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  1. My husband had is out July 24, went back to work July 29th. He did amazing! He has not had gastric bypass (yet), but my gbs surgeon did it. Love Dr. Vallina!!
  2. I feel you! I am struggling too. I find I need to kick myself in the butt and get back on track. I too haven't gained, but not loosing, but I do exercise. But definately, cannot tolerate anywhere near what I could eat before. Good luck!
  3. I put my protein powder in milk, 1 scoop ti about 1 cup of skim. Mixes better with a wisk or those shaker cups. Not sure how you would do it if you don't use milk/creamers.
  4. The scale can be stubborn at times! I too am a slave to that awful machine! But, you already mentioned some good things- focus on those and one day you will be like, holy moly!
  5. Same thing happened to me, about the same time out. I saw my dr and went for physical therapy. My thought was the changing distribution of my body, also everything sagging lol (just had breast reduction 2 weeks ago, sooooo happy!). Started working out more to help strengthen my back, shoulder muscles. It took a few months to get over it. Good luck!
  6. It's the worst!!! Alot of protein bars make me dump- even with the lower sugars, but unfortunately, low sugar = high sugar alcohols on those. Watch out for granola not in bar form. Bear naked fit makes a good one that is low in sugar. Good luck!
  7. Yoplait 100 cal greek yogurt has the least amount of sugars than even the new chobani 100. They also have a tropical one and now a strawberry cheesecake and apple pie that are really good! Usually target has them.
  8. Wow, 14 months out and can fit in VS! Now a 36- pre-op was 46-48!!! And, bought a nightshirt and light sweatshirt in large, and could have fit in a medium!!!!
  9. Make sure you are chewing it up really goid, small bites. I still use my little forks & spoons as i find i sometimes take bigger bites. I know i vomited between 3-6 months and then it stopped. So not sure if its just the healing process or not. Chicken was always a bit harder for me too. Good luck!
  10. I have the eating well after wt loss and love it! It has all phases/type of surgery and even the non wt loss portions and instructions. I also buy unflavored protein powder- hard to find at gnc or the vitamin shoppe, and when i cook or bake throw in a scoop ( mostly baking) but i have made my own pasta with it added as well as cakes or cookies- adding the protein powder, splenda blend, soy flour (that kind of has a spunky taste, so just use a little), and applesauce in place of oil- been doing that a while. I get a sweet tooth now and then, and processed foods have wsy to much sugar and fat! Plus, the family loves it too! Have fun with it!
  11. It sucks! They cover viagra, but not abdominoplasty or breast lifts after weight loss surgery! Check fine print for insurance. And... I was big busted before- still am, but lost alot of breast mass- so now i don't qualify for reduction- due to nothing to reduce, and now thats about $7k. Despite major back pain!! Grrrrr
  12. My only regret is not doing it earlier! There have been bumps in my journey, but that's how you learn! Since she has never struggled with her weight, she has no idea what you are going through! Just follow your plan, and you will be the happy cheerful person! Good luck!!!!
  13. I does get better! We have all been through this. In my nutritional support group when i first started the journey, a man said think of it as divorcing food. And he is right! There will be ups and downs, tears of joy and sorrow. We have made a huge (no pun intended) life change, and our emotions are out of whack. Congrats on your new life!!!!
  14. Omg! I thought i was going to die! I couldn't drive ( which i do alot for work), couldn't sleep! I have had neck surgery and low back pain, but this was all thoracic, went to my dr and did go through some physical therapy. It helped alot! Now i still get twinges. I was about 75# down when it started. My suggestion, go see your pcp and go for some physical therapy!
  15. Definately need to be seen asap! Call your dr!