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  1. You CAN do this. You've been at this for a LONG time!!!!! Congratulations on your approval! Keep us posted!!
  2. I'm down 81 lbs. surgery was Dec. 5th. I lost 25 before surgery and 55 since! Only 15 more to go! Congrats, ladies!!
  3. I am 5 months out and have no problems with popcorn.
  4. Your toenails look great, though! Feel better. Hugs!!
  5. WOW!!!! You're finally close!!!! I'm proud of you!!! You can do it!!!!!
  6. cindylouwho

    Getting Closer

    You go, girl!! You look marvelous!
  7. December 5th!!!! 30 lbs. before surgery and 40 lbs. after. Moving in the right direction!!!
  8. I think you made the right decision!!! Good luck.
  9. I'm so glad to hear you addessed your depression with your PCP and surgeon. Good luck with your meds!!!
  10. Can't wait to hear how you are!!
  11. Glad you came through with flying colors!!!
  12. I was scared to DEATH before my gastric bypass. I had never had any surgeries, not even my tonsils out. I had four kids, but all naturally. I was soooo ready for this that on the day of surgery I had a calmness overcome me and I wasn't nervous at all. My hubby was more nervous than I was. I trusted my surgeon and everything worked out perfectly. I'm so happy for you and I will wait to here about your good results!! Good luck!
  13. You look marvelous AND so happy!
  14. Good luck. That's coming up fast! Do you have to go on a liquid diet before surgery?
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