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  1. i Had my panny, around the world, breast lift, and breast augment yesterday. The tummy tuck hurts the worst. How long did it take you to be able to stand up straight without cringing?
  2. thin2live

    Just got home

    I had a panni, around the world, tummy tuck, and breast lift done yesterday. I feel like a giant sausage with too tight of a casing. The tummy tuck is definately the worst as far as pain goes. How long did it take for you to be able to stand straight up without cringing in pain?
  3. I am not having my arms done, but I will keep you updated about the breasts. That is one surgery I am having done on 12/18/13!
  4. thin2live

    Discrimination And Employment

    What I have found most interesting is the interactions with folks at my job who knew me when I was big. Some treat me differently and some don't. This who didn't know me as a "big girl" are shocked and awed when they find out how big I used to be. Then I get tons of praise because I have become very physically active. I still struggle with body dysmorphic disorder and have days where I still view myself as tubby. Just hang in there and know that you are awesome and did a courageous thing having surgery.
  5. thin2live


    Hang in there, everyone! I was in your spot 16 months ago. There are tons of supportive folks on this site. Feel free to ask any questions. This is a great resource. Before you know it you will be at your goal weight!
  6. thin2live

    Food Tracking?

    I bought a Fitbit and use that in conjunction with My Fitness Pal to track my exercise and caloric and water intake. That pretty much removes any denial I may have about weight loss, gain, or stall.
  7. thin2live

    unexplained dumping

    Could be the MSG.
  8. thin2live

    Tummy Tuck a Go!

    Congrats! My plastic surgery is scheduled for 12/18/13.
  9. thin2live

    Surgery in Mexico? yes or no?

    You have to make the best decision for you. Just make sure that your surgeon is licensed and experienced. I am paying out of pocket after insurance pays for the panni (to get everything else that I want.) I prefer to have it done in my home town where I know the surgeon does quality work and can recover at my house. And God forbid if something goes wrong, I can go my local hospital for treatment.
  10. Congrats! I hope mine looks half as good as yours (my panni is next week)!
  11. thin2live

    panniculectomy with no belly button?

    I am getting ready for my panni next week and the belly button is included in the price
  12. thin2live


    Various photos
  13. thin2live


    Thank you all for your words of wisdom and support! You were right. There is not enough information out there for bariatric athletes. I survived the run and will definitely begin actively adjusting to discover the right hydration and carb ratio for me. I finished the race and didn't pass out. I will admit that after it was over I did battle some dizziness and a brief period of seeing bright lights. Please share your athletic feats to inspire me. I will never go back to "fat town!"
  14. thin2live

    Wish me luck-please?

    Good for you! I am super jealous. I have no butt since my surgery and bike riding is too painful now. Sitting anywhere for longer than 30 minutes is a no go.
  15. thin2live

    How many of you told your employer?

    I told HR because I had to use Extended Leave for the surgery. Other than that, I only told my immediate boss. Here in the USA, all medical issues are federally protected and private so they could not tell anyone else or face prison time and fines.