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  1. 2 years later

    it is a constant battle, I go up and down too. with the sleeve there are way more and way longer plateau's. it get's frustrating! I have always been mostly comfortable in my own skin, but i diabetes and heart problems on both sides of the family. I did the surgery for preventative maintenance. but i feel way more comfortable now than i've ever been! I don't ever want to go back!
  2. 2 years later

    Thanks, Molly!
  3. 2 years later

    thank you! yes i do. after i sat back and looked at this, i also realized my collection was cohesive (i watch too much project runway lol) red and black might be my fav colors..... maybe lol
  4. 2 years later

    I haven't been on here to share in a while, but I recently put together some of my pictures over the last few years. Wow. I had my gastric sleeve surgery Jan. 15, 2013, in the picture are Halloween '12, '13 & '14. I'm so happy with the results! Of course as all of us do, I have some things I would like to work on, but things have definitely been going in the right direction. I wouldn't change it for the world!
  5. 1 year ago

    My one year anniversary is a week from tomorrow, I too feel My one year anniversary is a week from tomorrow, I too am so appreciative of what it has given me. I will never regret the choice I made, it has made my life more comfortable in many ways. It makes me think before putting things in my mouth, and realizing the relationship I had with food pre surgery vs post surgery. For all of us it is still a daily challenge, but I think this tool makes us more conscious of our decisions. Thank you for sharing! Making us all think of how it has changed things for the better for us, and giving a positive look to those looking into the surgery.
  6. plateau

    thank you cinwa the encouragement is appreciated. I'm doing everything i can to find motivation
  7. The Big "My Fitness Pal" List

    Scuddles2u! hope to see you there!
  8. plateau

    I must admit, I have not been using my tool to it's full potential (slap on the wrist * Shame on me) I have just been letting it do it's magic, and I have lost about 85 lbs since my heaviest weight, 75 since surgery. Something I am proud of, but I have now plateaued. I have just joined a weightloss challenge here in town to motivate my butt to start working out, toning this new body so that I can keep it, and hopefully improve it! Wish me luck!
  9. after Thanksgiving

    i was thankful i did mine in January, never felt like i missed out. now i can eat everything, just small portions. I think i had the roughest time with wine, of all things, it gave me heartburn lol
  10. after Thanksgiving

    This thanksgiving was my first after surgery, and honestly it wasn't too bad. Granted I still put more on my plate than I could eat, but I knew when to stop. Life has also been exceedingly stressful this last week for me, so this morning was the first time I had weighed myself in about a week. I was expecting the worst with the holiday, and added stress. To my surprise I had lost 9 lbs! Which put me back at my average high school weight, and my drivers license now has the correct weight again! Couldn't have asked for a better surprise!
  11. Family Reunion Food

    it's probably too late now, but on there's a recipe for lasagna to use zucchini instead of noodles... and in my opinion was better!!
  12. Protein

    It's really hard. Just after surgery, even 1 mouth full of water feels like a rock in your stomach, and your thinking "if that wasn't a sip, I don't know what is!?!?" but it get's easier Now, at 2.5 mo out, the shake still takes me a while because my brain tries to tell me I don't want it lol. But I'd say my biggest challenge is drinking enough water. I've read on here about people ending up in the hospital because of dehydration, luckily I haven't had it that bad, but I'm lucky to drink 4 cups. I have a hard time remembering to drink while I'm at work, which screws the whole thing up. I've never been a big water drinker, but every day I try to make myself do it, because I know my body needs it. Protein is easy, between shakes, greek yogurt, cheese, nuts, fish, chicken, I'm good about getting my 60-70 grams of protein... it's just that stinkin water
  13. OMG!

    I remember feeling like it was taking foooorrrreeevvveeerrr! then you get a proved and it's wham bam thank ya ma'am and it's all over! lol so excited for you! It is a wonderful life change, I'm only 2.5 mo out and couldn't be happier! Good luck to you!
  14. Wish I was at gym swimming right now, instead of working

    there is, I just wish it was closer i've just been trying to work out at home. I got a new zumba fitness for my wii, and it's actually pretty fun, and MAN can you feel the burn! And thank you so much for the congrats! I look and feel much better already, and it's only been 4.5 weeks post op
  15. Joined A Gym!

    You should try the shrink wraps by It Works! I have seen some amazing before and after pics of people who have had the surgery! I have pics if your interested!