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  1. Lady, I like your clothes! and you look fabulous in them. Well done! Keep up the good work and stay healthy
  2. After almost 1.5 years I am still teetering around obese sitting at a BMI of 30.1. I am a size 10 which means I wear anything from size 8 - 12 depending on the brand and cut. I excercise a lot and my gym coach told me not to take my weight too seriously because of my muscle mass. I fit normal clothes, I can run, I am quite fit and I feel so much healthier. I think it was more than worth it to go from a BMI of 47 to 30 even if I am still "obese". Do not be discouraged! You may still reach a "normal" BMI. Also remember muscle mass and body shape can contort the numbers. Take ALL your measurements into consideration, not just the weight. Your overall health is paramount.
  3. a little salt, Pepper, garlic powder, dried chives and dried parsley go a very long way to making almost anything taste better.
  4. VonnyLeeuw


    Congrats! I have been hanging around 29.9 and 30.1 for months. Waiting for 29.5 or less to finally celebrate.
  5. I just ate 2 small pieces of sweet cakes at work. Gahhh! I should have stopped myself.

  6. Order the suit. It will help you feel better Also a T-shirt over a bathing suit is so not done and ppl here don't do that for among other things, hygienic reasons. I have not seen anyone here with the T-shirt swimsuit here but maybe I don't get out enough.
  7. I buy running tights with drawstring and those babies never will fall off. As we get smaller running will get easier. You may never get properly addicted but it is a cheap way to get in great shape. Just remember to do your stretching, warm-up and cool down
  8. I hear even worse all the time, especially now that I am no longer morbidly obese and people think I will not be offended by such talk. Overweight/obese people are the one group that is socially acceptable to make fun of. That is because the generally accepted public view is that we all got fat because we are lazy and have no self-control...bla bla bla. Not surprising at all really. Most people who have been avereage weight or below all their lives have absolutely no consideration for those who have been stuggling with this for so long. They just do not understand, nor do they feel the need to, that often we eat the same amount of food as them but our bodies react differently. (and/or we have psychological afflictions, pysiological disorders etc etc) It is not that simple and hopefully the world will learn what we already know.
  9. Ladybug....you are carrying a child and you already have a lot on your plate. Let the grown-ups (because that is what they are) sort themselves out. If they do not then it is their own darn fault. Hard to let go but right now you have 4 people to worry about..one of who is also an adult so let's say 3. You, your son and your daughter on the way. Everyone else can fend for themselves!
  10. We all know that self-control is not the only reason we became obese. Often there are many other factors. Have you talked to anyone about why you are unable to control your urge to eat those things? Are you getting enough healthy nutrition even while dieting? Maybe you really are hungry. Try writing down your feelings when you feel compelled to eat the wrong thing. These are just my opinions but the best course of action is to always consult professionals to help you analyse your eating habits.
  11. Finally went back out running last Thursday after 3 months of just spinning etc. I had been sick for about a week and although I only missed 2 days of work I skipped excercise besides bike riding for a week. I am still riding my bike to work 4 days a week and now reintergrating running back into the whole routine.
  12. VonnyLeeuw


    All this crying about 40....seriously ladies why? We look great, we know so much more than in those horrible teen and 20's years. I turned 40 last year You are NEVER going back and the only other altenative to getting older is death. I brag about my age. I look awesome, better than I have in more than 20 years!! (If I don't say so myself) Celebrate your age! Celebrate your life! Surviving this far is a priviledge. If God and/or the Universe allow me to make it to 50 with all my health and happiness, I paln to have another huge bash and tell EVERYONE my age
  13. Looking great! Well done I am also rocking a size 10 and I like it here. All my curves are in the right place right now. I just need to keep up with the sit-ups and push-up and everything stays nicely in place.
  14. All I have to say is that the low-sugar cake you make was delicious!! I need to stop being lazy and bake some stuff.