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  1. If I were in your shoes, I would give your insurance company a call and see what they tell you. I don't have experience with Tufts, but I was able to have plastic surgery covered 100% on my legs, tummy, and arms. I'm approved for a breast lift too, but I don't have enough tissue left. I would have to have a small implant to go along with that procedure and that part would be out of pocket. best of luck to you, Kimber~
  2. Aviator, dear. You totally made me giggle-snort. Loved it! hugs! Kimber~
  3. Holy crow! bat-man! I leave TT for a bit, and jeez o petes! look at you lady, WOW! I'm in shock! well done, you. Cheers' Kimber~
  4. Hubbah-hubbah.. Brown chicken brown cow.. wow!
  5. hey, Jason! You're looking wonderful as always! You should be very proud of yourself. cheers' Kimber~
  6. I had them done Oct '10, I had a lot of skin removed, the transformation was massive, and huge amounts of fluid.
  7. Just so you are aware, I had drains for 2 weeks after my plastic surgeries. You may not want to rush it with just a week. And with having drains, no shower till 48 hours of no drains, those were my doctors orders. It sucked. cheers' Kimber~
  8. Shelly, You look flipping amazing! I'm in awe at how wonderful you look. Job well did! Kim~
  9. I do miss you Kimber!

  10. Hi. I haven't talked to you in a couple of years. I lost 200lbs since then and I am loving life. By the way, you are a stunningly beautiful woman. Thanks so much for helping me in the first few days after my surgery. You were so kind. Again, thank you. :-)

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