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  1. 160 Pounds down!

    Dreaming on funny you mention my ankles I'm constantly looking at them. Every summer for as long as I could remember my feet were like little footballs and my ankles tree stumps. ... I just love them lol. . Thanks
  2. Why choose the sleeve?

    Well here I am 9 months out from the sleeve, they changed it to that just before I went into the operating room at first I was upset all my research was on the bypass... But all that changed.... I have lost 160 pounds in 9 months and that is after many stalls even.. Best decision my the Drs ever no regret. Before this I had the worst reflux now never.. Good luck on your choice
  3. 160 Pounds down!

    I forget to mention in 9 months :-) I'm in another stall so I need to remind myself I have accomplished alot..
  4. 160 Pounds down!

    Does this work
  5. 160 Pounds down!

    Your compliments mean the world to me.. Thank you.. And words can't describe how great I feel.. Here is the before pic..
  6. 160 Pounds down!

    This is me now... I will post a before pic soon.. Changed PCs so I need to scan one....
  7. Well let me start off by saying that this surgery not only saved my life and has given me a second chance it has given me the excitement of what my life still has to offer. Obviously there is a lot of things that nobody here knows what I have been through in this life but that makes me no different then many people. We have all had hardships life struggles and having finally making myself a priority and taking care of myself has given me so much more then I ever thought possible. Not that this has been an easy 7 months, actually the first 4 felt like a breeze for me it's in the last 3 I have found it more of a struggle with realizing life does resume as normal and there are many things that can happen to lead me right back to old patterns.. So it's a daily work in progress. I have tried to train my brain lol into thinking this is not a diet but a major lifestyle change. I am proud of myself most days and the days I feel down I have good friends and family to pick me back up and nothing makes me more grateful including the people on this site always ready to lend an "ear" lol and advice... I am very happy I have found this site so to all of you thank you. That being said, well I have about a 100 pounds to go, I am skeptical I can do it... But if I want it badly enough I can... And well I will. I try not to focus on the saggy skin, and about how much longer it will take. I'm going to take it day by day and hope for the best. Cause that's the best we can do. It's our choice ladies and gentleman So here's to me and all of you for continued success......... :)
  8. How is this Possible?

    Seems everyone goes through these stalls.... Don't worry it will start again.
  9. Ode to DIET COKE

    Mine was real coke 7 months not a drop...
  10. Ok Stall-monster...

    My stalls go as long as 6 weeks and that is enough to really depress me ugh
  11. What is happening

    Dees thank you so much... I actually never stopped exercising I go about 4-5 times a week and the days I don't go to the gym I try and at least get a walk in.... It's the old night time hmmmmm what am I going to eat.. I started getting those 100 cal snack packs.. Bad idea can't keep them in the house... I need have to get back on track.. I appreciate your response immensely... Farmington right to the point.... Your awesome as always... Today is a new day.. So far so good...
  12. 378 lbs to 260lbs - 6months post-op!

    Way to go beautiful
  13. It's been extremely rough these last few weeks and I feel I am slipping back into depression. I was doing amazing I was focused and not having any cravings. Even having a tiny treat every now and then I was very satisfied. Then a man from the past breezed through my life for a week and when he left it's been all downhill since. I can't seem to control my urges. Even though I don't have anything overly fattening here a piece of cheese and then another and another is just as bad. Like whatever I can get my hands on to satisfy myself. I'm full almost all of the time but at the same time I feel as though more fits in my sleeve. Another thing sorry guys tmi but I haven't ever had Aunt Flo on a regular basis for a long time well the last time was about 3 years ago, could this have cause my insatiable hunger as Aunt Flo showed up yesterday. I've lost almodt 140 pounds in the last 5 months and I have worked my butt off. How could I just let it go like that. Words any all would be very very grateful. xox
  14. New Haircut!

    Very nice
  15. Well I am just a little over 4 months out and things are still going incredibly well, I have learned to cook leaner, I can now walk about 2 miles at a time, before surgery I could barely get from A to B the pain was terrible, my moods got very dark. I already feel like a new person. My only wish is that I had been able to have done this sooner but I believe this was the right time for me. Will power was never a strong point for me in any aspect of my life. All that being said I had been continuing trying on the same clothes and they are way too big and put off getting them out of my closet thinking "what" if I gain the weight?? Well last night I said to myself NEVER am I going back there... EVER!!!!! So it started I have so far filled 3 huge bags of clothes to get rid of, they are still in my apartment and getting closer to the front door lol... I will do it!!!