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  1. Hey all, ive been away from thinner times for quite sometime now but im glad to be back online!! Im currently 22 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby and have recieved a letter from my hospital asking for me to attend an obstretic appointment. I had no idea what it was so i phoned up and was informed that because ive had a bypass i was classed as high risk, so my question is, does this sound normal to you or does it sound a tad ominous? Thank you Vicci
  2. Vicci

    Today's WOW Moment Was..."

    I asked a guy at work today to pass me a light and he said (in a nice way) ''your one of those women who can get anything they want because of the way you look!!'' I thought wow i used to get ignored when carrying suitcases upstairs whilst watching other thinner women having theirs carried up for them! It was a nice feeling to be thought of in that way for a second!!
  3. Vicci

    Geography game!

    Luckau (Brandenburg, Germany)
  4. Vicci

    Two Words:

    That was really good fun lol!
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    Two Words:

    so you.......
  6. Vicci

    Happy to be here

    Hi GoolyMoogly, I think sugar is best avoided after gastric bypass as you may have dumping syndrome and it wont help you loose weight either! Dont get me wrong though im not an angel, I dont dump and so started eating the wrong things again and realised I was having issues with my food so at my last appointment with my surgeon I told him that I thought I was going to eventually regain all my weight as I could see my self eating badly again and he said ''have one (and only one) meal per month where you can have what you like, the rest of the time eat a sensible and balanced diet''. It seems to be keeping me from sliding back into my old ways so far. His point I think is to take control of our diets and then we'll rock our bypasses! Hope that helps
  7. Vicci

    People are so superficial!

    I think you look fab!!
  8. Vicci

    Geography game!

  9. Vicci

    The Journey So Far

    Yeah thats a massive difference! You look great
  10. Vicci

    People are so superficial!

    Well it seems as if i'll just have to get used to it and learn to deal with this kind of attention as you all have. Its not that i see it as a slap in the face, its just i suppose the fact that i had my mind set on having a baby, my long term health and how i would see myself after my surgery and never really factored in to the equation the way others would see me. Thanks for all of the replies it really has given me food for thought! Vicci xxx
  11. Hi all, Ive really started to notice that im being treated better now im not so overweight! Men open and close doors for me, they escort me to my destinations, rather than pointing it out when i ask for directions and i even had a guy the other day hold onto my shopping trolley whilst i when back to my car to get my bags! I said i'd be about 5 mins as i parked my car at the other end of the car park and that he shouldn't bother but he waited the whole time! These things never happend to me before and i was lucky to get grunted at if i asked a question! Im sure this has been the case for many of us on here and although its nice to be treated better i feel a bit miffed as i havent changed only my weight has! Any body else feel the same or am i being over sensitive?? Vicci xxx
  12. Vicci

