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  1. Vegetarian 5DPT - Or something like that..

    Thanks Res Ipsa and JulieW. Glad I could put this out there. I'm sure there are many vegetarians out there looking for their version of 5DPT. After all it is about the reset button right. I'm happy about the 1 kg weight loss. Hopefully, i'll get to my goal weight. 1 kg at a time.. Cheers Mads
  2. Hi everyone, Disclaimer : I am in no way propagating this idea, or saying this is THE way to do it, Simply stating my experience is all. And sorry for the loooong post. I was hunting for the vegetarian version of the 5DPT (I eat eggs and dairy - so i guess I am an ovo-lactarian, or something like that) and while there were bits and pieces everywhere, I couldn't find a consolidated plan for vegetarians. But I had to do it anyway. I was 3 years post op (sleeve) and had gone off track. I needed to feel in control of my pouch and start losing again. My starting weight was 127 kg, came down to 85kg and now gained another 7 kg. My goal weight was 75 kg. Needless to say I had a long way to go. Two things I did before I did the 5DPT, I joined the gym and started logging my food on My fitness pal. Also, I read in many places that you can't have 4-6 meals, you are supposed to restrict the snacking concept. But for someone like me, who had been consistently eating 4-6 meals, the first step was the replace those with healthy. If i felt hungry, i didnt want to rush to the fridge and grab something unhealthy. So i drank , ONLY when I felt hungry. Plus, many websites talk about no veggies / fruits during the 5 dpt. For a vegetarian, it is quite tough. We are used to the crunch and the bite. So instead of depriving my body without veggies / fruit, I tried to minimize it. It was my choice. You can feel free to disagree. Day 1 : 9 am : Bariatric Fusion Protein Shake (2 scoops) with Slim Milk - 287 calories. 11:30 : Buttermilk (Yoghurt blended with water) - 98 calories. 1 pm : Rasam (an indian lentil soup) - 1 cup - 50 calories 4 pm : Sweet corn soup - 1/2 cup - 40 calories 6 pm : Banana milkshake - slim milk and 1 banana - 200 calories. 9 pm : Bariatric Fusion Protein Shake (2 scoops) with Slim Milk - 287 calories. Total Calories : 962 calories Note for Day 1 : Some people on some forums complained of headaches etc. I didnt have any. I made sure I drank only the limited quantity and I was good. I didnt work out on this day. I was kind of tired. I didnt feel the tightness of my pouch or anything of that sort. Day 2 : 9 am : Bariatric Fusion Protein Shake (2 scoops) with Slim Milk - 287 calories. 11:30 : Rasam (an indian lentil soup) - 1 cup - 50 calories 1 pm : Moong Dal ( Lentil Soup ) - 1 cup - 150 calories 4 pm : Watermelon Juice - 1 cup - 142 calories 8 pm : Dried Fruit (Pistachios, Nuts, Cashews) milkshake - slim milk - 400 calories. Total Calories : 1029 calories. Note for Day 2 : I did have a slight headache on this day. Not sure why. I didnt work out on this say either. On the pouch front, I did feel like my body was telling me to stop when it was full. I could read clear signs from it. Something I had ignored before or was too busy eating to hear. So when it said, i listened. Day 3 : 9 am : 2 egg white scrambled + black beans cooked and mashed + 1 tbsp mozarella cheese - 126 calories 11:30 : Homemade yoghurt - 100 g - 58 calories 1 pm : 4 egg white boiled + mashed black beans + 1 tbsp mozarella cheese - 253 calories 4 pm : Mashed boiled peanuts - 1/2 cup - 400 calories (not sure this is a good idea) 8 pm : Homemade yoghurt - 100 g - 58 calories Total calories : 895 calories. Note for Day 3 : I was a tad bored with all the eggs. I couldn't find my low fat cottage cheese at the store. So ended up eating 6 eggs this day. The peanuts was a bad idea. I felt a tad overfull. No exercise today either. Day 4 : 7 am : Green tea - 1 calorie 9 am : Bariatric Fusion Protein Shake (2 scoops) with Slim Milk - 287 calories. 11:30 : Homemade yoghurt - 100 g - 58 calories 1 pm : 2 Egg white omelette with sauteed Vegetables + Multigrain Bread 1/2 slice - 380 calories 8 pm : Tofu sauteed with onions and bell pepper - 1 cup - 230 calories. Total calories: 955 calories Exercise : 30 minutes of brisk walking and 60 minutes of power yoga. Note for Day 4 : My pouch was talking to me. Hell it was singing to me.. It was a really good feeling to know that I hadnt gone too far. there was hope for me. Loved today. Felt in control of my pouch and my life. Day 5 : 7 am : Green tea - 1 calorie 9 am : Bariatric Fusion Protein Shake (2 scoops) with Slim Milk - 287 calories. 11:30 : Guava fruit - 100 g - 136 calories 1 pm : Brown rice (4 tbspn) + Dal Tadka (4 tbsp) + Chole - Chickpeas (1/2 cup) - 272 calories 4 pm : Homemade yoghurt - 100 g - 60 calories. 8 pm : Tofu sauteed with onions and bell pepper - 1 cup - 230 calories. Total Calories : 986 calories Exercise : 45 mins of brisk walking and 20 mins of strength training at the gym. Note for Day 5 : I was ecstatic. This had gone well. It was a tad hard but I wanted to get back on track so bad that I had to pull through. And wednesday's are my usual weigh in.. And guess what.. I lost 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs). I was so proud of myself. So here are a few things I learnt : 1) Whatever the system may be, call it 5DPT or restart or whatever, its about getting that boost to drive you to keep making healthy choices. 2) I drank 2 litres of water every day. I had to pee a lot, but hey, small price to pay. 3) My pouch is working. I still have my tool and I am going to use it wisely. 4) The thing with the choices I made in these past 5 days was that it wasnt so drastic that I can't follow similar diet for the next few months, or my life. So i would strongly differ from calling this a diet.. 5) I finally feel confident that the 15 kg I have to lose is not so hard. I feel like I can do it. Maybe this reset thing is more about the mind as much as it is about the physical body and weight loss. Hope this helps.. Cheers Mads
  3. Looking for post op buddies

