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  1. How I miss this site! Been gone a long while, school and life cought up with me. Working on getting back on track. Just fighting this good fight!!!

    1. 3K99Papi


      Great. Welcome back. I was saying what you're saying last week. :)

  2. Carbs

    Up until now I kept my eye on protein and sugar ( kcals came into play about 2 months ago), but now its time to up the stacks and I need to start keeping track of my carbs! What is a good carb range? I am going to talk with the nutionaist this week, but I kind of wanted to start sooner rather then later!

    So I have been running and finish my first 5k back in june!!! I have been running pretty much since before I decided to have the surgery. I am 10months out and I think I am going to try to start training for an ironman. I want to do this for my 30 birthday! I just had my 26 at the start of May. that gives me almost 3.5 years to train and work on this goal. It keeps me on track and by the end of it all it will be such a habit that it will be kind of hard to fall back into my old habit of not working out and eatting poorly. I would do mini things along the way; more 5ks, a half marathon, at less 2 marathons.
  4. I know that this is about a life style change, and that weight should not be what the focus it on. But you all have to admit reaching ONEDERLAND is prety awesome!

    1. SRB527


      CELEBRATE all the awesome new benefits/accomplishments of this new life syle!

    2. Debbie52


      That's awesome!!! Can't wait to get to wonderland too!!!!!! :)

  5. 2lbs from Onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 4lbs from Oneerland!!!!

  7. I am back

    Its been a crazy last few months. I had my surgery in oct of 2012 and was doing great with my workout and my eating and just all around great. Then I got to my challenging classes and I had to spend more time in the library then at the gym. Which just made things worse. I started to give up again. I have lost 119lbs but I see maybe 50. I feel the same as I did in dec or in jan. I can see it sometimes, and I see it when I am shopping but Doing everyday things. nope I still feel 320 lbs. I am almost to onederland. heading to the gym before work to get a nice little workout in. I can really us some support and encouragement right now!
  8. No one said this would be easy... but it more then worth it!!

  9. Help---Struggling!

    Thank you! I do have this...and I guess I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself. I need to take a break and breathe!!!!
  10. Hello everyone, Its been a long while since I have posted anything. I have been crazy busy- To do a quick catch up, I have lost 107lbs, started a new job and was accepted in to my dream program for schooling. These are all happy things, and I so excited to see where things are going. But as of late I have notice have been doing things to mess this all up. Like having treats everyday, or not studying, being unsure of things with my new job. I have really been stuggling with my old self. the person who will not go to the gym, or eats crazy amounts of food. I just looking for support and advice as to how you all handle things like this.
  11. Lots of Clothes Sizes 22/24 & 18/20 in SC

    If you can't found a buyer, I took my to a please that hands them out to the homeless or people who have no money (here its call city team). I did this because plus sizes are hard to found for some of these women.
  12. Thankful for a second chance!

  13. Yummy Protein shake!

    ok sorry guys!
  14. Yummy Protein shake!

    I agree... I sub things where I could...Once again I used half of everything, and I calculated the cals to be about 240 and about 30g of protein (could be more depending on the protein power you use). It is a bit thick, and i don't think I would use the oats or as much almond butter as it says to next time! also i did not add honey---i think it was sweet enough with out it!