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  1. I hadn't weighed myself since mid January... finally...ONDERFREAKINGLAND!!!! Goodbye 200's FOREVER!!!

  2. You look awesome! you can definitely see the chnage and you should be very happy with your progress! You had surgery 2 days before I had mine and you are down about 10 pounds more than me. At the end of the day... it's not about the numbers on the scale, it is about how you are feeling and looking and you look GREAT! You should be very proud.... Congrats!
  3. OH MY GOD!! You are looking absolutely AMAZING!!! I am soooo proud of you and totally cannot wait until I hit goal. I can only cross my fingers and hope to look as fabulous as you when I am done. Our surgeon rocks and I hope he hooked my new stomach up as well as he did CONGRATS MAMI!! YOU ARE WORKING THE HELL OUT OF YOUR NEW BODY!!! besos!
  4. Well.... I was the second person on my surgeons list for surgery that morning. When I saw the first person go in I knew that 45 m inutes it would be my turn and I was soooo nervous!! They kept telling me to remind myself that when I woke up I would have a breathing tube down my throat and NOT to pull it out...gee thanks for that warning! So it was finally my time and they came and put in the IV/anestesia and started to wheel me out of the pre op room...I hadn't even made it to the OR and I had already knocked out. When I woke up, I had a very uncomfortable breathing tube down my throat, as advised, and they would not remove it for at least 40 minutes to ensure that I was breathing properly on my own. LET ME TELL YOU THAT WAS THE LONGEST 40 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!!!! It was sooo very uncomfortable and I forced myself to stay awake so they can see I can breathe on my own but they would NOT take it out before my oxygen levels were normal. I was tapping away on the side of the bed trying to let the RN know that I was good to go and to please take it out but he kept telling me to relax and breathe and he would take it out shortly....GRRRRR! Finally it came time to take out this tube and when it was pulled out I threw up but I didn't even care cause I was just happy to have the tube out as it was putting pressure on the back of my throat...A MESS!!! So I am laying in the recovery room and there was a nurse who was "training" another nurse and he would not stop blabbing! I mean, seriously? I am in a recovery room and I feel like crap rolled over twice and I am trying to relax and all you can do is blab RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE I AM LAYING?? That is no way to recovery after having major surgery. So I gathered up some energy to call him over and tried to be as nice as possible when asking him to please shut up because he was driving me crazy and hearing him talkingn on stop was not helping my situation. His response..."Oh I am sorry but I am training on your type of surgery and let me tell you...You are going to look even more beautiful in 6 months, you watch!" UGH!!! My response was... I dont care about 6 months from now I carea bout right now and you are seriously messing with my recovery...go train somewhere else!!! (I have concluded that I can be a severe troll when I am not well or in pain). Thankfully...within 10 minutes they came to get me to take me to my room. YAY! So I am finally in my room and I am all kinds of nauseous and I was not allowed to drink ANYTHING for 24 hours and my mouth was soooooo dry!! I tried to convince my nurse that I just wanted to wet my mouth and I promised I wouldn't was not having it! My surgeon is VERY STRICT!! Luckily I was still so groggy from the anestesia that I faded in and out of sleep the first day and night but I was VERY uncomfortable from the incision pains under my right breast so that is why I kept waking up oh and the nurses coming to check on me and give me my nausea meds. The next day I was wheeled down to have them check to make sure that my pouch was not leaking and that chalky liquid was not very tasty...but all was well. I walked around as much as I could which was not much but I made it a point to walk every hour. My doctor cleared me to go home 2 days later but I ended up staying an extra day because the pain on my right side was just unbearable. I finally went home and started this journey full blown. I really could've done without the obnoxious nurse that wouldn't shut up while I was in the recovery room but that was peanuts compared to what else I had going I love my surgeon and his team of excellence and I would do it all over again!
  5. Thank you! I wore that dress for my 30th birthday 2 years ago and I gotta say it looks MUCH better on me now than it did then...and THAT felt GREAT!
  6. Officially 201 pounds thats 54 lost...YAY but GRRR! I wanted to be in ONEderland already! I will have to wait another week....ALL IN DUE TIME I GUESS. ;)

  7. Thank you everyone! I still have a lot to go but all in due time... this tool is working and I am loving it!
  8. You are doing a great job! You can definitely see the difference... WAY TO GO!!
  9. Well just wanted to update you all... I have survived the holidays and will say that my liquor tolerance must be very high because i found after a whole drink of diet iced tea and peach vodka (taste s like peach iced tea...yum!) i was not in the least bit buzzed. I decided that I wasnt going to keep pushing the limits to see what I can handle cause honestly it wasnt worth the empty calorie intake after all Ive been through to be down 50 pounds. Like I originally stated....I am not and never have been a heavy drinker but i do like to have my occasional drink whenever i get the chance to actually go its not like it was a big deal to me to not be drunk or buzzed after only one drink. So now holidays are over and I am back home so drinking will no longer be an issue...for
  10. Thanks all...glad to see everyones input
  11. fitting into clothes that I haven't been able to wear in 6 years...AWESOME!

  12. You look amazing! You should be extremely proud of your progress!
  13. Oh wow you look freaking awesome! Congrats!
  14. Wow you look amazing! Good job!!
  15. Well let me tell you....i see a big difference! Doesnt that suck that the people that should be encouraging you, dont? You look great keep up the good work!!!