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  1. I had a morphine button in the hospital but only used it three times. The nurse said I used less than 1 mg. I have liquid loritab at home and have been using it 2-3 times a day. Being at home, I've been doing more for myself and have had a little more discomfort. I could probably control the pain with Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  2. I had surgery at 9 this morning and am doing great! Very, very little pain. I'm just sleepy and thirsty - the ice chips aren't cutting it. I'm having a upper gi in the am and can then start on clear liquids. Right now I'm waiting for my nurse to get a free moment to go for a short walk. I've already been up once today to use the restroom
  3. My surgery is Tuesday morning too! I don't have the time yet. Just got home from having my pre-surgery blood work. I guess this is really happening!!!
  4. I've been on the pre-op diet for a week so far. I use five protein shakes a day with as many low starch veggies as I want. I can also have broth, sugar free jello, and a small amount of olive oil.
  5. I'm having real hard time with the wait too. I've had a surgery date since September. I scheduled farther out so it would be a slower time at work. Now I regret that. This has only given my family more time to voice their doubts and concerns, which has led to me starting to doubt myself! Anyone else having second thoughts?
  6. I'm pre-op, but the dietitian I am working with said that I will be able to everything eventually. She said somethings may not taste good or feel good, but there is nothing that is not allowed. Of course you have to use some common sense. Eating a box of Twinkies after WLS probably isn't a good idea!
  7. All pre-op diets seem to be different, so I'm not sure all of these are allowed. Also, my shakes are flavored and mixed with water. Less water can be used to make a pudding too. Some suggestions I got were: Add a small amount of Crystal Light powder. (Like orange to a vanilla shake for a creamcicle flavor) Make with diet 7 up or Sprite instead of water. Add sugar free flavored syrup (mint, carmel, irish cream, etc)
  8. Hi Staci, The shakes I'm using are from my doctor's office. They have the clinics label on the box, but the packets just say protein meal replacement. So, I'm not sure who makes them. They are only 100 calories with 15 grams of protein. I wish I could tell you who makes them because they taste pretty good!
  9. I kept gong back and forth between the sleeve and the bypass. My main concern with the bypass was malabsorption (I already have a vitamin deficiency). My surgeon said I could go with either one, so I chose the sleeve.
  10. Irobedow, I just sent you a friend request on MFP. If anyone else wants to add me, my username is MLEK1969.
  11. I had one doctor tell me that to lose weight all you have to do is "eat less and exercise more - what's so hard about that?" (She was so skinny she actually looked sick and obviously was clueless about weight struggles!) That was my last visit to see her. My doctor actually recommended surgery to me. I refused at the time, but agreed to go to the weight loss clinic he recommended to see what diet suggestions they could offer. I think most doctors will do what they can to help you have the surgery, but like one poster said, you can skip the doctor and go right to a bariatric center.
  12. yes, they do cause gas! I've read complaints about this on CPAP boards too! I'm looking forward to the day I don't need to use it anymore!
  13. Hi Andrea, I just finished my 6 month diet. My doctor's office has a weight loss clinic, so I did my 6 months there. I will also be following up there after my surgery. I wouldn't worry about the PCP not recommending you for surgery. I've found most are quick to recommend it, and you could always switch if that's not the case. Good luck on your journey!
  14. I'm meeting with the dietitian tonight, so I guess I'll find out about pre-op diet then. For now, I'm still following the diet I did for the 6-month requirement for my insurance. I have 4 protein shakes/bars per day and one meal. I also get as many lo-starch veggies as I want and 2-3 servings of fruit a day.