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  1. Hi Again

    Hi Steph yes I worked with the band well ! I know of some that just cheated the band and of course your going to fail eh ! Thanks for the lovely comment but add 50 pounds on to those pics anyway I know when Im sorted I will get them off . It just makes me feel so angry knowing how hard I worked and now a gain after 8 years .... Nice to meet you x
  2. Every surgery has risk's and let's face it if Morbidly obese people just continue we will die of our co-mobilities and life is painful and miserable when you are so big ! Back pain , leg and joint pain , breathlessness , heart failure , diabetes , The list is endless ... When I had my surgery I was 37 and my body was failing me and after I lost all my weight I became so much healthier ! Now Im 45 and having gained 50 pounds recently due to band complication .. I SURE FEEL IT especially on my legs and knees and short of breath .. So my advise is When your a teen early 20's you dont feel it so bad but boy as we get older being obese plays havoc with our health and well being ... So if your young and your reading this .. DONT WAIT ! until your so big and so ill .. My only regret I NEVER HAD WLS SOONER !
  3. Hi Again

    Awwwwwwwwwwww C how the devil are you luv ? wondered If you were still on here and BANG here you are GREAT ! I'm Ok C ... life has not been too easy last 2 years ... lost my dad and other bits but hey ho we have to try and carry on eh ! How are you keeping luv ? x
  4. Hi Again

    Hi Wendy it really depend's when they go in and see whats gone on , I guess if it's a mess in there (erosion etc ) they may have to by pass me .. We shall see hun ! I did do well with the band as alot dont ! but any WLS is not easy despite what some think eh x
  5. Hi Again

    I did Juls plus that 50 pounds now so easy to gain eh and so hard to get off ! How are you doing then ? you in Sunderland ? who is your surgeon ? and hospital ?
  6. hi new here and very scared

    Hi when I did my first pre op diet had to be fat free so I used slim fast and got over a stone and half off in a month on slim fast also you can buy protein milk and shakes at asda too .... Try and do a fluid diet to kick them last 6 stubborn pounds off and go out walking If you can x
  7. Hi Again

    Hi everyone ! Im based in England and was a regular member pre and post gastric banding ! I was banded in 2008 and done very well loosing nearly 9 stone thats 126 pounds ! Now here I am 8 years on with a broken band and gained nearly 50 pounds so even years post op problems can occur ! So Ive just come back for some support and get re-focused for my new operation in March 2016 . They think its a leak as I have had numerous fills lately and the restriction just goes after an hour or so .... I met and made lots of friends on TT and decided this was the best place for me to return plus I have lots of experience with the band If I can help any others ... I have attached some before /afters but like I said Ive gained nearly 50 pounds and Im totally gutted and disgusted in myself .... I WILL LOOSE THIS AGAIN ! JUST NEED TO RE-FOCUS !
  8. Hi everyone :)

    Thanks guys ! Just want to say in the last few months The change in your aviatar pics are utterly AMAZING ! well done all of you .. Yes most people have said a gain of 7 pounds after all we have been through is nothing ! But A GAINS A GAIN huh ... I will get them off .. Im dertermined ... Ive never gained in This journey and Im damn sure Im going to start now at nearly 3 years post op ... Anyway thanks for the replies and good to see u all are doing so grand .. Have a lovely weekend x
  9. Hi everyone :)

    Thought Id pop on and Say hi and hope this finds you all well ! Have not been on in a few months .. I didnt like The change when The site got a re-vamp ... But certainly miss most of you ! and miss hearing about your Journey's ... Ive gained 7 pounds and was totally gutted and ashamed of myself My largest gain since being post op ! So this week I returned to weigh in and work out classes to get back on track ! As most of you know In Feb my daughters Daddy passed away suddenly so The last few months have been quite tough indeed .. 'Being mum and dad and no support or back up .. But we will get there ... My daughter continues to do very well and is still a balanced child Thank goodness ! I had a few mails from TT members saying they missed me ... So I only thought It was right to pop in and say Hi and Miss you all too , Hope all your journeys are going well ... Much love The Sas x
  10. still missing you!

  11. My computer has been dead for awhile I hope you are feeling a little better every day! :) Keep your head held high!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that you haven't been forgotten here and we look forward to when you feel better and can join us again!! You've been an inspiration to many, including myself!

  13. Im coming back soon ! x

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    2. swizzly


      I've really been missing your posts. I also hope you and your daughter are doing okay.

    3. Tigergal71


      Thinking about you girlie!!! I hope everything is okay!!! We miss your beautiful face around here :)

    4. Pookie89


      Haven't been on in a while but was so pleasantly surprised to see you back on here. Hope you and your daughter are doing ok. You are such an inspiration and I know many more than just me or pleased to see you on these boards again :)