    Hey congrats.. You have just had surgery.. How has it been? Thanks for the reference. I will try and get the book. Hahahaha. it is kg. I am on the other end of the world, where we use the metric system. There was no option for me to add the kg there.. I dont think i ever want to be that lean.. Hahaha
  4. 64 inch to a 27 inch waist

    Wow..thats amazing. You are such an inspiration..
  5. Looking for post op buddies

    Okay great. Will look it up and give it one more shot. You guys are awesome. The fact that in spite of having done the surgery some time ago, the fact that you've reached your goal weight and maintaining it since, is fabulous. Wish I could get back on track. Never say never. Will keep trying. Problem is I am an emotional eater.. Food is my solace. I should know better. Anyways, will try again. Thanks Cheers Mads
  6. Looking for post op buddies

    thanks guys.. I have tried the 5 day pouch test. But never managed to make it beyond day three because I am an eggatarian, which means I eat eggs, dairy, veggies. I dont eat meat / fish of any kind. No chicken either. So ended up feeling nauseous, irritable and low energy everytime i tried the 5day PT. I have looked high and low for a vegetarian version of the 5daypt but havent found one. In case you ladies can help me with that, i would appreciate it. Thanks again Cheers Mads
  7. Hi there, Hows it going? I got sleeved in March 2013. Was a 127 kg (279 lbs), dropped down to 90 kg (198 lbs) in a year and have been around that ever since. I have made some bad choices but I want to get back on track and work towards my goal of 75 kg (165 lbs), though my doc says 80 kg is a very good goal. Either way, thinnertimesforum worked wonders for me since we had a group and would support each other. I want to try and see if we can create a group again and try and motivate and support each other. So if you are post op (2years or more - since our tool has already done its magic), and want to take that control back, reply here and we will figure the rest out. You could be anywhere in the world, doesnt matter. Hoping to get back on track. Cheers Mads
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Mita and lived in many different places and now in India. I had my sleeve done in March 2013. And first things first, absolutely no regrets. Atleast as far as the surgery is concerned. Best part was I gained so much of confidence. Felt good about myself. Learnt to appreciate myself and my body. Its the best decision I took in my life. Now that the happy parts are out of the way. I was 127 kg on day of surgery. I came down to about 90 kg in a year. And have been able to maintain it at 90 since then. Well, I havent been all good. Let go of my diet, stopped working out, and made poor choices. Life was hard, had lots of ups and downs (well, more downs than ups) but I take full responsibility for letting go. My weight has started increasing again, and i decided to get back on track. Unfortunately, I havent been able to do the 5DPT, tried couple of times but simply couldn't. So I have started counting calories again and signed up at a gym and also bought a cycle. So here is why I came back. The best part about this journey was this forum. And I found so much info and more imp friends here who really helped me stay motivated and encouraged each other. So i want to form a group again and see if we can motivate each other to get back on track. Let me know if anyone is interested, would be great if you are post op, coz that way we know what we have and how to deal with it.. Cheers. Mads
  9. Need a vegetarian sleeve buddy!

