....Michele
  7. moniram8

    Sherry7's pregnancy blog

    OMG!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! where have i been lol xoxoxooxox
  8. moniram8


    has anyone here heard from Nancy? she posted a message on my page on the 17th, asking for me to get in touch with her, which i tried to, because she said she needed help. She hasnt been around since that day and her message has now made me worry about her. she left a message in a thread that same day that i saw and it makes me worry about her even more... Does anyone keep in touch with her from here, and if so, can u let me know if she is OK???
  9. moniram8

    Showing those gunz 7mos post op!

    well look at you !!!!!!!! you are just a teenie tiny little thing, aint ya.....xoxoxoxo you look incredible, amazing, beautiful, wonderful etc etc has anyone told u that u look like you are 17 yrs old !!
  10. moniram8

    Happy Birthday moniram8!

    aww thanks Kim....i like the way he got like 9 packs of cigarettes lol
  11. moniram8

    Happy Birthday moniram8!

    hey everyone...... I didnt even see this the other day!!! thank youuuuuuu all it was a day i was ignoring....turning 39 isnt easy at all. knocking on 40 is a bit scary to me. It was a fabulous day(even tho it rained non-stop) BF took me into NYC and had an amazing dinner in Little Italy, ate probably alittle more than i should have....but it was a special day.....thank u all again....esp u Laura for doing these Bday wishes for everyone...... luv yas xoxoxox
  12. moniram8

    What is YOUR sentence??

    I danced with a snowman in your bathroom because I'm sexy and I do what I want lolll
  13. moniram8

    No WLS for Me :(

    This is nuts....thats like paying $100 per week for someone to weigh you.. My surgeon has a nutritionist right in his practice.. I went in once a month for 5 months discussed a diet plan, was told to lose 10 lbs before surgery, and was weighed....thats it. It was considered my 6 month supervised diet, and they never even collected a co-pay from me that whole time. So they basically saw me for free for 6 visits. What exactly are u getting for $100 per week? did they explain it to u?
  14. moniram8

    I Did It

    I was waiting to hear from u and see how it all went.....CONGRATS!!!