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  1. We had a bbq the third of June for all our friends and relatives to celebrate, and it was a ton of work but awesome fun. Unfortunately I made way too much food and bought stuff I had no business eating, so I've been fighting demons I thought were long gone. This is not helped by all the people who have suddenly turned from supporters to enablers. Add to this cataract surgery with complications that leaves me unable to exercise or even bend over, and the food demons I thought I had stayed have returned. call it Karma, because I had been through periods of thinking people sometimes just weren't trying hard enough. -- now I know it's Really not just not trying, it's much more complicated than that. i say to you all, I'm sorry if I ever made light of your struggles, because at 4 years out I'm definitely having some of my own, and it's not pretty
  2. the las vegas trip was awesome, complete with stretch limo and elvis giving me away. id never been to las vegas and while much more crowded, but i quickly adjusted. Went to see Circ de Solei and Blue Man group, both with seats so close that i probably would have died if id known what they cost - but they were Alans treat for me. did really well with my eating - i had a few treats at the Bellagio buffet, but at those prices and it Was my honeymoon.... we averaged 20,000 steps a day according to alans vivo fit, so i didnt gain anything. still have my reception/bbq planned for june - was insane and made all the invitations myself. went from no paper crafts to invitations with embossing, inlaid pages and extensive cutting, punching, gluing! the joke is i could probably have hired a personal calligrapher and it would have cost less -- but it was a blast to do. now we will see if i end up with a roasted whole hog and no guests, but think of how much protien that would be. sorry about the long "all about me" post but youguys have been like family so long i wanted to share!
  3. It's been ages since I've been around but thought I'd share my news. After Alan & I have lived together for 22 years, we are getting married on Saturday. Never thought I'd actually get married, but decided with! April Fool's Day seemed like the perfect time! Hope you all are well, last Saturday we started a new landscaping project and needless to say I now have a hernia, but it's not stopping my celebration!
  4. there is a video on youtube regarding a massage you cant useon your abdomin that does wonders for me. i developped issues after months of pain killers. there are several that address this
  5. i didnt develop lactose problems till 2 years out - now any milk products kill me. i use a tofu substitute for sour cream. i haven't had real milk in 4 years.
  6. Most of you here probably don't know me. I had rny in Feb 2013 at around 300. Life has a way of taking over, and sometimes we find ourselves gaining a pound here or there. At my lowest, 130, I was just out of 2 weeks of intensive care and 4 weeks of rehab hospital in May 2014. I had very little hair because of the stress. In 12 months I gained 12 pounds and felt good at that weight. Since then i have had 4 operations for hernia, blocked bowel, twisted secum. I have chronic pain from adhesions and as of 1/2016 I was up to 167. Luckily, I have found a doctor that has been helping with the pain and the weight. Today i'm 154. I plan to be down to 140 by June or July. At 130, with all the extra skin still present after 45 years of obesity, I looked like a skeleton with bags of excess flesh. After almost literally dying from complications from the tummy tuck/ panniculectomy there is no more plastic surgery in my future. I'm posting this to say that life is not a straight line, we all have our ups and downs... The key is to never give up. BTW, before surgery I walked with a cane or Walker. Last week I regrouted, stained and sealed the grout in our 4x7 shower, and I made a replacement waterproof canvas canopy for a 10x10 permanent gazebo (ever try to cut 16 yards of canvas into pie shaped pieces, sew them then topstitch with a conventional sewing machine. Next week I will receive from eBay 200 rooted cuttings of ground cover to plant where the shade is too dense for grass to grow. I am 61 years old and nothing stops me from doing what I truly want to do. Don't let it stop you.
  7. i have had issues with adhesions resulting in blockages, emergency surgeries and chronic pain. i recently had a full body xray to track how long it takes for fluids to flow through my system. the surgeon told me im just one of those people that develops more adhesions thsn others, and any more surgery - unless its absolutely necessary would just create more adhesions and make the situation worse.