    100 Questions... (to get to know everyone!)

    001. Real name →? Vicci Routcliffe 002. Nickname(s)→? Sticky vicci 003. Zodiac sign →? Scorpio 004. Male or female →? Female 005. Junior School →? Torpoint community school 006. Secondary School→? Torpoiint community college 007. College→? Achievement Training Plymouth 008. Hair colour →? Black/ dark brown 009. Long/Short →? Long (below shoulders) 010. Loud or Quiet →? Somewhere in the middle it depends on the mood really 011. Sweats or Jeans →? Defo Jeans 012. Phone or Camera →? Both 013. Health freak →? Not really im just taking care of my self 014. Drink or Smoke? →? Yes i drink on occasion but i dont smoke anymore 015. Do you have a crush on someone? →? Only my hubby 016. Best friend? I have a best friend but she lives around 4hr saway so we hardly ever see each other but we keep in contact via phone and facebook. 017. Piercings →? Nose, ears and just recently took out my tounge ring 018. Tattoos →? Right shoulder, Left wrist/ arm, Right foot/ leg and left foot/ leg. HAVE YOU EVER? 019. Been in an airplane→? Yes lots of times. 020. Been in a relationship →? Yes. 021. Been in a car accident →? No 022. Been in a fist fight →? Not really but i did have a small fight once when i was drunk (teenager:() but it lasted all of a minute. FIRSTS: 023. First piercing →? Ears. 024. First kiss→? 8 but it was a peck and we got married in my garden and my mum made me a daisy chain to wear over my net curtain veil!! LOL 025. First award →? I came 2nd in a swimming gala at school 026. First crush →? Ben Wyatt see (question 024) 028. First big vacation →? I was around 6 and we went to the south of france. LASTS: 029. Last person you talked to →? hubby 030. Last person you texted →? Hannah my sister saying have a nice day at school missy (she texted back saying booo!!! lol) 031. Last person you watched a movie with →? Hubby 032. Last food you ate →? ham & tomato salad 033. Last movie you watched →? The Unborn 034. Last song you listened to →? Flo Rida, i dont know the name but its silly (in the car on the radio) 035. Last thing you bought →? Top soil for my garden beds 036. Last person you hugged →? Hubby FAVES: 037. Food →? My mini roast dinner 038. Drinks →? Sugar free robinsons orange squash 039. Clothing →? Im wearing biker boots and jeans with a white t-shirt but loads of things really 040. Flower →? Lillies or orchids 042. Colours →? none really 043. Movies →? Too many to pick from im a real movie person 044. Subjects →? Science or english IN 2008 I... 045. kissed someone→? Yes. 046. celebrated Halloween→? No its mostly just older teenagers throwing egg and flour or banging on the door demanding sweets around here! The spirit has all gone and most of the young kids get their sweets stolen!! 047. had your heart broken→? Yes 048. went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone→? i can neither confirm nor deny lol!!! 049. someone questioned your sexual orientation→? Yes 050. came out of the closet→? No 051. gotten pregnant-->? Not in 2008 052. had an abortion→? Not in 2008 but yes 053. done something you've regretted→? Yes (see question 052) 054. broken a promise→? Yes ( see question 053) 055. hidden a secret →? Nothing major 056. pretended to be happy →? Most of my adult life but i am happy for real now!! 057. met someone who changed your life →? Yes. 058. pretended to be sick →? Yeah when i was young 059. left the country →? Yes on many occasions 060. tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it? Yes. 061. cried over the silliest thing →? not really unless its that time of the month! 062. ran a mile →? Yes 063. went to the beach with your best friend(s)→? Yes. 064. got into an argument with your friends? Yes. 065. hated someone ––> ? Yes 066. stayed single the whole year ––>? Yes CURRENTLY: 067. Eating →? Nothing 068. Drinking →? Glass of milk 069. I'm about to →? finish the packing (im moving house in 11 days) 070. Listening to →? my dog snoring lol! 071. Plans for tomorrow →? More packing after work. 072. Waiting for →? the washing to finish YOUR FUTURE: 073. Want kids? → Yes. 074. Want to get married? →? i am 075. Careers in mind →? Nurse/ midwife WHICH IS BETTER WITH A BOY? 076. Lips or eyes →? I like men with both!! 077. Shorter or taller?→? Absolutly taller 078. Romantic or spontaneous →? Spontaneous 079. Nice stomach or nice arms →? Not bothered 079. Blue eyes or Brown →? Not bothered 080. Sensitive or loud →? None! 081. Hook-up or relationship →? Relationship. 082. Trouble-maker or hesitant →? None HAVE YOU EVER: 083. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes. 084. Snuck out of your house →? Yes and back in! lol 085. Held a gun/knife for self defense →? No. 086. Killed somebody →? No. 087. Broken someone's heart → Yes 088. Been arrested →? Yes for theft when i was a teenager! Scariest thing ever and i never did it again! 089. Cried when someone died →? Yes obviously.... DO YOU BELIEVE IN: 090. Yourself →? Yes 091. Miracles →? Im not sure. 092. Love at first sight →? Maybe but i think its more about right place right time 093. Heaven →? Yes. 094. Santa Claus →? I would love to but my brother ruined it for me when i was 7 095. Sex on the first date→? Never 096. Kiss on the first date →? Yes but it depends on the date! ANSWER TRUTHFULLY: 097. Is there one person you want to be with right now →? yes my hubby 098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? →? Not quite but im getting there. 099. Do you believe in God →? Im not sure but id like to think he exists! 100 Did you learn something today? Yes people are very different to me now ive lost some weight!!!
  13. Well congrats its lovely to hear that!! Vicci
  14. Vicci

    11 steps to happiness

    Thats such a nice post and a great way to make people smile Vicci
  15. Todays food for me is, Breakfast - 2 scambled eggs and 1 slice chopped ham Lunch - Spicy chicken salad Snack - I'll have an Orange Dinner - We're having homemade beef and vegetable stew Vicci