    Finally a response.. I thought i was the only vegetarian in the whole wide world. Yes, it is a little tough to get your protein in.. But so far my docs have recommended the following items Beans, Nuts, Seeds 1 cup garbanzo beans 14.5 grams 1 cup pinto beans 12 grams 1 cup refried beans 15.5 grams 1 cup soybeans 28 grams 1 oz. cashews 4.4 grams 1 oz. peanuts 6.5 grams 1 oz. sesame seeds 6.5 grams 1 oz. pistachios 5.8 grams 1 cup tofu 22 grams 1 cup lentils 18 grams Dairy 1 cup yogurt 13 grams 1 oz cheddar cheese 7.1 grams 1 egg 6 grams 1 cup cottage cheese 10 grams Fruits and Vegetables 1 avocado 10 grams 1 cup broccoli 5 grams 1 cup spinach 5 grams 1 cup peas 9 grams 1 medium artichoke 4 grams 1 cup asparagus 5 grams 1 cup beet greens 3 grams There are many sites that have other exhaustive lists.. And yes i do supplement with protein shakes. problem is i dont like how many of them taste and i have been very irregular. But my everyday diet consists of egg white (3), yoghurt, spinach, 1 low fat cheese slice, and some walnuts and almonds. If it is a good day i get 2 scoops of protein shake in with skimmed milk. Hope it helps. If you are interested i can forward u some recipes that i have bookmarked! Cheers Madsmits
  10. March 2013 surgeries?

    HI Gunzwifey, I know exactly what you mean about the protein shakes.. they do gross me out too..Yuck.. I'm yet to try the chocolate truffle from syntrax matrix.. apparently they taste like hot chocolate.. Have u tried it? We have a group on facebook specially for WLS patients and it is an awesome group, let me know if you would like to join and i'll add u. Its a private group so none of ur other facebook friends will know that u r part of that group. What kind of workouts do you do at the gym? Anything specific? or just cardio? Cheers Madsmits
  11. March 2013 surgeries?

    Hey Ziggy.. Dont worry. It is a process and each of our bodies are different. I have tried a couple of things and it has helped during my stall. I have had a carb heavy meal and the next day i notice a drop in the weight.. But this isnt something u shud do often. Just once in a while, to confuse your body into losing.. Also, nothing helps like working out. I used to hate going to the gym (i guess some part of me still does) but i realize that i push myself coz it helps me see results. Being 8 weeks post op, you might want to clear it with your surgeon if u can start working out. I had stalled around 6 weeks as well and then i started working out and been losing about 1 kg (2 lbs) per week. Which i'm happy with. More important than weight loss is inch loss.. Have u started taking measurements? If u havent, please do.. there are weeks where i havent lost anything but lost an inch and that makes me feel better. And think of it this way, u are 30 lbs lighter than when you started.. thats huge! Be happy! Things will get better.. Btw ziggy, do let me know if you'd like to join our facebook group. Its an amazing platform and its a well knit group always there to help each other out! Its like a support group and believe me, on the days u feel down, these people really cheer u up! Cheers Madsmits
  12. Hi everyone, I had my sleeve on March 2nd and have lost about 40 lbs till now. Thing is I have been a vegetarian all my life and so i'm always falling short on the protein front. Also, I keep running out of ideas for dinner. I live by myself so i'm not motivated to cook for myself unless its an exciting recipe. I dont want to fall into a bad habit and start eating out too much.. So i'd love to get to know a few people who are vegetarian so we can exchange/ share some recipe ideas.. Note : Meat eaters can also feel free to share any vegetarian ideas they may have to increase protein intake! Cheers Have a great weekend. Mads
  13. 28 and looking for a sleeve buddy

    Hi there. I'm 29 and had my sleeve on March 2nd 2013 (10 weeks post op). Would love to answer any questions you might have. Good luck with the surgery!
  14. March 2013 surgeries?

    HI everyone. Its been a while. How have you all been? How is the weightloss? Why dont we update our progress here and compare notes.. ? It has become awfully quiet here... About me. I'm 10 weeks post op and doing great. I'm managing to keep food down which was a challenge until about 3 weeks ago. I'm eating healthy. Working out at the gym every day (almost everyday).. and Feeling good. What about you all? Cheers Mads
  15. March 2013 surgeries?

    Dont worry naplesmom. it only gets better. I'm one month post op today and i've lost 15 kg since i began this journey. I feel damn good! I'm sure you'll feel a lot better soon!