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  1. sassy37

    Hi Again

    Hi Steph yes I worked with the band well ! I know of some that just cheated the band and of course your going to fail eh ! Thanks for the lovely comment but add 50 pounds on to those pics anyway I know when Im sorted I will get them off . It just makes me feel so angry knowing how hard I worked and now a gain after 8 years .... Nice to meet you x
  2. Every surgery has risk's and let's face it if Morbidly obese people just continue we will die of our co-mobilities and life is painful and miserable when you are so big ! Back pain , leg and joint pain , breathlessness , heart failure , diabetes , The list is endless ... When I had my surgery I was 37 and my body was failing me and after I lost all my weight I became so much healthier ! Now Im 45 and having gained 50 pounds recently due to band complication .. I SURE FEEL IT especially on my legs and knees and short of breath .. So my advise is When your a teen early 20's you dont feel it so bad but boy as we get older being obese plays havoc with our health and well being ... So if your young and your reading this .. DONT WAIT ! until your so big and so ill .. My only regret I NEVER HAD WLS SOONER !
  3. sassy37

    Hi Again

    Awwwwwwwwwwww C how the devil are you luv ? wondered If you were still on here and BANG here you are GREAT ! I'm Ok C ... life has not been too easy last 2 years ... lost my dad and other bits but hey ho we have to try and carry on eh ! How are you keeping luv ? x
  4. sassy37

    Hi Again

    Hi Wendy it really depend's when they go in and see whats gone on , I guess if it's a mess in there (erosion etc ) they may have to by pass me .. We shall see hun ! I did do well with the band as alot dont ! but any WLS is not easy despite what some think eh x
  5. sassy37

    Hi Again

    I did Juls plus that 50 pounds now so easy to gain eh and so hard to get off ! How are you doing then ? you in Sunderland ? who is your surgeon ? and hospital ?
  6. sassy37

    hi new here and very scared

    Hi when I did my first pre op diet had to be fat free so I used slim fast and got over a stone and half off in a month on slim fast also you can buy protein milk and shakes at asda too .... Try and do a fluid diet to kick them last 6 stubborn pounds off and go out walking If you can x
  7. sassy37

    Hi Again

    Hi everyone ! Im based in England and was a regular member pre and post gastric banding ! I was banded in 2008 and done very well loosing nearly 9 stone thats 126 pounds ! Now here I am 8 years on with a broken band and gained nearly 50 pounds so even years post op problems can occur ! So Ive just come back for some support and get re-focused for my new operation in March 2016 . They think its a leak as I have had numerous fills lately and the restriction just goes after an hour or so .... I met and made lots of friends on TT and decided this was the best place for me to return plus I have lots of experience with the band If I can help any others ... I have attached some before /afters but like I said Ive gained nearly 50 pounds and Im totally gutted and disgusted in myself .... I WILL LOOSE THIS AGAIN ! JUST NEED TO RE-FOCUS !
  8. sassy37

    Hi everyone :)

    Thanks guys ! Just want to say in the last few months The change in your aviatar pics are utterly AMAZING ! well done all of you .. Yes most people have said a gain of 7 pounds after all we have been through is nothing ! But A GAINS A GAIN huh ... I will get them off .. Im dertermined ... Ive never gained in This journey and Im damn sure Im going to start now at nearly 3 years post op ... Anyway thanks for the replies and good to see u all are doing so grand .. Have a lovely weekend x
  9. sassy37

    Hi everyone :)

    Thought Id pop on and Say hi and hope this finds you all well ! Have not been on in a few months .. I didnt like The change when The site got a re-vamp ... But certainly miss most of you ! and miss hearing about your Journey's ... Ive gained 7 pounds and was totally gutted and ashamed of myself My largest gain since being post op ! So this week I returned to weigh in and work out classes to get back on track ! As most of you know In Feb my daughters Daddy passed away suddenly so The last few months have been quite tough indeed .. 'Being mum and dad and no support or back up .. But we will get there ... My daughter continues to do very well and is still a balanced child Thank goodness ! I had a few mails from TT members saying they missed me ... So I only thought It was right to pop in and say Hi and Miss you all too , Hope all your journeys are going well ... Much love The Sas x
  10. sassy37

    Life is so cruel why ?

    Again Thank you all so much for your support , care and wise words ! They really do mean so much to me and help me keep the strength to keep fighting . Its been hard ... I really do feel like Im the person picking the pieces up after a major tornado and putting a child back together sure isnt easy Abby is having good and bad day as expected ! she was really angry at me last night ... again to be expected and It hurts but Im her rock , her bouncing board and I knew I was going to get all the stages of grief thrown at me .. Poor kid sobbed and wailed last night all I could do was hold her tight , give her reassurance , cuddles , kisses and tell her we will get through this and Mum is here for you to make it easier ... Medicine wont take this hurt and pain away .. its gona be time we all known that ! It sucks majorly .... and I wish I could fast forward a year ! But we need to get through every day to heal .... Im still scared , Im alone parent now ... Abbys dad was a great support with love , care and finance ... I guess its true : you dont know what you have till its GONE ! I know millions of parents do it alone but I never have and it sure is a scary prospect ! I know Im strong , and I will do it .. But my this has really gutted me ! Today has been ok , I do feel really down from time to time but I carnt in front of Abby .. although I cried when I had her in my arms last night ... who wouldnt seeing your child so devastated ... I even sometimes wish Abby and Andy wasnt as close as they were , as she wouldnt be hurting and it wouldnt be such a huge loss in her little life ! But then I re-think and Im Thankful they had 10 years filled with love , closeness and fun ... Abby continues to thrive at school and for all she is going through she was determined to raise some money for Red nose day its a charity day in England to help children living in poverty in England and Africa , What an amazing and thoughtful child I have ! so her best friend and her baked cakes and cookies and sold them to family , friends , neighbours and my clients and they raised £100 ... The local paper is coming out to take their picture and do an article on them . Im back at work also and child care is an issue now so I can only work every other Saturday now instead of every , So financially this is a big loss for us with my work and my child support ! Again I count my blessings .. My lovely step father (pops) will never see us struggle , I would never take him for granted but I know he is there just incase . Our lives have been turned upside down and inside out but there is ALWAYS someone worse off huh ! I try to remain positive ... Thats the way I am but I struggle at times ... Good comes out of evil my dear late mum always said .. So I wait in anticipation ... With love and thanks to u all , I hope your all doing well on your journeys .. My wls journey has took a back seat to be honest although Im eating better now .... Best Regards Sara x
  11. sassy37

