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  1. sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I get my medicare next month finally. I am now in the process of searching for drs in my area.

  2. Sorry I didnt reply. I am frustrated now because; I have to look for a new pcp now, nine is leaving the practice. I will calm down now because I am not going to let me down.

  3. South Georgia

    Where do you live in North Ga
  4. South Georgia

    I had RNY surgery Jan 24 2008 and have not had the first problem. Yes ther was quite a bit. I would do it again. Best decision I ever made. I was 268 before surgery and am 205 now. So I guess I am doing good. The most important thing I found is take it slow, don't rush into eating. Stay on your liquid diet especially the first week, I was put on clear liquids the first week and full liquids the second, and that is just what I did. I think a lot of people try to got to fast and that is why they have problems, Everytime I try something new I only have a little at first and then wait and see how it sets, if it doesn't feel just right I don't eat anymore and go to something else. Like I tried to drink isopure protien water when I got home, but one sip gave me that sick feeling so I did not try it again till I was six weeks out, the same thing happened, so I tried it again last week and It was ok. For me it is just too sweet tasting and anything that tastes sweet does not sit well with me, and I like that. So if you are going to have this surgery just be prepared to follow the plan and not to rush it. Be sure you are willing to take your vitamins and protien and do what is necessary to keep you from developing other serious problems. Bernadette
  5. Be advised that the CDC has issued an advisory related to nutritional supplements that have resulted in selenium poisoning. :eek:Go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to read more about the recall of products by Total Body Essential Nutrition, Inc.
  6. 10 Commandments of WLS

    Love it thanks
  7. South Georgia

    I have the same problem, sometimes I don't chew chew chew, I hate that feeling so I drink some water (which I know you shouldn't) but it helps. I hope that gets better with time. I don't do it tooo often. I have not gotten sick yet, thank God. I have trouble with beef more than chicken. No trouble with veggies. I am just now able to tolerate the little tubie protien, but I still have to talk myself into it, great and convient way to get most of your protien in at one time in just three ozs, but it is so sweet tasting. Never liked anything sweet to drink. I bought a case before surgery, as well as, two cases of isopure water (42 grams protien) still have most of it, glad it does not go bad. I also use the protien powder and add unjury non flavored so there is about 48 grams in one drink. It helps to get most of my protien in one dose so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day...
  8. South Georgia

    I was lucky I stayed pretty constant on the coumidin, I guess because I eat the same all the time. I do love eating my dark vegetables without having to think if I ate too much. Are you brusing alot?
  9. stupid doctors office

    Relax, you are not doing yourself any good stressing out over this. I have also had a similar problem and it was taken care of without too much of a hassel. Above all you have to take care of yourself, stressing out will not help the problem it will only make more problems to deal with. Your health is the most important thing to concentrate on right now... Be kool, don't worry be happy as the song goes....
  10. South Georgia

    how are you doing, anything new
  11. South Georgia

    Do you have a time frame for getting off the coumidin... I asked my doctor about getting off or I would still be on it... I hated the bruising and the blood tests. You have done so well, keep up the good work...
  12. South Georgia

    Sorry to here about your blood clot, I got one in my right leg after I fell and broke both arms and landed up in the hospitol for a month. I was lucky it did not travel, they put in a filter in my lower adomen. I was on cumidin for almost a year, but have been off it for about six months without any problems thank God. I did not like being on cumidin at all, as I know you will understand. You are doing great how much do you have to lose?
  13. South Georgia

    When did you have your operation, thats great. I am trying hard to catch up to you. I have lost 50+ and have 79 more to go. Doesn't it feel great. So much better on the knees and back...I live in Ellijay and sometimes make it down to Dr 'Smiths groups in Marietta. It is a great group. I had my surgery at Atlanta Medical.
  14. Thank you Bernadette. I do hope you will find the relief you so deserve from your impending surgery. Keep us posted on how you are getting on! Thanks for the praise - always great to receive! Cheers, Vim

  15. Little bunny foofoo

    So cute, was that your Easter outfit. You have done really great, must feel wonderful. I have lost over 50 lbs since Jan 24 and boy do my knees notice. Bernadette