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  1. Ok so i'm curious....10 months since my surgery...and I can say this last 10 months has had it's ups and downs...mostly ups!! I'm loving life and all i've accomplished and all that my future holds! i'm down 95 lbs!! I want to know how you celebrated your one year or goal weights...or any suggestion on how i should? I want to do something fun for my one year with all my friends and family that have been my support this last year! Any suggestions!!??
  2. i'll be 3 months next week...i'm down 56...we are all doing great!!!
  3. I am taking my vitamins everyday I go back the 20th I haven't had any labs taken yet
  4. I'm three months post op down 51 lbs. I've been doing well this entire time with everything. Been an easy journey so far. But last week i started getting really tired. I have no energy what so ever. It's a struggle getting through the day at work. My nights i can barely keep my eyes opened after 8oclock...which is not like me. I'm getting a full 8 to 9 sometimes 10 hours a night if i fall asleep on the couch....i'm eating all my protein and getting all my liquids in. my exercise is 30 mins of cardio 5 times a week and it was so easy at first and now i struggle with finding the energy. I'm not depressed i'm still doing things like always just can't seem to find the energy to do them with the zest i usually have. Any suggestion?? Anyone had this happen to them??
  5. I had surgery on 12/17/12 and i have yet to have one...i'm always a little irregular and i'm not complaining about not having it...it's actually been nice!
  6. Thanks everyone! i don't feel so crazy knowing most everyone experiences this.
  7. I was 5 weeks post op yesterday. I have been doing well with my eating and exercise. No issues with the surgery at all so far. I even conquered my first stall...the scale is moving again...but this last week i have been so emotional i'm not sure why...i cry all the time...i know i was an emotional eater i went to therapy for that and have been doing well....it's just hit me all of a sudden i'm sad and cry for no reason i feel like....anyone else like this?? I'm debating on seeing my therapist again or if this will just pass on its on...any advice>??
  8. I started at the gym last week. Treadmills and elliptical mainly...i'm only 4 weeks post op so i'm getting my heart rate up but i don't feel i'm over doing the exercise thing. I usually do 30 mins on the elliptical or a 3 mile walk on the treadmill....i usually feel better when i work out...but the last 5 workouts i get a bad headache after i work out...anyone else experience this and any suggestions?? I'm not dehydrated i'm keeping up well with my fluid intake...i do have high blood pressure but it's being monitored and been good since surgery. Thanks for any help!
  9. Hey guys! I'm 3.5 weeks post op and doing very well. My only complaint is drinking water. I can not drink plain water it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I've tried different brands i've tried it at different temperatures. It makes my mouth water and just seems nasty. I can drink water with crystal light and different drink flavors. Anyone else have this problem?? kind of annoying i like water but not anymore. Thanks!!
  10. I had my surgery on 12/17. i hit my first stall at 12/31 and finally today 1/9 i lost 1.1 lbs....I'm so glad to see the scale moving again. it's very frustrating!! I hope to drop some more in the upcoming week. Good LUck!!!!
  11. I finally got my date!! Dec 17th is the day. I will get to enjoy my thanksgiving meal and start my pre surgery diet on Dec 3! I'm so excited and scared at the same time! I have only shared my decision with very few people in my life...do you guys find its obvious to people you haven't told or do they just think you re eating and exercising? I for now just am not comfortable telling anyone besides a few family members and close friends.
  12. Hey guys and gals- I have just completed my 6 month prerequisite for my insurance company. October 22 was my last appointment. So happy and so excited and ready for my approval. how long did it take for you drs office to submit to your insurance company?? I called last week and left a vm for the insurance coordinator asking this question and making sure she had everything she needed and i never got a call back. I called yesterday to my insurance company and they still haven't received any documentation. I called my dr office again and did speak to someone who said they would let the insurance coordinator know. I feel like i am getting the runaround and not sure what to do next. Is this the anxiety and impatient aspect of this process or do i have the right to be upset? Thank you guys!! LA