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  1. sakura

    April Fools!

    Jolls, if you call the Cities to look for psychologists, you might want to check with the Emily Program. Its a well known clinic in the Twin Cities that works with eating disorders/issues, etc. They might have the capability to do video conferencing, etc. as I think they have some national appeal. There's also Melrose Center at Park Nicollet clinics. I've never talked with either program but I know someone who used the Emily Program for counseling before his RNY and appreciated the approach (not sure what it was but it helped him). Perhaps you could do 1-2 sessions live and then follow up with someone by email or something. I also have a lot of friends who have had good success with OA for live accountability and structure. Its peer to peer which some people like better. That said, I know that the quality of OA can vary a lot and its probably harder to find in your area. I know when I've looked at AA up in the North Shore area, its been touch and go. Duluth is ok though. were down today, right? That's a good start! :-) One day at a time.
  2. Totally agree. Would like to get back away from the obese category but getting to "normal" is not important to me at all... comfortable is important to me. :-)
  3. sakura

    April Fools!

    Go Jolls go! That's great timing for a weight loss challenge at work. Good for you for putting yourself out there and joining. I might look for something like that myself (or a FitBit steps challenge - once I charge the dumb thing up again). Thanks for being so honest with everyone here. You're amazing.
  4. Thanks, Wendy! It does seem to be getting easier a little bit at a time. The combination of the spring edging in and the boys getting a little more independent has been an amazing change. The first year in particular was tough going. It was hard to eat at regular times and I got into a bad grazing habit. I'm hopeful that my wife's surgery will also help us all bring new focus. I know its on me to make changes, but since she does the cooking, the fact that she will automatically be cooking differently for herself and the boys will definitely help me. We've been looking at some great recipes in Eating Well After WLS that should be terrific for all of us. I suggested I would do the liquids with her the first week before her surgery but she asked me not to do it at the same time because she fears we will both be too tired and groggy to take proper care of the kids. She has a point. The last time I did liquids before surgery, I was a *disaster* for several days with the carb withdrawal. Yuck!
  5. Yeah... cereal is like ice cream for me. I don't dump easily. Usually, I get 1-2 hour delayed hypoglycemia, but I get much much quicker drops and some dumping when I eat cereal with milk. Its something I really miss (much more than I miss ice cream). I can do granola with Greek yogurt but otherwise no... Thanks for the reminder. I occasionally think I'm smarter than my pouch.
  6. Always good to see you, Greer! I just want to eat up that little one of yours. What a cutie! And yes, all is well. Work has been crazy making lately as the company has had some rough patches (lay offs in Law, etc.), but things are evening out. I'll be off work for 2 weeks plus in May so I can take care of the kids. It'll be really nice to have some time away and just hang out at the park, zoo, etc. with nothing hanging over. How long are you off?
  7. I do agree with you, Corrine. Getting into obese territory does concern me. I was never someone who was going to be in a "normal" weight category without skin surgery, but I also don't want to push the envelope. The next few months are going to be stressful for me but also more active and, frankly, there will be less unhealthy food in my house for quite awhile. So, I will be working on small goals one at a time to maintain and hopefully drop a few pounds. Going back to MFP, using my FitBit for step goals, etc. Thanks for the encouragement!
  8. Honestly, I was so uninterested in the whole idea (and kind of taken aback since I think 20 lbs for me is not medical intervention territory!), I didn't ask her which one. There are a few options, I guess. I don't plan to find out. :-)
  9. Thanks, Cinwa! Its nice to see you and nice to have been missed. Hopefully, I'll stick around here and there. I need to just mark everything read so that I don't feel the need to "catch up". I don't think I will ever seriously consider any medications for weight loss or maintenance. My PCP has a specialty in medical weight management, but I would ask her to work with me on other things before ever even blinking at meds. Her point to me was that we have already taken the most extreme measure we can for my weight management and we don't have that option again, so we need to nip it in the bud and keep it maintained before then. I agree with her but I don't agree that I need medical intervention just yet (or ever). What was strange to me was that I asked her if it would just be for six months or so and she said she expected it could be a lifetime choice so that we could keep my "set point" in the right range. Let's see... let's try diet and exercise changes before I do any lifetime meds, eh? I think I will engage in the 5-Day Pouch Test at some point. I need to get through the next few months and my wife's surgery before doing that myself. I definitely agree with you that kicking those few extra pounds to the curb is important. Honestly, I'd be happy to drop 10 and maintain there. I was very comfortable at that weight. Great to see you!
  10. I've been browsing around here the last couple of days because a family member is preparing to have VSG in May, and I was checking in to see about some sleeve things. Its SO good to see so many familiar faces and to see that people continue to do so well. I'm doing really well. I recently passed 3 years out since my RNY. My weight is up a bit but I'm keeping an eye on it. I've gotten scared recently because PCP mentioned perhaps a need to set a limit at which I decide to try weight management meds. I'm not sure I'm willing to do that at any point but it was an eye opener. My bottom was around 190 (dip down the week my boys were born below that but I don't count it) and I'm up at 208 now. My BMI is bordering on "obese" but really...if you'd ever seen my bone structure? YIKES!. (I'm 5'10.5") My biggest issue is grazing and poor meal choices. I don't do soda or binge eat, but I do love carbs and late night snacking. I also seem to retain a lot of water from even a little salt (which it not a useful thing when you like popcorn!). I'm going to work on those things little by little and have dates and plans for trimming. I'm also hoping the upcoming spring and summer will mean I'm outside a lot more and can get some walks in with my family. Our boys are wonderful. They are almost 2 and have so much personality. I can't even believe how time has flown. We have so much fun together. I'm still SO very out of shape (exercise and I have never gotten along - something I'm working on) but I CANNOT imagine what it would have been like to try to parent them from 340 pounds on the couch. Wow. I still maintain that RNY for weight loss was both the hardest and the easiest thing I've ever done. Now, though, my body functions pretty averagely and getting any weight off is going to be just like an average person. The battle is real. :-) Thanks for all your support over the years. I couldn't have done this without you and I wish I had more time to invest here now. Perhaps I'll try to plug back in. :-) Y'all are AMAZING. KEEP IT UP!! Carrie P.S. This is kind of a silly photo to attach but I can't find a photo of my whole person that doesn't include the boys and I don't want to post the boys here since the site is so public (hope you understand!). I also have no idea how to turn it right side up!
  11. sakura

