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  1. It took me a while to get through this whole thread but I found it enlightening, happy, sad, depressing, exciting... I am in the same boat as a lot of you. I am a single mom and never really dated before. Now I'm really dating for the first time, I'm dating as a single mom which obviously complicates things, and dating 7 months post-op. It's been interesting all around. As if dating isn't hard enough, add in those 3 factors! Thank you ALL for your stories and input! It's been helpful and insightful!
  2. Suggestions for protein drinks

    Big Train Fit Frappe. Mocha (has caffeine!!!), vanilla, and chocolate. All delicious!!!
  3. New here looking for a surgery buddy in MA

    I'm in Southern NH. I am 5 months post-op. I had the RNY. Let me know if I can answer any questions!
  4. I AM IN ONE-DERLAND!!!!!!!

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    2. mimster9


      Update them stats lady! Thats one to be proud of for sure!

    3. nanny is thinner now
    4. Petri2821


      Good call Mimster! DONE!

      Thank you thank you thank you! It's definitely an accomplishment since my appetite has started coming back and I'm noticing I can eat more and more these days.

  5. WonderSlim TRY ME Assortment Box REVIEW:

    To be honest, other than avoiding refined carbs I don't track/count carbs. I wish I was blessed with your dumping syndrome! Maybe I should start. ..!
  6. WonderSlim TRY ME Assortment Box REVIEW:

    I love your reviews! Thank you! My current favorite is Big Train Fit Frappe in mocha flavor. It's sooooo good!
  7. Model My Diet

    She looks just like you!
  8. Anyone in Maine?

    I'm living in Maryland but moving up to NH. That's not quite Maine. ..But close! I did grow up in Maine. Does that count?!
  9. New Year, New Me

    I haven't posted a blog in quite some time. I've h had a LOT going on. I've decided I'm moving back home to New England, I've gone to the ER for dehydration, I've broken up with my fiance and father of my daughter, been in a mini-stall, been on vacation for a week (first one since surgery). And who knows what else! All things considered I think I'm doing pretty darn well! First, I was getting headaches every morning and they'd return at bed time. I knew it was dehydration but I was so nauseas that I just couldn't get the fluids in. As it got worse I want eating or drinking AND I was throwing up. I landed in the ER. It made me realize how we really have to advocate for ourselves. I had to explain to everyone that I'd had the surgery and I was having trouble getting everything in, blah blah blah. I had to ask over and over again for an IV. Then they offered to brng me juice. I politely declined citing the sugar in the juice. So she returns with a popsicle. I asked if it was NSA and she looked at me like I was crazy. She then returned with ice water. I didn't tell her that ice cold drinks are hard on the new pouch, I made it work. 5 hours, a Percocet, and a bag of fluids later I headed out feeling frustrated that everyone isn't educated on WLS but also proud of myself for being my best advocate. I'm still not getting all of the fluids I should but I'm trying like hell and feeling much better and mostly headache-free. The day after my ER visit I went up to New England to visit family. It was my first vacation or real time anywhere other than home since my surgery nearly 3 months ago. It was tough getting my family to understand my dietary needs and requirements and getting them to understand that 3 oz of protein stuffs me. And that I'm perfectly satisfied drinking my protein shake every morning. And even more difficult explaining over and over again why I can't have a beer or a glass of wine. .. Not even one. .. even if I'm not driving. I didn't make 100% perfect food choices... But I was smart about my cheats. I was craving fish and chips so badly! But instead I ordered shepherds pie and ate more of the filling than the potatoes and my pouch and I both loved it. At a family party my brother brought a BIG chocolate raspberry cake. .. my favorite! I took 1 goods bite (a small bite but a bite with cake, ganache, and filling) and I felt pretty good. It looked and smelled amazing but I didn't feel like I was missing out! I went to school for baking and pastry. I love sweets and desserts. All things sweet! My daughter turns 3 in a couple of days and, of course, I'm in charge of the cake. For both parties! This will be my first time baking anything since surgery so I'm a bit nervous because cooking/baking require tasting. I know small tastes won't kill me but I'm nervous about the sugars. I'm not sure if I dump off sugars or not but I *am* sure I don't want to know! My weight loss center wants me to be at 210 or 215ish by my 3 month surgiversary in order to stay on track. I'm 231 now. I'm a bit frustrated to be in this mini-stall and I think part of it is that I'm having trouble getting all of my protein and fluids in. Admitting the problem is the first step? Lol. I recognize it and despite 230 having its grips on me I'm still proud of myself and my journey si far. I hit the 50# mark a couple of weeks ago. So my goal for the remainder of this week and next week is to focus on getting in more protein and more water. I know the rest will fall into place. I am so excited for my 210-215 goal because pre-pregnancy that was my 'normal' weight. After thst...ONDERLAND then CENTURY CLUB!!!! Happy New Year TT family! Thank you for your support, knowledge, and advice. I genuinely appreciate you!
  10. Why did I do this to myself?

