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  1. 1 - Sitting on the subway for my 45m commute hurts my now less padded butt. lol 2 - Sleep apnea and snoring gone (I guess I sort of expected this, but its still great) 3 - For a while I became really emotional, seems to have passed now. I've heard it's from burning fat releasing hormones.
  2. I actually tried a drink last night for the first time since surgery (about 6 months out). I had a martini and had no issues. I did notice it hit me a bit quicker/stronger, but it also seemed to wear off quicker as well. I'm going to vegas in 2 weeks with friends and I figured there was no way I could not drink a drop in vegas, so I better test it out.
  3. I only ever nursed 1 drink before surgery anyway, and haven't tried since.. but I think I'm going to. I'm heading to Vegas with some good friends (and big drinkers) in 2 weeks and the idea of not having a drop of alcohol while there seems impossible. I think I'll try a drink this weekend in the comfort (and safety) of my home to see how I react. I'm thinking something pretty plain with vodka, or maybe a glass of dry wine.
  4. That's all. Just felt like bragging. I looked at the scale this morning and honestly couldn't reconcile in my head that it could be right. I can't remember the last time I've seen such a low number on the scale, but it was probably high school or earlier.
  5. I drank an insane amount of diet coke and coffee before surgery.. I gave them both up cold turkey for surgery. Honestly if I could give up caffeine anyone can. I'm talking probably 2-3 liters of soda a day, plus however much coffee (usually 2-3 16 oz cups). The good news is, the caffeine ban isn't permanent (although the soda one is) and as of last week my nut gave me the ok for regular coffee (in moderation) again. The first cup was so sweet.
  6. Interesting to hear some of you having apples so soon. I'm 4.5mo post and fruits are still off limits for me.
  7. I was thinking about this just the other day.. Nobody ever set an official goal for me other than myself, and my self goal setting wasn't really very scientific.. It was pretty much what I felt like I'd feel good at if I got there.
  8. I wouldn't worry so soon after surgery, but if it continues after the first couple of weeks I would def. check with your doctor. I had a bad bout of the runs about a month after surgery and it turned out I was very ill.
  9. I definitely forget, or maybe more accurate is to say just don't bother, to eat. I found out Friday that it is very NOT good. I typically never eat breakfast before leaving the house.. On Friday I passed out on my way to work and ended up in the emergency room. Diagnosis : eat breakfast!!! (I'm fine now other than a sore knee :s)
  10. I crushed and/or took liquids for about 4 months until I decided it was getting absurd.. Been taking pills for weeks now no problem.
  11. I went back after 2 weeks, but I have a desk job. I would probably have taken much longer if my job was more physical or needed me to be on my feet all day.
  12. I am waaaayyyy better now. Actually going back to see the surgeon Monday for a follow up. No complaints to report when I get there.
  13. You can read my full story here : http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/80163-worst-month-of-my-life-thankfully-over/ I had RNY in November, no gallbladder removal for same reasons you say.. A month later I was dying. My gallbladder had produced stones and sludge which went to my pancreas causing pancreatitis. Not only did I think I was dying but it seemed like a good option at the time. Finally gallbladder out about a month ago and have been making a nice recovery since.
  14. Thanks everyone for the responses.. I'm so glad to hear this is common. I feel a lot less silly now.