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  1. Hi Dr. Callery,

    you did my bypass in 2004. I weighed 257 at the time. 12 years later I have kept most of the weight off, I weigh 155. I consider myself a success!

    An endoscopy yesterday shows an ulcer at the surgery site with one or two of the staples in the ulcer(for lack of a better way to describe it.)

    i have been prescribed a protonix. What typically happens next? 

  2. Pain in arm

    I had surgery in April to repair 2 hernia's and for extensive plastic surgery. When I woke up from the surgery my left arm was totally numb and I could not move my arm or fingers at all. I've been told that the board that holds the arm during surgery for the anethesia came loose from the table during the surgery and I experienced a bracial plexius (sp?) injury. It was several months before I could even use my arm but now the tingling and shoulder pain continue. I also have the popping and crunching in my shoulder that someone else described. It is possible that the stretching of the arm(s) during surgery may be causing some of your symptoms. Lori Open/Dr. C/ 5/10/2004 259/116/130
  3. My life altering experience!

    Pam, It took courage to go through what you did. You were brave and strong. Be proud of yourself. I'm very proud of you. Congratulations on making to the other side even if it was not what you signed up for....I'm glad you're here. Love you, Lori
  4. Pre-op

    Curly had some complications after her original surgery and had to have another surgery yesterday to stop bleeding in her pouch. She is still in ICU and will hopefully be moved to a regular room later today. She is keeping her spirits up and while she's in pain she can still laugh. I'm sure she appreciates all your good thoughts and wishes.
  5. He's Just NOT That Into You

    I read the book and enjoyed it very much but somehow didn't translate it into my own relationship which just ended after 3 years. My boyfriend decided that he wasn't attracted to me anymore because I don't have "curves." It's devasating to have lost so much weight and come so far to be rejected by a man once again because of the way I look. I need to keep telling myself that just because he's shallow doesn't mean that there isn't a man out there who will love me for me!!!! Lori Open/Dr. C/ 5/10/2004 259/122/130
  6. Info on supplement drinks?

    They are a great choice as long as they don't have too much sugar...anything that you can tolerate and that gives you the protein you need will be beneficial at this time in your recovery.... Congratulations on starting your new life.
  7. I hit Goal!

    Congratulations!!! Make sure you do or get something (I bought myself some earrings that were too expensive) to mark the achievement and to help remember how good it feels to be successful!!! Take lots of pictures.....ENJOY the new you!!
  8. Exhausted

    Anne, It took me a few months before I felt OK after surgery. I went back to work after 6 weeks but was exhausted for several weeks after that. Do all you can to eat and yes, a therapist is a good idea...your body has been traumatized and your mind has a lot to deal with.... Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
  9. Not a good thing

    Pam, I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your hernia surgery. Do call your doctor ASAP. Good Luck.
  10. I hit and exceed my goal today...I weigh 129.5 and have lost 129.5 pounds. I didn't think that it would matter to me if I reached goal or not because I have been feeling so good. I'm amazed at how exciting it is to be here....of course, everyone asks me "how do you stop the weight loss?"...I don't know....but I'm sure my body will stop when it's ready. Thanks to everyone for their support during the past 11 months. Reading what you share about your journeys has been extremely helpful to me.
  11. I hit goal today!

    Bill, Congratulations!!!! We should go celebrate together....I made and passed goal today too. It's a great feeling isn't it? Lori Open/Dr. Callery 5/10/04 259/129.5/130 At Goal!!!
  12. Goin Crazy

    Hope, YES, it is "normal" to be preoccupied by the surgery. There is so much involved with the surgery both physically and emotionally. It's exciting yet scary at the same time. Even almost a year out, I'm still preoccupied by the surgery ramifications; weight loss, hanging skin, missing certain things I used to consume and the impact the weight loss has had on my relationships. If I can give you any advice it would be to stay clear of those who do not support you in your decision until you're on the other side. It only adds to the confusion you feel. If you've researched the surgery and are comfortable with your decision those people will only add stress to your life which you don't need now. Yes, there is some pain after the surgery but it is nothing that you can't handle!!! Good luck to you! Lori Open/Dr. Callery 5/10/04 259/129.5/130 BEAT MY GOAL!!!!
  13. Pannus?

    Bridget & Bill, Thank you for the information and encouragement! I'm really excited to have the hanging skin GONE!!!!! Christina, Good luck to you too!!! You must be so excited to have this done in time for your wedding. You will be a beautiful bride. I also want to thank you for all your help to me over the past year, it's been great to read what you post and to send you a few private emails and get your valuable input. I'll be looking for your posts on the new surgery experience!!!! Take care!!! Lori Open/Dr. Callery 5/10/04 259/130.5/130
  14. Pannus?

    Bill & Bridget, Tell me! Does it hurt for a long time after the surgery? I'm scheduled to have the pannus, butt, inner thighs and hernia done on the 22nd of April. Will I be in pain for long? Thanks for your help. Lori Open/Dr. Callery 5/10/04 259/130.5/130
  15. How much

    Lynne, Dr. Callery's office has a chart created by the Metropolitan Life Insurance that provides a guide listing an ideal weight for both men and women based on the height of the person. That is generally where people get thier "goal weight." Lori Open/Dr. Callery 5/10/04 259/131/130