    Starting Over

    I think you are smart to set small, reachable goals. And...look at you! Real goals! Speaking up and putting things in writing is such a great first step and helps with accountability. I've gained a bit back but the train hasn't quite run at full speed yet. My PCP was poking me about it at my last appointment and suggested medication (I'm up 20 lbs from my bottom, and am back to "obese"). I'm not ready for meds, but I haven't gotten off my butt, either. We have two year old twins and I just can't make myself be away from them, etc. to exercise (excuses excuses). I also graze on their food. If you want a primary care doc recommend in Golden Valley who specializes in medical weight loss management, let me know. I'm not taking advantage of her skills yet but she's great. Good luck!
  12. The boys are great! They are so so fun. I'll PM you a photo. I'd love to get more notifications from you. Wish I was around here more. I just always feel like I have to "catch up." Also, I start to feel guilty. HA! My eating habits are not so very great these days...but my weight is fine.... so hard to make myself change. Oh, life. Happy weekend!
  13. Oh Genet...I do so love your sense of humor. Good to read you. I don't come by here much but still have notifications for your blog. Fun!
  14. Thanks all, this is very very helpful. The most important thing is putting the diabetes into remission if at all possible. I know that the results of RNY can be almost immediate but I do trust that, at least with change of diet and weight loss from the surgery, that VSG could bring a similar result. And Karen, you look fabulous too, my dear! Its nice to "see" folks again. Every time I come back here to try to read and catch up, it just gets overwhelming and I never quite get there. Someday! (now if my feisty 13 month olds would please please GO TO SLEEP...then I could read some things :-).
  15. hey Sleevers! Long time no talk! Those of you who know me know I had RNY. Well, now someone very dear to me is looking at options and is much more interested in VSG than RNY due to the malabsorption differences, no lost pyloric etc. Questions for you: (1). Those of you who were diabetic before surgery, how has VSG and the weight loss affected your diabetes? How long did the change take? My dear one's interest in weight loss surgery is largely motivated by a desire to put her diabetes into remission (and sleep apnea and feeling better etc). (2). Did you have an increase in GERD if you were already susceptible to it? (3). Any regrets or wishing you had done RNY? Why? I often wish I had chosen VSG...but I don't regret RNY at all! Thanks gang! Carrie