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  1. I've gained 25 pound back and still cold! I live in Arizona where it's 115 on many days and I'm still cold
  2. You can ask your bariatric surgeon about it
  3. I'm coming up 9 months sober and about ready to graduate from a Step-Study....I'm many, many years out....life stuff happens and it's so very easy to turn to drinking as a balm. Particularly in a society where bingeing and having a few drinks is considered ok. Celebrate Recovery is the support group I attend each week. It's a Christ Centered program aimed at getting to the bottom of our issues. It's about getting real with the hurts, hang-ups, and habits we form as a result of living in a fallen word. Acknowledging the problem as a problem is the first step. I was in denial thinking I could control the drinking. Now, I realize, I simply can't do it any longer. It's not worth the risks. The rest of the steps help provide a structure to live a life with freedom and peace and to not let ourselves get in the way.
  4. The tool still works; it's our habits that needs breaking and recreating new ways of eating and managing stress. I'm over 15 years now; lowest weight is about 120-125# when I'm sick, 155# when I was in graduate school; generally hover 130-135#. I stick to a modified ketogenic lifestyle and keep portions small. Very easy to snack your way back up as our bodies have a wonderful way of "bypassing the bypass" as I call it. Our bodies will adjust to eating larger portions and tolerate foods again over time.
  5. Hello! The format has changed here. I'm 15 years out since May 2004! I'm doing fantastic. Here's a photo of my husband at a friend's wedding
  6. Being healthy and having the freedom to be whoever you choose!
  7. I was on the standard low carb, low fat, high protein diet for years with little issues with low glucose (occasional dumping} About 8 years post-op, I started to get sick every morning, with no change in my eating. I had to take time off from work. It went on for two years before my PCP figured it out. Another side effect of RNY is "reactive hypoglycemia"...a 4 hour glucose tolerance test will tell you more.The home glucose test wouldn't catch the lows in time and keep saying I was in normal range. I drop to a glucose of 27 at the 2 hour post 70gram glucose drink! Eating a glucose tab just sets up the cycle all over again, with another real low in 2 hours. 4 years ago, I switched to ketogenic diet and have very little symptoms since.
  8. I've stuck around since this was a Yahoo group, some 14 years ago. I got to goal weight (135 at the time) in 8 months, kept losing and a few months later, to 120. Lowest was 114, too skinny for me! Overtime, life got busy and I was back up to 155. Now, I hang out around 125-130. My waist is so tiny, it's hard to find clothes to fit. Who thought it would be hard to find clothes when you're at a healthy weight????
  9. People will make comments no matter what. First, it was, "You're too fat, stopping eating THAT. No wonder you're so fat with the way you stuff yourself". Then it was, you're too skinny, you're looking sickly, oh, the complications. Why don't you eat more?" The average American woman is now a size 12-16....we have no concept of what a "healthy weight/ht" looks like. It's been 13 years....people have forgotten I had RNY surgery and want to keep feeding me foods that I am not able to tolerate. I smile and just move on. Life is to short to worry what others may think, even if they love me.
  10. I'm a nurse and I manage 2 charities in my "free" time
  11. I simply don't like the taste and texture of Halo and other low carb ice creams. I make my own now, using coconut milk. At 13.5 years out, I'm on a ketogenic diet. Early post op, the usual low carb, low fat, high protein.
  12. I'm one of the original Yahoo groups members. When ThinnerTimes got started, we found fun ways to identify ourselves.
  13. Blood vessel didn't stay intact and bled out....it wasn't until I tried to get out of bed (in post op) and acting all confused that the nurse noted I soaked the bed in blood. Over to ED and 4 units of blood, emergency surgery to tie off the bleeders.
  14. Large incisions commonly dehisce. The skin has lost its collagen and elasticity and the tension of sutures are hard to maintain. My surgeon used glue and a few area still opened up, particularly in area where a hematoma or seroma develops. I nearly died during my plastic surgery; a few nasty scars were the least of my concerns. It was 3-4 months of healing, and skin generally doesn't get to 90% of it's prior strength for up to 2 years. You can't see my scars now; I tattooed them over
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