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    Spending as much time as i can with Harmony dream aka lil dreamer who is my beautiful 12yr old angel i hope this surgery is going to help give my life back and enjoy what time i have with her before she gets to old for her mommy :)
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    dr fang
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  1. 9 month out and ive lost a total of 136lbs and i feel AMAZING! yes i slip once in a while and eat the wrong thing but i never punish myself for it i just move on and do better the next time! i am truly blessed with this second chance at life

    1. ItizMe


      Good for you! !! Congratulations

    2. Keepingmyeyesontheprize


      That's great!!! I'm sure it feels fabulous..

  2. almost 5 months out down 94lbs but starting to want to snack :( do i stop that? i'm so frustrated...

    1. BugdocMom


      Almost to the Century Club... way to go!!! Take a look at your carbs and snacks and see if they have been increasing. Increased carbs go hand in hand with increased appetite and lead to increased snacking. You can get on top of it!! Century Club is right around the corner!

    2. DebMcFr


      My first thought before I snack is "Am I really just thirsty?" Then I go to my water/tea/beverage of choice and fill my little pouch up. If it helps me walk away from snacking even 1-2 X a day then its a WIN!

  3. drinking water was very painful for me for the first month than i tried crystal light and oddly enough the pain went away, dont have an answer for why but i'm sure glad it did
  4. i use decaf coffee and sugar free creamer and make my protein shake into an iced coffee, thats the only way i can get it down anymore
  5. I had the same thing happen to me when i ate blackened tilapia it was horrifying! i was at a work Christmas party....
  6. does anyone ever eat tortillas? is it good or bad for the pouch?

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    2. mommytyree


      And not every day. I have this stuff once maybe twice a week.

    3. Shauna.H


      I personally can't digest them...unless they are cooked like a taco shell/really hard!

    4. lildreamersmom
  7. what kind of cold medicine can i take? i have a fever and sour throut i'm about 6 weeks post op i have been told that there are a lot of meds i can't take but i need to know what i can take

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    2. jules74


      You CAN take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for your fever and pain.

    3. mommytyree


      I take sudafed and use Afrin nasal spray for a cold

    4. lildreamersmom


      thanks everyone you all were very helpful... can't seem to shake this miserable cold but at least it's a little better...

  8. Thanks everybody ive been doing good lately about my lil meltdowns and the head hunger isnt as bad as it was before but i still CRAVE pepsi lol
  9. So it has been VERY hard for me to get my fluids in, it doesnt matter if i drink it cold or room temp it still is uncomfortable and i can't manage to get half of my required water intake down 4 days ago i recently descovered ice it is WONDERFUL i eat cups of it everyday and i am totally satisfied plus it REALLY helps the craving of wanting to eat something crunchy
  10. Been feeling AWESOME getting my walking in everyday and my protein a lil slow on the water intake buuut i'm trying, 2 nights ago my daughter her father and i spent the evening together (which is rare) my lil dreamer wanted mcdonalds i was feeling great so i said what the heck!... BIG mistake the min i walked in i knew it was a mistake i did my best to hold it in while i ordered her food but once we sat down with me and my water and them with their YUMMY looking food i broke down i felt HORRIBLE i was NOT hungry but my head hunger was killing me all i wanted to do was eat her fries and i knew i couldn't i felt soooo bad cause my daughter and her dad had no idea what was going on i was too embarrased to tell them and ruin their dinner, i'm trying so hard to live a NORMAL life without expecting anyone else to change their habits i knew this was going to be hard but it truly hit me just how hard that night i couldnt stop crying they both thought something was hurting me inside from the surgery it took an hour for me to actually tell them what was wrong but after that i felt fine again that was a lesson learned I'M SOOOO NOT READY FOR RESTAURANTS OR FAST FOOD PLACES AT THIS TIME!..... lol
  11. I'm still on the full liquid diet and i will tell you that cream of wheat and cream of chicken soup are my best friends and i'm satisfied with that and once in a while i'll have 3 bites of sugar free pudding if i am truly wanting something different. I still enjoy the sugar free popcicles a lot i can't do jello since i had to eat it a lot 2 weeks before my surgery i seriously can't stand the texure of it anymore, also i focus on the protein shakes more that anything, i'm not even sure if i am "eating" enough since i'm never hungry i only eat maybe 4 bites of the cream of wheat and soup at each sitting so i know at least i'm getting my nutrients thru my shakes ...... enjoy your journey and good luck!!!
  12. Thanks everyone, im just trying to take it one day at a time....
  13. You look beautiful! keep up the good work
  14. Thank you for that information my surgeon didnt mention that either and i have also taken advil FOREVER for my headaches, i'm going to have to look into taking something else now