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  1. Diet Do's and Dont's

    I am almost 7 years out and have maintained most of my weight loss but have found a few pounds creeping back....I am now seeing a psychologist who specializes in WLS patients and found the 5 Day Pouch Test on this website. I am so grateful that I just took the time to look on this site and find some encouragement, help and HOPE. I don't want to backslide and now that I know others are struggling, I feel a lot better...please to start the 5 Day Pouch Test very soon and as the little engine said "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can". Does anyone out there have any input as to whether the support groups help someone so far out from surgery. What I do know is that since my procedure was done in the infancy of WLS, I don't there was enough information, help and knowledge as there is now. I would do the procedure in a New York minute. I live in California and my procedure was done by the wonderful Dr. Callery. Please...any thoughts, input, encouragement. Open RNY 1/7/2002 Highest 320 lbs Current 203 But I want it to be back under 170...I know I can do it. Love to all
  2. Hi Everybody

    You would likely have to consume about 1000-1200 calories to maintain your current weight. That's about what the Weight Watchers program allows and I'm doing great...actually losing. But...if you think about it...that is not really a lot of food and one would really have to plan their snacks in order to not overeat. After surgery, I was one of the lucky ones...I had virtually no pain post op, had only one episode of dumping when I was about a week out and ate a piece of broccoli that was too big. I was actually recovered and back to work in 3.5 weeks. Also...good or bad...probably bad..I don't have violent reactions to sugar unless I eat like a whole piece of cake...but if I do it one bite at a time...over several hours...then no problem....eventually, I have still eaten a whole piece and that was the problem. Honestly, if you just listen to your body and not your mind/ will have no problems...Girlfriend....even with a 12 pound weight gain...I am still way better off - my highest weight was 320 and believe me...this is way better....I just have to learn to live in this new body and as this new person....a friend here at work and I both agree...we look in the mirror and see the same person...the fat one...I always look at the place on my body that I think is the worst. I think accepting one's self is the hardest journey of all. I just keep remembering the first time I tried on a pair of size 12 slacks and was able to zip them up...I was jumping up and down in the dressing room shouting whopeeeee! You hang in there...I have to sound like the sweetest person and I just bet you are. Have a great day. Hugs, Donna
  3. Hi Everybody

    I simply thought I could have an occasional snack. I only gained about about 12 pounds but I was so darn mad at myself...mind you, my brother died in November 2003 and it was a huge loss for me and I really think that's when the problems started. I kind of expected to gain a little bit back...the law of physics says that...if you are consuming 500-700 calories and then bump up to like 1000, more than likely your body will respond and hold on to a few of those pounds it liked so much...but I am back on track now. My advice, use your pouch and when you are full...even if you want to eat more....just stop and don't snack....a cookie here, a little piece of chocolate there and viola....somehow the pounds creep back.. But, it was a good lesson to learn and one I needed to learn GOod luck and hope to hear from many of you. I'm 3 years out and would do the surgery again in a New York minute.
  4. Hi Everybody

    I'm Donna and am three years out. I lost a whole person and have never been happier. It's like a new life which is cool especially for one that is alrady 60 years old. I wonder if any of you have experienced a slight weight gain after reaching your lowest weight. I did but joined Weight Watchers and am now almost back where I want to be...pretty dumb to have such a drastic procedure only to gain back a few pounds...but it just proves that we "can't be trusted" - hee hee! Love to hear from any and all of those of you who are newbies...hang in's worth everything. Hugs to all