    Sammie, my heart is breaking for you. I have had a rough week too (split with my fiance/the father of my daughter). If you need to talk you can message me on here or we can chat on the phone or you can text me. Please know that you're not alone and you will get through this. I don't think we're given anything in life that we can't handle. A DUI isn't ideal but it certainly isn't the end of the world. Keep your chin up.
  11. Congratulations... It's a HIP!

    Sounds like my experience when I had WLS! What a mess, sorry you had to go through all of that. I hope you find what works for you (and your pouch).
  12. Feeling like this was all for nothing

    This is so, so normal. I had the same freakout! I am 7 weeks post-op, I've lost 20 lbs. I, too, was discouraged by others' weightlosses. Everyone loses at different rates. Especially the people who start off much bigger than you. You should focus on how your clothes are fitting, how much your energy is increasing, etc. I was weighing myself daily. Farmington told me to weigh once a week...and he's right! Once I started focusing on my water and protein intake (I don't eat ANYTHING until my protein goal has been hit!) my weightloss took off. I've been hitting 4 pound weight losses each week. I know everyone says this on here, but it's took years to put the weight on, be patient getting it back off!
  13. Where in Costco???? I keep hearing of all these finds and I never see them!! Which section is it? I just ordered 2 tubs @ $45 each. Not that I'm complaining because I LOVE them but hey, if I can find them cheaper...!
  14. I've never really been the type to gain weight around the holidays but I've also never been the type to LOSE! And this year I lost! I seem to be averaging 3-4 pounds a week and when I weighed in on Tuesday (which is my weigh in day) I not only lost the 4 pounds, I am now down 40 POUNDS!!! I've gone from a size 24/26 jeans down to a 20. I have energy for days! My back and hips aren't killing me anymore (hips still hurt a little but are MUCH better). I have 30 pounds to lose until I am back down to my 'old' weight. Back in my 'skinny' days I was a size 16 and hung at 205-215 pounds. Even if I didn't lose a single pound more I'd be thrilled with where I am. Of course I do want to lose more...! I am headed back up North mid-December to see family so I anticipate being down another 15-ish pounds. Not quite where I wanted to be but I'm still super proud of myself. In fact, the other day I fit into some old jeans I have and I was bouncing around work and thought "can't nothin' get me down!!" (this was the day before Thanksgiving when I got to work at 5 am and worked until 6 or 7 pm....) no joke, as I was thinking that I walked into something and got a big ol' bruise on my hip hahaha! But really... 243 pounds. Down from 283. No one can tell me that's short of amazing! This first 40 is inspiring me to keep pushing and making the right choices. 1/3 down, 2/3 to go! Hopefully the next 2/3 goes as quickly as this 1/3 has.
  15. ::tsk tsk::!! Get the Big Train stuff. It's AMAZING! I feel like a spokesperson haha. I rdered it off of Amazon and got free shipping. I LIKED protein shakes before (I used the Premier brand and added in Starbucks VIA brew) now I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* my protein shakes. They are like a treat, no joke. I even had a non-surgery friend try it and she loved it too. I give my daughter sips...she's 3...she loves it. I'm telling you, it's worth it!!! They're a little expensive BUT it's cheaper than Starbucks! Plus, you shouldn't be having carbonation!!