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  1. GettinDown

    Protein Drinks

    Hello, I am 5 years out from gastric. I have had 2 babies since and 3 kids total. I want to stay on protein shakes with this pregnancy but I am concerned. Anyone have a successful pregnancy while drinking them. I assume it is common post bypass I need to drink them now as it is harder to maintain my weight loss and get me protein in this far out without causing hunger, I have been doing the BACK on Track diet when I got pregnant. Anyway, let me hear the success stories.
  2. GettinDown

    5 day pouch test

    I am 3 years post op and on day 4 of the pouch test. I am very happy with the results. My carb cravings have gone away. My weight has plateaued due to 2 babies and nursing but i am weaning now and want to lose about 30 more pounds.
  3. GettinDown

    Post op and TTC ? Or had kids after having survey ?

    I had surgery Sept 2012. Had baby 1 April 2014 and baby 2 Sept 2015. Great healthy pregnancies. I needed clomid to jump start ovulation with one but 2 was a bonus. Lol
  4. GettinDown


    Have to try this..
  5. GettinDown

    25 Weeks

    I am so excited that gastric bypass allowed me to finally get pregnant with my second child after 10 years of trying! I just wanted to let anyone that might have found themselves pregnant how it has been for me so far. I got pregnant 10 months post op. I have been able to keep my weight in check, I lost 11 pounds in the first trimester from morning sickness. As I am about to head in to my third, I have gained only 5 pounds so I am still 6 under where I started. lol I am able to stay active and I feel great. I did have to go back on insulin for my pregnancy but my A1c is 5. Which is amazing. I can not believe how great it is to be having another baby!
  6. GettinDown


    My tastes changed alot. When it comes to meat I lost my love of beef.
  7. GettinDown

    Does bread get any better?

    I just cant eat bread. I don't want empty calories any more since i get to eat so little. Funny, when I remember how much I loved it and how present it is in my family members diets.
  8. GettinDown

    My pregnancy journey (pics)

    Congratulations! You look great!
  9. GettinDown

    come on, body, just two more pounds

    So close! Way to go.
  10. GettinDown

    Haven't lost anything in 10 days...

    Wow! Congrats on the shrinking!
  11. GettinDown

    sharp lower abdomen pains

    Keep us informed as to what it turns out to be.
  12. I still can't do milk. After surgery everything is weird and your emotions are raw. You will find a lot of support here.
  13. GettinDown

    No Eating Plan

    Good luck! I like structure too. It takes the guess work out.
  14. GettinDown

    How many calories actually absorbed?

    I feel every calorie I eat. My body has no issues absorbing. lol
  15. GettinDown

    Get pregnant now or later?

    40 is not that old. LOL I think be in the best possible health and follow all you doctors recommendations. That being said. Mine only had me wait a year. I only made it 10 months but I am capable of gaining the weight I need.