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  1. After jumping through hoops to get approval before my employer changes insurance in November, I heard the magic words last week: "you're approved." I couldn't believe that I was finally going to get the lap band. So my surgery date is the 18th (this coming Thursday), I race through all of the medical clearance testing requirements and am set to go as of last Friday. Then, this weekend I got a bad head cold that decides to settle in my chest. I read a lot of comments and decided I needed to do the safe and healthy thing, so I went to my doctor, got a presecription for antibiotics, and now I'm waiting to hear from my surgeon's office if there is still any hope of going forward as planned. I haven't had any fever and (sorry to be gross) any discharge has been clear which I know are good signs. My worry is that I am wheezing a bit and still coughing. If I have to delay surgery and can't get it done in October, it means a two year wait because of the insurance we are changing to. I am a little panicked, but trying to rest and be good to my body. Could this whole process be any more stressful? Wish me luck and speedy health!
  2. I am on day 3 of the pre-op diet and getting banded next Thursday. My favorite thing so far is the low sodium chicken stock. The savory makes for a nice change from sweet flavor of the protien shakes. Wishing the best to everyone as we work through this journey!
  3. Thank you both so much for the replies. I am thrilled to report back that yesterday morning I got insurance approval!!! I was so sure it wasn't going to go through that when my surgical coordinator said I was approved I couldn't believe it. I will officially be getting banded next Thursday and couldn't be happier. I finished my pre-op screening last night and am just waiting on the final green light from my doctor. Waiting for insurance approval can feel like an eternity, so I commend your decision to put in the extra two months isuche! I hope that everything goes smoothly for you on this journey and I hope to hear about it as your count down gets closer.
  4. I am new here and have a question about insurance approval. I have wanted to get the lap band for years, and this past June started the 6 months hoping for a December surgery. Then, my company switched insurance to a plan with a 2 year wait period. Agh!! The surgeon's office told me to submit all my documentation anyway even though I only have 4 months of supervised weightloss. Has anyone else been approved with less than the required documentation length? I should find out tomorrow and am on pins and needles! Thanks for your stories!!
  5. My doctor said that broth can help with headaches and diziness during the pre-op diet to help replace some of the drastic change in sodium. I would say just be careful if your blood pressure is elevated. Good luck and stay strong!