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  1. ADRD, What an exciting time in your life with a little one coming. And to think of everything that you have accomplished for yourself over the last 2 years with your weight loss, healthier lifestyle, etc. It will portray in how you raise your child to have an active, healthy life that the whole family can enjoy. CONGRATS on your 2 year surgiversary and CONGRATS on the baby. Enjoy it all!!
  2. A big Kuddos to you. What an amazing feat and you have perserved and succeeded. Seems like when we have those darn stalls nothing is going to make a difference. Way to stick it out and reach that all time 100 loss. Congratulations!!!!
  3. If you work just package them in a small container and take it with you two days a week so you don't get tired of eating the same thing everyday. This way it will get the freezer cleaned out quicker. Get creative and check recipes and adjust them for you so that you get the flavor and something new.
  4. I bought Wendy's chili and blended it a few pulses in the blender. Oh my gosh it was to die for. kept drinking my juice protein drinks, and lived on chili, and pureed some chicken or stew meat and thinned it with water or brother. Just take it slow! Listen to your pouch..........you will do great.
  5. Ever since I was in WW, I have always planned for the weeks worth of meals. Even if I cook a bunch it is nice to freeze in smaller containers so I can take to work in a pinch when I haven't been thinking ahead of the game. I do cook quite a bit of larger portions but love to have them in the freezer for taking it out anytime. Good luck to you!!!
  6. I would have to agree on your question on the protein content and the amount. If you have the Unjury or Premier Protein I would be using that. I know every NUT is different but the majority of what I have read and have gotten through years of protein diets is that you want to be around 80-90 gms a day when having weight loss. Otherwise as you say, your hair will thin more than it is, and you may have more weight stalls and lose more muscle mass than what you should be. I truly think using the Unjury and/or Premier shakes is wise. 3 of the premier shakes is 90gms and low calories. Once you are out of surgery it will be difficult to want to drink enough fluids let alone your shakes to get it in. I am surprised they want you to use Carnation Breakfast drinks, Ensure or Boost when they are all loaded with sugar/carbs. That is one thing I would not recommend using after surgery as you might dump horribly. We are all different.............but I say go with your gut!! Good luck to you, and wishes for a speedy recovery!!
  7. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming the new you here in the near future. What a great thing to take control of your health!!! I wish you a speedy recovery!!
  8. Make it be your goal.............no one elses. Once you get through your 1 year visit, you more than likely won't be seeing your professionals any longer. You will be the one living your life, and you need to be happy where you are at, how you feel, etc. My surgeon said he doesn't set goals for anyone because everyone is unique in their own way, metabolisms are different, people have different expectations than others, and the whole purpose of the surgery is to be healthier. If you decide 175 is your goal and for your height is probably a great goal, then go for it. You are you, unique, and have your life to live, and need to be happy!! Do this for YOU!!
  9. Amazing how easy it is for our bad habits to find us even after surgery whether 3 months or 1 year or 7 years out. This weekend I made lemon bars for the family and company, and only my daughters friend was eating them. I had a taste (I know - I shouldn't even go there). Ended up eating 1 large piece over 2 days. Felt guilty and decided if the family wants a treat they need to make it themselves or I will make it for them and what they don't eat goes into the freezer or to the relatives. Non of us would be where we are at if the ugly habit didn't tempt us years ago............and it is a lifelong habit that we have to fight off each and every day. You are not alone ladies!!! Get back on track and compliment yourself each and every day when you are doing well, sticking to the program, exercising, etc. We are all human!!
  10. Chrissy, your huge smile says it all. You should be sooooooooo proud of your accomplishment. What a testimony to many!! CONGRATS!
  11. I'm almost a year out and feel like I have stopped as well. It has been over 2 months with this stall. I keep doing the same thing as far as my diet but vary it up a bit trying more protein for a few days, few more or few less calories, and I keep exercising. If this is where I am supposed to be then so be it. I am smaller now than I think I was as a child. Keep up your faith.........do a little variations, drink more water, more protein, exercise more. Something will happen when you least expect it. CONGRATS on your success so far!!
