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  1. JamieMJSB


    I've actually been exercising for the past 6 weeks just not weight lifting, it's been all cardio. This should be interesting!
  2. JamieMJSB


    So I had my psychology counseling about 10 days ago (passed), and my nutrition apt today (passed), and I am scheduled to see the doc on Nov 8th to schedule my surgery 4-8 weeks out. YAY! I am also 10 pounds down in the 6 weeks from orientation! Go me! I was sooooo excited about that! I don't usually lose weight fast like that at all! (Which is why I'm getting the surgery in the first place) I'm chalking it up to the same syndrome that effects sick kids who go to the ER and are miraculously better as soon as they take their vitals and see the doc. I'm not buying it! But the more I lose before surgery the better and safer for me (at least that's what they say). I start weight training on Friday, something I haven't done in FOREVER and I don't really remember how to, so I have a trainer to teach me and hopefully we can do something about the flabby skin hanging on my arms and legs so they wont look so awful after I lose the weight, we'll see. The stomach on the other hand is a whole other drama, 5 kids later...no amount of crunches are going to solve that mess. Ah well. Getting excited!
  3. hi Jamie - how are you?? any progress? I want updates :) i love your baby picture - i hope thats me posting some baby pictures soon too!

    1. JamieMJSB


      Hi! Yes! I just had my nutrition apt and I am down 10 pounds since orientation (6 weeks ago), I go see the doc on Nov 8th to schedule surgery for (hopefully) Dec, maybe Jan. So excited! Baby girl is my shinning light! She is soooo sweet! I can't wait to see your pics!

  4. combine the two, that's what I do...it's great. I found one or the other was so so..both = great!
  5. Avocados should be gentle and would give you the fats you need. As well as tuna in mayo. Try the peanut butter, a little at a time, you desperately need the protein...that will help a lot of the other problems once you can stabilize some protein.
  6. Awesome! Here is my email jamiesmedstad@yahoo.com. Let's connect!
  7. It's because of the liquid fast. It ate up all your water weight and you have to wait about a month or 6 weeks for the real weight loss to really kick in. That's what my doc says. He says don't trust the scale until 6 weeks post surgery. And you lost a LOT in that fast. It will be fine!!!
  8. I am excited! I actually have five little ones and I homeschool, so the list of things I need to get down before surgery is mounting! Plus we just moved two months ago and got our stuff two weeks ago and have a long way to go before we are unpacked...oh man.
  9. Based on the program I am in, I was looking at a Jan-Feb time frame but since I was able to get very lucky in my apts (one right after the other), I am now looking at a Dec (possibly end of Nov time frame!!!) That's like next month!!! Wow, there is so much to do, I can't even believe it (like weaning a my 9 month old). I am excited/surprised. There is a reason for everything, so I'm going with the flow!
  10. We are pretty tight. I could probably do $20 and a flat rate shipping box, but I am not sure that is fair to you, so you let me know. jamiesmedstad@yahoo.com.
  11. You only have the two listed, is there another one? Which one is the biggest?
  12. Welcome! This is a great place.
  13. Yay!!! Welcome aboard! You are so very courageous to do this now!! What a positive step in the right direction! A lot of younger people would probably hold off, I am glad you are taking charge of your life! What an inspiration!