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  1. You're a strong woman Kim, and have made a lot of progress recently - if the Dr gives you a hard time, level with him, tell him you don't need to be judged and let him know you have lost some of your regain already. Point out that you need his support, not his ridicule.
  2. I have mirena and hardly have periods at all, I had para guard previously and had normal periods that were about the same as they were before. The IUD was the best option for me. edit to add - the mirena has a very low dose of hormones that only interact with your uterine walls, it's nothing like depo, noroplant or the pill.
  3. I had 2 weeks of liquids only pre surgery like Jolls - I followed my Drs orders and am glad I did. They all seem to have different pre- and post op plans. Good luck for both you and your daughter!
  4. I was told to weigh solid proteins like chicken, fish, cheese. almost everything else is a volume measurement - so for me, 8 oz of veggies is one cup and 8 oz of solid protein is 8 oz on a scale. I can only eat 3-4 oz of solid protein at a time. Greek yogurt is a volume measurement too. I weigh nuts.
  5. doesn't sound like hypo to me either - so sorry you had this happen! for me, hypo includes cold sweats, shaking and disorientation - a tablespoon of honey on greek yogurt or a hard candy or 2 will set me right in about 5-10 min but then I need at least an hour sleep. I wake up with hypo sometimes a few hours after going to bed and so I keep hard candy on my bedside table - scared the crap out of me the first few times.
  6. Congrats on your success so far! My hair started falling out around the end of my 4th month out, it continued for several months and my hair got very thin. I took biotin, got all of my protein (60-80 gm per day) and took all my supplements. It still fell out. I didn't cut it short ( I have long hair) but did lop a few inches off the bottom. I started getting a lovely new growth of hair at about 8-9 months and my hair has come back quite nicely - I have been getting compliments on it again for about the past year Good luck!.
  7. All plans are different - mine was limited to 500 cals and 15 carbs Per DAY for the first 3 months post op so chili and protein bars were not something I ate early out. Meat, fish, eggs, nonfat greek yogurt and lowfat cheese were my go-to foods.
  8. I saw this on pintrest and was wondering - thanks for checking it out in your kitchen and reporting the results!! I like medium hard too, lmk when you perfect it.
  9. Yup, this is one of the really hard parts for some of us but worth it. Great reason to focus on protein intake and your supplements - by fall you will have regrowth that will make you very happy.
  10. I often pop a piece of sugar free gum right after I eat (and really want to drink) but regular gum is something I gave up along with soda (I was a diet coke/diet Dr pepper/diet mt dew fiend) Congrats on your loss so far!! Stalls are part of the process as your body catches up to the weight you have lost. You are doing great.