  12. You ladies can do this. You don't have much further to go. The pre-op phase is the hardest. Once surgery is done your life will change forever and you won't want to eat. You will get through this difficult period, and will be proud of yourselves for hanging in there. You are all in my thoughts and prayers for great surgeries, and speedy recoveries.
  13. It's amazing how the power of a voice saying "you are approved" will move us to tears. Just think what it will be like in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.......... Bet you will have tears flowing at all those times as you see the scale moving downward, the amount of energy you will have, and what a wonderful life you will have. CONGRATS on getting through the hoops.
  14. Mine is my mocha big train fit frappe and a nectarine. The other is a high protein pancake and watermelon. Mmmmm Mmmmm!
  15. Loved the premier premade chocolate drinks at Costco before surgery but since surgery makes me want to gag. Almost 1 yr out and retried it yesterday. Awful tasting and really bothered my stomach. I however found a Mocha Big Train Fit Frappe powder and mix 2 scoops to a blender with 1 scooop Unjury chocolate with 2 cups water and 2 cups ice. Blend and It 3/4 fills a hospital mug. I drink it throughout the morning and is so tasty. People at work who have never tried it have drank some of mine and have asked me to pick it up at SAMS club for them. It is so heavenly. Reminds me of the mocha big train frappe at the coffee houses. I can't tell the difference. SO YUMMY! I drink it 7 days a week for 41 gms of protein Carries me through till lunch. Amazing how we are all so different in our tastes, especially after the surgery. Good luck to finding more recipes. Several of them sound awesome.
  16. Great job. You go girl!!! Congratulations!
  17. swenger

    I am fuming!

    I hate it when people want to say we are taking "the short cut", "the easy way out". "the cheaters way". It is so degrading to me. We have been the most perserverenced, driven, focused people around. We have all dealt with weight issues for years and are very driven each time we lose, only to gain it back again. That is the main reason no one knew about my surgery other than my immediate family, my manager who had it done 1 mo after me, and 1 coworker who had it done 9 mo before me. If any of the physicians who I work with found out they would be throwing a fit. Right now they already say, "it's unhealthy. Every person (patient) I know has had issues with their surgeries no matter what type of WLS they have. They need to just get off their butt and stop eating, and do some exercise". I sit here seething. They will never find out as far as I am concerned. They watched me 3 years ago lose 60 lbs on a high protein diet in 8 months only to regain it once I stopped the high protein. People who can't be there for us and to support us are just living their life sometimes to find fault or be spiteful. As I say, "no one has walked in any of our shoes, and they don't know what your story is". Do this for you........don't listen to the negativity. This is for your health, for you to live longer, be healthier for you and your family, and to love life even more fully than you do now. I congratulate you on your decision. You won't be sad of your decision.
  18. Great success in a short time. You did this for you and no one else, and you should be extremely happy with your accomplishments. I can tell you are by your posts. Keep up the hard work...........anyone who says this is a cake walk must be living another life... CONGRATS on your success!!!
  19. I always think back to the statement in WW - "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS". It gets me over that hump and I get on myfitnesspal and journal my feelings, plan my meals for 1-5 days at a time, go shopping after I have eaten to buy what I need for the week, prepare meals in advance, and once a day (at 10 months out now), when all my work is done for the day I treat myself to a sugarless coffee nib candy, and once a week eat a bag of microwave popcorn (I can eat a lot of popcorn and settles in my pouch well). I also get massages at least 1-2 x's a month and once in a while I just walk around the stores and look at clothes and try them on to show myself how far I've come. Be kind to yourself!!!