    Life is so cruel why ?

    My emotions seem more stable .. I can see a little light at The end of my tunnel ! I refuse to be a broken woman again in this life of mine ! Been there and I flatly 'REFUSE' to go back .. I can do this ! I will get sad and struggle from day to day but Im gona get My girl through this ....... I feel like the person cleaning up the aftermath of a tornado ! with a whirl of emotions left behind ranging from sadness , hurt , anger , regret , weakness , fear its all buzzing around my head ... but not as severe as it was so Im progressing right ? Abby continues to cope well back at school and sleeping in her own bed for the second night .. What a trooper ! love that kido soooo much ! She will start her councilling at school tomorrow which Im sure will be beneficial , she talks of Andy constantly and thats fine too .. we laugh , we cry but the most important thing of all : WE HAVE EACH OTHER ! I need a rock too and my lovely irish fella continues to be there ! Im very lucky and this blow has come at a time in my life where I happen to be very stable .. funny huh ! With thanks and love to u all ... I find it easy writing my feelings on here and better out than in they say !
  12. sassy37

    Panic/Anxiety - its a sickness

    Everyone has their troubles hey ! Some a little harsh than others I guess ! Its all about how we get up and dust ourselves down and continue forward that really matters .. With a little help from our family , friends and The special people in our lives always makes it a little easier . I can see a little light now at the end of my tunnel .. I hope u do too sweety ..... x
  13. sassy37

    Panic/Anxiety - its a sickness

    Dear Rhonda as you know Im not very active on the forum atm , Just havent got it in me Just now but was browsing and seen this thread and could not ignore ! Your an amazing woman whom I respect highly and you have always been there for me ! I just wanted to say Im sorry your feeling this way Im hoping you get some help and they prescibe you something to assist you through this awful time . Your not just an amazing lady on here ! I know your an amazing wife , mum and grandmother etc and your family NEED you ! I had some of those probs when I suffered post natal depression and I wouldnt want to go back there in a million years ! I just wanted you to know Im here for u too and I hope things get better for you my lovely ... No way should you have to live like this ! No wise words here ! Just a simple THINKING OF YOU BABE ! XX plz keep us updated Rhonda xx Much love and respect Rhonda from England .. shame we are not closer would love a coffee and natter with you x
  14. sassy37

    Life is so cruel why ?

    I read ALL your lovely replies , words and support and you wont believe how much they all mean to me and spur me on to continue forward ! Yes Teri your right its still very surreal but I continue in trying to get back some normality back in our lives for Abbys sake ! Cinwa Im glad Im coming across as strong in my posts , Sometimes I feel as weak as a kitten but I know Im built for better things ! And I can handle this ... After all its just another mine field I need to steadily get through . Ive took a fair few blows in my life .. who hasnt ? but this is far the worst .... I carnt get my head around it still I think of fathers day , easter , birthdays and Christmas and Just daily life ! Andy never deserved this ! Theres millions of parents out there .. not just fathers .. some mothers are crap too ! That dont give a damn about their children Nothing seems to happen to them huh ..... Anyway Im glad Im not in that catergory and I continue to be Abbys rock and protector .. I guess Im her mum & dad combined now so I have no other option than to swim .. sinking isnt an option here ... Again I Thank you all so much and Im lucky to have such great friends not just on TT but in RL .. My pops whom is 80 this year feels very gulity indeed , he feels it should of been him .. he has seen his family grow up etc but like I said ... When its 'our time ' its our time ... simples huh ... I have great family , friends , my fella and THE BEST GIRL IN THE WORLD ! I have so much to be grateful for and as My dear late mum always said : THERES ALWAYS SOMEONE WORSE OFF THAN YOURSELF ! Its a bit like the saying I cried because I had 'no shoes ' Then I walked passed a man with ' NO FEET' !!!!!!!!! We have our health , a nice home , a car , a job , clothes , warmth , food , comfort and LOADS A LOVE AROUND US ... Its true IN LIFE YOU CARNT HAVE EVERYTHING !!!!! Our loss is heaven gain ! Im sure Andy will be up there looking over us and steering me in the right direction and ALWAYS looking out for his princess ! Ive always tried to be pleasant , respectful and supportive on this forum and its paid off .. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ! The support you have all given me is second to none .... Much love and Thanks once again Sara x P.s have attached the most recent pic of Abby & I taken at my 40th party The night before her daddy passed x
  15. sassy37

    Life is so cruel why ?

    Thanks Stacy for your kind words and No we dont have anything like that here in England ! The only thing I get is child benefit which everyone gets whom has a child and its around £70 per month ! And I work so not entitled to any other help ! x