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  1. Hi, It's been awhile since I've been on the forum but I'm really struggling. I'm 6 years post op and just recently I'm gaining weight like crazy. I've been under alot of stress(family Issues) and just got a promotion at work 2 months ago. I'm not comfortable at all with the 20 pds I have gained. At this point I don't even know where to start and how to reboost myself. Will the 5 day pouch test still work for me at this point? I'm willing to try and I'm going to!! I made a list and plan to start it Monday. I could just use a few words of encouragement. Anyone post op that has regained, how did you get back on track? TIA
  2. 4 month f/u today... I hope my surgeon is happy with my progress. We shell see :)

  3. Sending loving baby vibes. I hope you clomid cycle works
  4. You can do it. I'm sure we are not alone with the having loved ones disagree with our decision. But, it is just that. OUR decision. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  5. I agree 100% . Couldn't have said it better myself Tell her flat out I would rather you support me and be there for me. I understand she is scared for you, my brother was the same way. But, they need not be so selfish. You have you're reasons just as I had mine. She will come around hopefully
  6. Only 15 pds to get to my surgeons first goal weight for me. Only 30 for my personal goal weight.It's only been 3 1/2 months. I am so happy with my progress so far :)

    1. gschinadoll


      You have done sooo well!!! You should be happy!

    2. Taralyn


      Thank You, I am SOOOO HAPPY :)

  7. Sleepy today but feeling better :)

  8. WOW! What a story! You have had quite a battle through your success. I hope your next appointment is much better. I had minor complications after my RNY in September that landed me back in the hospital for a week. I too was losing blood which they determined was from my Zantac, they changed me to Protonix. I also was dealing with hypotention. I was walking around with a blood pressure of 90/52, Literally passing out standing... then when I would go to sleep it was ranging low 60 to high 50s over low 30s.. I had a couple conditions c's in the hospital. They thought I was flat lining. They then decided to take me off my blood pressure meds and switch around some other things and they sent me home on a 30 day heart monitior. I was scared. I too have 2 babies, Mine are 2 and 3 and an amazing(most of the time) husband . I was just back in the hospital last week for severe pain. I thought I pulled something in my back, so I decided to wait it out. 4 days went by ,the pain started wrapping around my sides. They determined I have 6 gallstones, thank goodness no kidney stones right now But, my pcp and my surgeon are hoping after reevalution of bloodwork I can wait on another surgery for atleast a couple more months. I'm hoping also, my pain has since subsided. Anyways, Good Luck in your journey, you have had some bumps in your path, but your standing strong. Keep me posted on your progress. I hope everything works out for you!
  9. I am so scared to drink, I am roughly 3/12, almost 4 months post op. I have an annual New Year's party at my house with some friends. I am so undecided if I wanna try to have a drink or not, I wasn't a big drinker to begin with. It's a very rear thing for me. I used to drink cherry vodka mixed with fruit punch crystal light and water. I feel it maybe to early. Even though my Nut said, They would prefer me to wait 6 months but, if I am only planning on sipping over a long period of time. I should be O.K... So nervous.. YIKES!!!!!
  10. Welcome to TT Sherri, Congratulations on the start to your journey. You're surgery is right around the corner, that's so exciting. Hopefully soon those 11 pills will end up 4 I have been without taking Blood Pressure meds for 2 months. I feel great! BTW. My brother used to be stationed in Norfolk(Navy). I love it there. It's so beautiful. Anyways, keep us posted on your progress and good luck to you!!
  11. I checked out your you tube channel. Let me say, You version of dumping, where it don't come out... Been there, done that. So weird, and not fun. Also I use a baby spoon too keep em coming Thanks!!! ~Tara
  12. Good Luck with your surgery,it's right around the corner
  13. Was back in the hospital. This time dehydration and 3 Gallstones. I can not win LOL

    1. BugdocMom
    2. PghManda


      :( Oh no! Sending positive vibes your way girl.
    3. Taralyn


      Thanks girls.. Hugs

  14. I LOVE CARDIO!!! LOL , I can do without the weight's not a big fan!!! I have been slacking in the GYM department with mine and the H's work schedules(2 kids, 2 and 3). So I have been doing an excessive amount of walking and jogging. I will get back soon, I can't wait. Try finding a friend to be your" GYM BUUDY" make going there and exercising abit more fun and before you know it. You will be there 2-3 hours and not even realize it..LOL GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  15. Hi Daryle, Congratulation's on the start of your journey and welcome to TT. You should be able to find pretty much anything you are looking for on the forum. It has helped me so much along the way. I started my journey in December of last year. I finally had my surgery Sept. 13. I too decided to get my surgery done in the hospital I work in. I decided I might as well, they are a center of excellance and it is like my second home.LOL. Good Luck in your journey, I look forword to hearing about your progress