  20. MommaKitty, you are that much closer to your surgery date than when I first wrote to you. As you advance closer to surgery you will have a lot of head games and thoughts within the weeks and hours leading up to surgery. They are all valuable but the way I looked at it .........I was excited to have the surgery done, and figured if I didn't have it done I would be looking at a miserable life ahead of me as I am a yo-yo'er, and have battled my weight since I was 9 years old. I didn't want that life anymore so was willing to do the surgery and figured the surgeons hands were in God's hands, and prayer does work. It was a quick trip in and out of surgery, and home 30 hours after walking into the hospital. Have never regretted my decision for 1 moment and would do it over again 100 x's. Good luck to you.......The time is getting closer.
  21. Congratulations on the new you. You look amazing, and what a beautiful, happy smile. You have done a phenomenol job!!
  22. Not at all uncommon. Some have stalls as early as 2-4 wks post op, and then you will have stalls all along your journey. don't get discouraged........ I know its easier said than done when we want to see that darn scale move downward. It is like your body is retaliating, trying to figure out what you are doing, resetting, and then will begin to move. Keep faith in yourself. Get the required amount of protein or more in as this will help with the weight loss. Drink, drink, drink your water, and do a little more movement such as walking a minute longer each day, riding the bike 30 seconds longer each day. But most important......trust and believe in yourself. You have done fantastic.........but these stalls will occur. I had surgery in Sept 2012. Had my first stall at 3 weeks, again at 2 months,and about every 2 months thereafter. Don't get discouraged. It will pass and you will be on the downward curve again. Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress. Congrats on making a healthy lifestyle choice for yourself!!!
  23. I remember hitting the Wonderland, and it felt so fantastic. I like you waited a few days to make sure the scale wasn't messing with me........ha ha. CONGRATS on your success. Keep us posted. You are doing fantastic!!!
  24. I;m a health care provider and up and down all day long with patients. I had surgery on a monday and was back to work 2 weeks to the day later. I didn't have any problems with surgery (lap gastric bypass), and left the hospital 30 hours after being admitted for surgery. I think it totally depends on you. Each one of us is different and I know a number of people who have been able to return after 2 weeks. I think it is manageable but you are the one who has to decide. Good luck to you and your decision. Congrats on taking this healthy step in life for yourself!!
  25. I did pay out of pocket when I found their was a clause in our BCBS insurance that would not pay for any weight loss care of any kind. I took out a home improvement loan. From going to the first meeting talking about the surgeries, etc, they gave us a form with prices on it. A month later I called the main line to get the exact quote as I had already gotten my loan for the amount specified for hospital, surgeon, and anesthesia. She told me the hospital charge was on average $23K - $25K, and if any complications would raise it up to $27 or higher. I explained I had the form in front of me which gave a much different price for the gastric bypass. I faxed it to her, and she honored it but also went straight to the bariatric clinic wondering why they hadn't updated the form when their prices changed every year. I was honored the $18K charge for the hospital if I paid it 2 weeks before surgery, the surgeons fee was $5300 which included all post op visits for 1 year. The anesthesia charge was $2700. Total was about $26K for me. I do pay for every followup visit with the weight management Dr. Would I do it again?................ABSOLUTELY - 100 times over. It has been the best thing in my life. I am 10 months out and 5 lbs from my goal. I feel great, people say I look great, can do anything and everything, working out, and enjoying life to the fullest. Food is no longer my "go-to". I can live and enjoy life overall. You heard me right...........I'd do it over again 100 x's. I will admit I went in with an extremely positive mind that I was going to do well. I didn't use any pain meds out of surgery, was up walking 2 hours after getting to the floor, and asked if I could keep walking more than the once or twice around the nurses station and was released from the hospital 30 hours after walking in. Was back to driving 3 days later and shopping, doing house work, and all. I had a wonderful outcome (not like some people), but I truly believe in positive thinking and prayer. I figured people take out loans all the time for campers, 4 wheelers, vacations, etc., but why not take the loan out for my health and happiness. My husband was supportive on it as he has watched me work my butt off, cutting calories, working out, etc only for the next year to gain more, and repeat the process. He now sees me happy, fit, and slender. Definately worth every penny. Plus I can write off the interest...........ha. Good luck to you on your decision!!!