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  1. MrNurse222

    new here and looking for advice

    i didnt have real food for about a month post op to be honest. here i am almost a year out and able to eat whatever. you will get there. BABY STEPS! have the patience it'll be worth it. the worse it over.
  2. MrNurse222

    Hello my name is Lisa and I'm a newby!

    hello and welcome. you can do it! i am almost a yr post op and feel incredible and you will too.
  3. stay on track! you can do it. choose a multivitamin with iron like centrum under 50 years old. thats what i take. you dont need a chewable anymore lol...i did the flinstones thing for 2 months post op. b12 500mcg sublingual you can find a bottle of 200 at walmart for ~$7 and for the calcium i go with citracal petites. you will love them because they are not a horse pill and the go for $9.98 for 200 ct. Best of luck
  4. MrNurse222

    I am a Newbie too

    welcome! it looks like you need to lose 68lbs. and you lost 24 already. you should lose that in no time, literaly 3 months lol. Maybe you dont even need major surgery? it seems like youre doing so well. Just a thought, your choice though. Good luck!
  5. MrNurse222

    Completely Overwhelmed!

    Welcome, first of all deep breaths. Try pure protein shakes they are great. 11oz cans and 35g protein. cookies and creme are bomb. 2nd toss the calcium. look for citrcal calcium PETITES. since you're so early out, chewable vitamin reccommended and dont exceed 1/4c fod per serving regardless of fullness or not DO NOT FORCE anything your pouch is still in its infancy and you can cause damage. Take it slow. TRUST me. You should not be eating things like garlic bread this early out. at 2 weeks i could barely eat a piece of chicken, let alone anything else. My advice is to slow down and stick to the stage 4 diet if that is where you are. contact your dietician if you need additional support. the emotions are completely normal however. hang in there.
  6. MrNurse222

    In pain

    This was my first surgery ever. I was in a LOT of pain! (unsure why, we all tolerate it differently) You should be on powerful IV pain medication through a PCA pump (IV) typically it's dilaudid. This is potent! It kept me asleep literally 24/7. But use a hug-me pillow (ask your Nurse!) to help alleviate any anxiety off the pain. If you are getting the maximum pain medication, try some nonpharmacological techniques. Use guided imagery (think of yourself on the beach and skinny!) listen to favorit music, relax by deep breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. If it is unbearable pain consult your surgeon for a stronger pain medication.
  7. MrNurse222

    Starting all over...

    Hello, So sorry to hear about this. Barrett's esophagus is a very advanced form of GERD (acid reflux) It can be treated with strong GERD medications but you do want to keep your eye on it as it can progress to something perhaps more severe. Consult with your Dr. She will be your best resource. The bypass as she reccommends should be the better option for you. It has the highest weight loss success rate for example. There is a lot of rearranging of the anatomy of your intestines, your duodenum is completely bypassed, etc. Not to get too techinical, speak with your surgeon and be happy that WLS is not totally out of the question! You are fortunate in my opinion that this was found prior to any surgery, things happens for a reason. See this as a small road bump and have faith, you will prevail!
  8. MrNurse222

    help me understand hunger post op

    Im 10 months out post RNY. You're def. not hungry the first probably 3 months. Than you can be. You will still get mind hunger. but you're not eating as much hopefully if you stick to your protein and minute portions. Further out, eating carbs will destroy you. (You do need some, but not a lot. And you do need some fat in your diet to stabilize your glucose levels) Today for example I had my dinner and was full. Then an hr. later I tasted a graham cracker and became hungry again, or so I thought. The surgery will be most successful if you stick to the reccommended regimen forever. It's a big change and you CAN become obese again. the surgery is a tool, not a solution. But if you work hard, understand the reality of the situation, you should be fine. Best of luck.
  9. MrNurse222

    Surgery on Monday!

    Hello fellow Bostonian! This is the moment you have definitely been waiting for. I never had major surgery either, so I had no clue what to expect, just the advice and information from this forum and my healthcare providers. So, with that said, they were pretty much spot on. The pain is typically minimal, and the results are great! I had a little more pain than usual, no clue why but now at 8 months out, I'm the same person, just smaller. Being nervous and excited is completely normal, I was the same way. Best of luck to you, you're on your way to a new beginning. We'll see you on the other side. =]
  10. MrNurse222

    Give Me Courage!

    Such an exciting, yet nerve racking time, but completely normal. Best of luck to you! I remember I was so nervous and anxious the day of surgey. Being admitted, waiting patientlly in the OR, then before you know it you're in recovery. It's a time you will cherish forever. But get excited, this is the moment you have been waiting for! See you on the other side =]
  11. MrNurse222

    Newbie here!

    Welcome, it's going to be a long journey. Getting insurance approval should be at the bottom of your list. You need to have a solid focus on changing your behaviors. You're quite young so to be successful for the DECADES to come, it's important to have the right mindset in moving forward. The good new is that you will get there. Slowly but surely. Post op, WLS becomes a full time job. Hands down. So it is paramount to be FULLY prepared pre-op. Best of luck!
  12. MrNurse222

    Looking forward to the Journey.........

    Welcome to the club! This is going to be quite the journey indeed. Post-op WLS is a full time job, hands down. I had an issue with telling people about my surgery, I kind of waited post op to tell my parents, because you can never predict peoples reactions. Ususally why people are non-supportive can be multifactorial. For instance, I did not want to tell my dad I was having it. It was a huge issue for me. I was scared more or less of what he would say, maybe even stop me from having it. Who knows. But he is a large man as was I, and perhaps the assumption of me becoming thin in a few months could trigger jealously? Again, now that I am 8 months out, lost a lot of my weight, things are better. I told my dad 2 days post op that I had the surgery, and surprisingly he qas supportive of it. So the take home point is this: Do what you want to do. It's your life, body and future. This is your journey, your new beginning. Best of luck!
  13. MrNurse222


    Update: So I really didn't talk to Surgeon or Nut.....kind of figured this one out on my own. I stopped eating Lean Cuisine and all that garbage. Sugar puts me to sleep almost instantly too, so I have to avoid having a "little something sweet" after meals. I been cooking more at home and taking more Vitamin D and feel better the past few days. The better food costs a little more and is a tad time consuming but we can't be lazy anymore! It's definitely a learning experience and you really cannot go wrong if you follow what you're suppose to do, I think I got sidetracked, became "comfortable" with that and painfully experienced the repercussions. Cut the carbs too! Good luck folks.
  14. MrNurse222


    I am 7 mo. post op RNY. Did my 6mo. blood work, everything perfect! Vit D a little low, not serious (need 2000 IU/day) no problem I have been taking 5k IU/day. I take my multivit w/ iron every day, my calcium and 500mcg sublingual B12. However the past couple weeks I have no energey. Im surprised Im still breathing. I can sleep for 12 hours and be dead 2 hours after I wake up. Idk what to do, my world is closing in on me! HELP.....and I get enough water too! my urine is crystal clear. This stinks big time.