  8. sorry, but Any vodka is TOO MUCH VODKA. Most of us here could and have raved about the "injustice" You have a choice -- either bite the bullet and give up alcohol and "plates full of" fill in the blank.... OR accept the fact you are not going to lose the weight you want to. I,personally, would love a skinny margarita or two, or a piece of pizza. The facts are facts -- I have Either and i gain weight. is it "fair"? THERES NO SUCH THING AS FAIR in losing weight.
  9. i still cannot drink a lot at one time. i was never into large quantities and find it hard. to this day to get all my water in. i drink a lot of propel or fruit2o
  10. Well, now I'm really confused -- if you drink so little, why on EARTH would you bother to lie at all..... Each to their own.
  11. Celebrate food not tasting good. Once you get further out that changes and then the real process begins. Use this time to break old habits - good luck!
  12. Surgery often results in addition transfer. In your case, they may be worried that your drinking could get out of control. As to lying to the doctors, I'm sorry but that's just stupid. The person that pays for that in the end is You. You trust them with your life - don't handicap the process by starting out on the wrong foot
  13. You need to be at a stable weight, not necessarily "goal". I had my surgery above my goal. The one thing you Don't want to do is have surgery and then gain - that's throwing money away.
  14. greer, i havent been around in a while with my own issues, but I'm very sorry to hear you are in such pain and up for surgery! you have to be your own advocate these days - its just standard for them to try to blow you off. im going to start having acupuncture tomorrow for my chronic pain. Good luck with the surgery, im thinking of you! mj
  15. not to be unkind, but if you only have 47# to lose, you are not going to lose at the same rate someone who has 100+ pounds to lose. stay away from the scale and get in water and protein.
  16. i weight once every two weeks or so - daily weighing in not an obsession i need. Daily weighing is way too close to compulsive "door lock checking" and "did i close the garage door" You just don't burn that many calories getting on and off the scale.
  17. whey protein isolate. has very little, if any, lactose. othet forms of whey contain more. i have a problem with. lactose but whey isolates do not bother me . read the lsbels!
  18. wow, that is a fast progression on food - id have been in agony eating that early out. all they gave me in the hospital was ice chips. i normally tell people to follow their surgeon's plan, but since apparently you didnt get one, ill tell you to slow down a bit and listen to your body. i threw up eggs for 2 months,and cannot eat chicken to this day unless its been brined before cooking. trust me, you don't want to have the "im having a heart attack" symptoms of eating something your body isnt ready for! read the forum and you will get some great advice - check the gastric bypass forum for older posts - seems like the sleeve surgeries are growing in popularity, and their guidelines dont always Fit the RNY people. good luck!
  19. ive become extremely lactose intolerant to the point im in bloated agony from the tiniest amount of milk product. examine everything you've eaten -- we seemto get a lot more sensitive after surgery.
  20. At the end my first week I weighed mire than I did before surgery. Its par for the course. Stay off the scales for a couple of weeks. You'll be happy you did.
  21. Ok, I went to gnc and got 3 - these things are Not to my taste. I love all things pumpkin but only sheer laziness has kept me from returning them. Of course, cookie dough and double choc chunk are about the only ones I do like - but I would definitely urge people to buy one and try it before buying more!
  22. i had swelling to one degree or another for 4months or so. unfortunately I've recently developed lactose intolerance to the point i swell up like a balloon from the most unsuspecting things.
  23. it took me months to swallow more than small sips - at 3 days out from major surgery you need to do the best you can. the first week for me was a complete blur of pain, no sleep and upchuck. it gets better!
  24. I, personally, have had maybe 5 margaritas this summer, the first since before my surgery in 2013. i havent noticed any difference in how they effected me, but 1 at a time, on 5 occasions hardly qualifies me as an authority. Just like anything else, I believe it has more to do with the individual than the surgery.
  25. time to bump this backt to the top - we have to remember that if it was Easy to eat whatever we want and lose weight, we wouldnt have had surgery.
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