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  1. Thanks ladies! I appreciate it
  2. I don't do much shopping on amazon, how do you know when its a warehouse deal? Does it just state it in the ad?
  3. Im looking to start really lifting weights and getting some size. Bringing this thread back to life. I'd like to start meal prepping for the week. Did you just use meat proteins and vegetables. Or did you use any other kinds of foods?
  4. A few days ago I had my 2 year anniversary of having WLS. I've lost nearly 300 lbs and have kept it off. The first pic was a few days before surgery. The second pic on the left was one year and the one on the right was taken today. Thanks for looking!
  5. Kyle314

    Passport photo

    Until I got a new drivers license the only time I had trouble was at a casino one time. It took about 15 minutes before they would let me in. lol
  6. Kyle314

    Passport photo

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to mexico. I have a passport but it was from when I was big. Has anyone had complications with TSA or whoever not believing that you are who you say you are. lol
  7. We haven't had a heart to heart. But we were at lunch the other day and asked me some questions about surgery. Also i forgot to add the has plantar fasciitis so it's hard for her to work out.
  8. She is going to talk to the same doctor that did my surgery, and she is 48 and 5'10. Her only really health issue that i know about is that she is pre diabetic.
  9. yea I've mentioned the sleeve since there aren't as many rules from what I remember.
  10. So my mom told me the other day she's thinking about getting WLS. I'm a little apprehensive about her getting the surgery. I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but I think I made it look easier then it is. And I don't know if my mom will follow the rules like you're supposed to. She's probably about 70lbs over weight. I'd hate for her to go through with the surgery and something happen to her A. From the surgery or B. From her not following the rules. Thanks for letting me vent. lol
  11. Kyle314


    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I told my gf you don't understand since you've never been overweight. I also like that I can see my knuckles on my hands. lol
  12. Kyle314


    Is anyone else fascinated by veins that start to show once you lose weight. My gf thinks I'm crazy because I'm always looking at the veins in my hands and arms. Not to be confused with obsessing over them. lol
  13. I started at 530 and im at 240. Goal weight is 215-220 i wouldn't doubt i have at least 10lbs of extra skin. Luckily it doesn't look too bad. So I'm pretty close to goal weight. I don't think my excess skin is too bad where i need surgery yet.
  14. You're spot on aviator. I'm around the 10 min mark, I can't wait to get to at least 3 mile. Even though my legs are a little sore at the moment. lol
  15. Thanks, I do feel great! I ran a mile for the first time yesterday in I don't know how many years. I was pretty proud of myself. I decided that I'd like to train and eventually run a 5K.